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High Buys: Starter pack for first-time weed smokers

Ahead of legalization, here are five must-have accoutrements for first-time weed smokers

By Samantha Edwards

Stroll into any head shop, and you’ll be bombarded with a dizzying array of shiny grinders, foot-tall bongs and rolling papers in all the colours of the rainbow. If you’ve never smoked cannabis before or are new to weed, it can be an intimidating experience trying to figure out exactly what you need. Here are five must-have accoutrements for first-time weed smokers.

Pipe bomb

They’re available in a variety of materials like wood, crystal, glass, high-tech metals and clay, but buying your first pipe can be a difficult decision. The Journey 3 is an excellent, unfussy starter pipe. It’s shatter-proof, has a built-in filtering system and comes apart, making it super easy to clean. It also features a magnetic top, which means you can stash a packed bowl without worrying about spillage.

Grinder 1, 2, 3s

When you buy cannabis from a dispensary or online from a Licensed Producer, it’ll often come in small buds. Before you pack a pipe or roll a joint, it’s best to grind up the flower so it burns evenly. You can use your hands or scissors to do this, but metal grinders keep your fingers sticky-free. This SharpStone aluminum grinder has three chambers: a top chamber with sharp teeth to cut up the flower, a second to store the ground-up buds and a third to catch “kief,” which are crystals that can be sprinkled on top of packed bowls or joints for greater potency.

$30 at Hot Box Café (204 Augusta),

Stone in a cone

Rolling perfect joints takes some good motor skills and a lot of practice. Until you master it, these pre-rolled cones are great for beginners. Simply pack in your weed, twist the paper at the end and you’re ready to light up.

$3 for six-pack at Friendly Stranger (241 Queen West),

Pack with punch

If you’re slow to go through your stash, these small humidity packs help keep your weed fresher for longer by preserving the flavour, aroma and colour of your bud. Stick the packet in your cannabis container and replace it when it turns hard.

From $3 at Hot Box Café (204 Augusta),

Smell-proof storage

While some might enjoy the earthy scent of cannabis, most people won’t want their house smelling like it, especially if they have young kids or mischievous teenagers. Store your weed and papers in this pouch that has a double Velcro seal and an activated carbon lining that conceals scents. A larger, zippered version allows you to store pipes, grinders and other paraphernalia.

$30 for 4.5” x 6” pouch at Tokyo Smoke (multiple locations),

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Ahead of legalization, here are five must-have accoutrements for first-time weed smokers

Starter Kit Autoflowering

Easy Start pots with bacto packets provide a great growing medium with plenty of microbial activity

Royal Queen Seeds Starter Kit Autoflowering is here to make the process of starting your cannabis plants’ lives that much easier. The inclusion of Propagator Pro (complete with perlite and LED lighting), Easy Start pots, and Bacto packets (healthy bacteria mix) ensure the perfect environment for germination. And of course, the kit comes with three seeds of the ever-popular White Widow Automatic.

10 steps to successful germination with the starter kit

  1. Remove seeds from the packaging. Don’t push the seeds through from the back as that could damage them. Instead, gently remove the seal from the blister pack and place them in a small bowl for later use.
  2. Remove the Easy Start kit from its package. Be sure to get the bag of Bacto from below the sticker.
  3. Measure a liter of lukewarm water into a plastic container. About 25°C or 77°F is right—it should feel just slightly cool against your wrist.
  4. Add the Bacto to the water and let it dissolve; gently stir. This will activate the microbes that are essential for germination.
  5. Add a layer of perlite to the base of the propagator.
  6. Place the Easy Start pots into the water; leave for 5–10 seconds.
  7. Put the pots into the propagator on top of the perlite, allowing some of the water from the pots to moisten the perlite a little. Be careful—you want it to be a little moist, but not soaking wet. Waterlogging can cause seedlings to rot.
  8. Enlarge the holes in the pots to about 5–10 millimeters deep. A screwdriver is the best tool for this. You can make it especially easy by using a piece of tape to mark the correct depth on the screwdriver and then just poking it into the pot until it hits that marker.
  9. Place each seed into a separate hole. It doesn’t matter which end is up, but poke them down into the bottom of the hole so they can root effectively. Cover lightly with soil.
  10. Put the lid on the propagator.

From this point on, it will take 1–6 days for the seedlings to germinate. Whatever you do, don’t open the lid! You’ll disrupt the humidity and heat levels that the seedlings need to grow well.

Starting cannabis seeds can be the most nerve-wracking part of the whole process, but we're taking all the guesswork out of it with our new Starters Kit.