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Tank Topy

Koszulki Dziecięca

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Bluzy z Kapturem

Sztuky Ścienna

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Editor’s Picks

The perfect Schitt’s Creek Valentine. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Oh My God David, EW. Said in an Alexis Rose voice, of course. Funny fan art for Schitt’s Creek fans, and really anyone named David!

Tags: schitts-creek-gift, humor, tv-show, oh-my-god, ribbons

Roses are Red, Schitt’s Creek Style. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Oh My God, David, EW!

half of the profits of this design will go to trans rights organizations.💜 digital // 2019

Tags: equal-rights, equality, lgbt, transgender, lgbtq

trans rights are human rights

Tags: sweet, white, adorable, humor, retro

Seal Cone

Get your can of Boys Tears

Tags: surreal, can, drippy, cry, typography

Boys Tears

I’m Mike, a queer artist in Portland, Oregon. The artwork on this shirt was designed by Jen Van Horn, the quote comes from author Lauren Morrill, and the art is based on my popular balloon art. By buying it, you’ll be supporting queer artists make more art. Also if I see you wearing it in public I will come up to you and embarrass myself (I promise I will not do this).

I Don’t Know How To Explain (pink letters)

Love is undying.

Tags: marriage, love, apparel, black-and-white, gift

Eternally Yours

She has the choker to prove it

Tags: lime-green, star, moon, strawberries, african-american

Smiling on the Inside

For all the nature lovers trapped inside!

Tags: scenery, waves, watercolor, summer, sea

The Great Outdoors

Who’s got your back?

Tags: clothing, protection, equality, sexy, nude


Gorgonopsian Zinosaur as a Zombie

Tags: horror-fan, horror, carnivore, jurassic-zombies, zombies

Dino Dog Zombie

Unicornie is a celebration of the amazingness of Trans folx! Also another way for me to show so much love to the Trans community.

Tags: love, heart, lgbtq-pride, unicorns-are-real, pride

Trans Pride Unicornie!

Bubbline love – Princess Bubblegum & Marceline The Vampire Queen – Adventure Time

Tags: pride, adventuretime, princess-bubblegum, tv-shows, animation

Adventure Time Bubbline

Tags: silly, stupid, help, dumb, stuck


Tags: food, plants, earth, sky, moon


Sitting on a flower, thinking in space

Tags: storebuild, space, cosmos, cosmic, astronomy

Sitting on a flower

Luke Gray is a surrealist/symbolist illustrator and painter. Born color blind he was forced to use an almost exclusively black and white colour palette, working with patterns and textures rather than color. Influenced by multicultural art techniques he works in traditional mediums of Graphite and Ink often combining and integrating techniques and patterns from different countries and cultures into his work.

Tags: buddhism, japan, consciousness, yogi, surreal

Bonsai Geisha

Tags: inspiration, motivation, improve, evolve, colorful

OK with Change

Keep good company in life and death!

Tags: demon, 666, satanic, pitchfork, skeleton

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