where to buy weed in san francisco

The best weed dispensaries in San Francisco

Stock up on buds, edibles, and vaporizers at these top weed dispensaries in San Francisco.

The Bay Area has always been a hotbed for scoring high-quality weed. But ever since California legalized the beloved herb, the city’s pot scene has exploded (there was even a Grass Land at Outside Lands last year). San Francisco weed dispensaries have upped their game, morphing from dark, intimidating head shops into airy, bar-like lounges and inviting bud boutiques. Whether you’re a longtime smoker or a curious newbie, here are the best spots to buy potent, safe cannabis in all its forms.

Weed dispensaries

1. Apothecarium

Styled by design firm Urban Chalet, these decked-out dispensaries look more like upscale bars or restaurants than weed shops. Outfitted with wingback chairs, geometric tile, floral arrangements, and well-appointed bookshelves, Architectural Digest named the original Castro location one of the best-designed dispensaries in the country. Owner Ryan Hudson has since followed up with two additional outposts. The Marina space is the sleekest of the bunch, with marble countertops, crystal chandeliers, and velvet seating arrangements. All three locations offer a wide array of cannabis, including flowers, edibles, topicals, and concentrates—all batch-tested for purity—as well as dozens of smoking and vaping accessories. One-on-one “consultants” are available to answer questions or steer you in the right direction. (Do you prefer edibles? Tinctures? Smoking?) Order online or request delivery from either the Castro or SoMa shop.

Buying cannabis in the Bay Area is pretty much as easy as stopping by one of these top weed dispensaries in SF.