yocan stix review

Yocan stix review

(TL;DR – This is long and detailed. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, feel free to skip ahead to the Final Thoughts section.)

My First Week With the Yocan STIX, a Compact Refillable Oil Pen

The Yocan STIX is a compact vape pen for use with thick oils (distillates) or e-liquids. The oil is stored in a removeable, refillable plastic pod that doubles as the mouthpiece, and the STIX battery will also works with most 510-compatible vape cartridges.

A representative from YocanTech sent this product to me for review. I’m writing this to share my experience with the STIX after trying it for a week.

  • (picture) : The Yocan STIX.

Unpackaging the Yocan STIX

The Yocan STIX comes in a disposable plastic wrapper with some instructions printed on the back. There are no accessories included in the package, just the pen. Here are some pictures I took when I opened the package:

(picture) : Front of package.

(picture) : The STIX pen out of the package.

Measuring the Yocan STIX

I measured the Yocan STIX with an inexpensive digital caliper and got these dimensions:

(picture) : Overall length 109mm.

(picture) : Overall thickness 11.3mm.

(picture) : Length of the liquid pod (with cap) about 21mm.

(picture) : Length of the liquid pod (without cap) 18mm.

(picture) : Thickness of the liquid pod about 11.1mm.

(picture) : Length of the battery 90mm.

Charging the Yocan STIX

Before using the STIX for the first time, it’s a good idea to fully charge the battery. To charge the battery, a micro-usb charging cord is needed. This cord is not included with the pen (must be purchased separately). The STIX takes about two hours to charge when the battery is low.

(picture) : The micro-USB charging port is located on the bottom of the STIX battery.

(picture) : The STIX doesn’t come with a charging cord. Almost any micro-USB cord can be used.

Turning the battery on and off

To turn the battery on, press the fire button five times rapidly. The LED behind the button will flash several times. When the battery is on, pressing and holding the button sends power to the cartridge. Power stops as soon as the button is released, or after the button has been held down more than ten seconds. As a safety precaution, the battery won’t fire more than ten seconds continuously. To turn the battery off, press the button five times rapidly, just like turning it on.

Changing the battery power level

The battery has three different power level settings. To change the power level, press the fire button three times rapidly. The LED will flash a different color to indicate that the power level has changed. Red is “low”, green is “medium”, and blue is “high”.

Loading the Yocan STIX

The Yocan STIX stores the vape oil in a removable plastic pod that screws into the top of the heating coil. Here’s how I have been filling it:

Unscrew the pod from the pen.

If the cap is attached to the pod, unscrew the cap and set it aside.

  • (picture) : An empty pod with the cap removed, ready to be filled.

Place up to 0.5ml (about half a gram) of oil in the pod. A blunt-tip syringe or liquid dropper may be helpful for loading very drippy oils. Sometimes I warm up the oil for a few seconds with a hair dryer to make it less viscous for easier loading.

  • (picture) : Filling the pod with some warm distillate mix.

If the pod isn’t going to be used right away, screw the cap onto the pod to protect the oil inside.

  • (picture) : This is what the pod looks like after it has been filled and capped.

When it’s time to use the pod, unscrew the cap to expose the oil, and then screw the pod onto the top of the STIX coil assembly. Once the pod is installed on the pen, the oil will ooze from the pod down into the heating coil.

  • (picture) : Uncapped pod ready to be attached to the STIX pen.
  • (picture) : Attaching the pod to the pen. I hold the pen upside down while attaching the pod, so the oil doesn’t spill out.
  • (picture) : When the pod is attached to the pen, the hole in the top of the pod acts as the mouthpiece for vaping.

Vaping on the Yocan STIX

Once the pod is filled and installed on the pen, it’s ready to vape. Turn on the battery if it isn’t already on (five button presses to turn it on or off). Press and hold the fire button for about five seconds, and inhale vapor from the mouthpiece while holding the fire button. The inhalation time can be adjusted up or down to suit your personal preference.

The pod can go for roughly 100 hits before it needs to be refilled with more liquid. The actual number of hits will vary depending on how much liquid was loaded, how long each inhale is, and so on.

The first time I filled the pod I used a 0.5ml CO2 oil syringe. The second time I used 0.3 grams of thick distillate oil with a few drops of terpene mix. The CO2 oil worked very well. The thick distillate oil worked, too, but sometimes needed a few seconds of preheating if the pen wasn’t already warm. This is common with thicker oils in vape pens, not something specific to the STIX.

Unloading the Yocan STIX

Remove the pod from the pen by unscrewing it.

If the pod still contains oil and will be used again later, screw the cap onto the pod to protect the oil until it is ready to be used again.

If the pod is empty, it can be cleaned and refilled. See the section on cleaning below.

Using the Yocan STIX with Prefilled Vape Cartridges

Most prefilled 510-compatible vape cartridges from cannabis dispensaries will work with the STIX battery. To use a prefilled cartridge with the STIX, simply unscrew the oil pod and heating coil from the STIX battery and screw the vape cartridge onto the battery.

  • (picture) : A 510 vape cartridge on the Yocan STIX battery.

Using the STIX Coil and Pod With a Different Battery

If you wish, the heating coil and pod assembly from the STIX can also be used with other 510-threaded vape batteries.

When using the Yocan STIX heater with an adjustable Wattage battery mod, I like to run it at a power level of around 6-7 Watts. When using the Yocan STIX heater with an adjustable voltage battery, the useful range is from about 3.0 volts (warm) to 3.6 volts (very hot).

Cleaning the Yocan STIX

The exterior of the STIX can be wiped with a damp cloth to keep it clean. The inside of the pod can be cleaned with a cotton swab (Q-Tip) dipped in isopropyl alcohol. If the heating coil becomes dirty or clogged by oil residue, it may be removed from the pen and soaked in a cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol for several hours or until clean. After soaking, air dry the coil for several hours before re-assembling, to make sure all the residual alcohol has evaporated. I don’t recommend rinsing the parts with tap water because the minerals in the water can negatively effect the flavor of the pen.

What I liked about the Yocan STIX

Super small: The STIX is one of the smallest vape pens I’ve tried. It can disappear into almost any pocket or hide in the hand.

No leaks: The STIX didn’t leak at all during my week of testing.

Adjustable power level: The STIX has three power level settings, for vaping at low, medium, or high temperatures. This is a welcome improvement over non-adjustable budget vape pens.

Affordable price: At the time I checked, some US based dealers were offering the Yocan STIX for around $15.

Simple to operate: The STIX has only one button, and the pod is easy to fill. Almost anyone could use it.

Works with prefilled carts: Most of the prefilled 510-compatible vape cartridges available from cannabis dispensaries will work with the STIX battery.

What I didn’t like about the Yocan STIX

Short battery life: The small battery is good for stealthiness, but because it is small it doesn’t hold a big charge. I usually have to charge the battery 2 or 3 times to vape through a full pod of oil.

Sticky threads: The threads where the pod screws into the heating coil tend to get sticky with oil residue. This can make unscrewing the pod very difficult. When this happens I find that a combination of heating the coil and placing a few drops of isopropyl alcohol around the seam between the pod and coil will usually loosen the threads enough to unscrew the pod.

Restricted airflow: The STIX has a very narrow air passage, so it takes some time to inhale a large amount of vapor. This pen doesn’t really do big, lungbusting hits. STIX does better with long, slow puffs.

No charging cord: The STIX didn’t come with a cord to charge the battery. A separately purchased micro-USB cord is needed to charge the pen.

Summary: Final Thoughts

The Yocan STIX is a small and easy vape pen for a small price. The ultra-compact size is nice for stealthiness, but the small battery will need more frequent charging than larger pens. I tried the STIX for a week and didn’t experience any major issues with it during that time. It’s priced fairly and the build quality seems to be on par with Yocan’s other products. If you are looking for a pen to fill with your own oils, the STIX refillable pod is handy, and if you want to vape prefilled cartridges, the STIX battery works well for that, too. If this sounds like a pen that might work for you, take a closer look at the Yocan STIX.

For more information about the Yocan STIX, contact YocanTech

  • Product page of Yocan STIX is (here).

Company representative on reddit: /u/Yocan-vaporizer

Yocan stix review (TL;DR – This is long and detailed. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, feel free to skip ahead to the Final Thoughts section.) My First Week With the Yocan STIX, a