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hey jsut wondering if anyone had some poems about marijuana i have a couple:
if everybody got a bong
and smoked a lot of weed,
then everyone would get along
and end all of our greed.

nother one is:
weed is good, weed is great,
weed makes me want to masturbate

and my last one is:
when i got high,
i felt pretty fly.
when i got stoned,
i felt big-boned.
when i came down,
i wore a frown.
but i fixed this wrong
with a hit from my bong.

tell me what you think and add to it.

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Stoney McFried
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one seed two seed three seed four
one died from being fried
with miracale grow soil
one got burnt , the other one drowned
boy that sure did make me frown
now im left with just one, yes one
happily growing in the sun
thinking about how much fun
and how much bud ill have when its done!

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Lol, I don’t know why but I lol’d at this hard.

mr thc
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Won’t you listen?

When I first met you, didn’t realize
I can’t forget you, for your surprise
you introduced me, to my mind
And left me wanting, you and your kind

I love you, Oh you know it

My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear

Come on now, try it out

Straight people don’t know, what you’re about
They put you down and shut you out
you gave to me a new belief
and soon the world will love you sweet leaf

Sweet Leaf- Black Sabbath. Any band who dedicates a song to weed like this is a band I like lol. Rock on Sabbath. rock on.

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Mary Jane, she’s my best friend,
She’s always been good to me,
She come and take all my troubles away,
She dont stray too far from the west end,
She’s always been close to me,
When she’s around i just drift away

High Grade, High Grade
Is the type of love that she give to me
High Grade, High Grade
I need her each and every day
High Grade, High Grade
Come check me today, i need the
High Grade, High Grade

Mary Jane, thats my best friend
She’s always been good to me
She come and take all my troubles away
And some people say I’ll learn my lesson
Shes not right and shes not good for me
But please dont take my Mary Jane away
High Grade, High Grade
-“Mary Jane” – Collie Buddz

Mr. Maryjane
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Psychedelics and Chronic
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Say my life is in a sewer
I’d say I’m a connoisseur
Sometimes I can be picky
While searching for the sticky
But when the day is done and my blunt is rolled
I’ll be a happy man, especially if you match a bowl

Some smoke meth, some smoke crack, some inject heroin in their back
Some take doses, some take speed, some like to eat some ecstasy
Whatever you’re on and you want to get higher
Just take a hit of this multiplier

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Marijuana plants,
We have consumed other plants,
So why not this one?

There are many strains,
Please just remember to smoke
Indo indoors, kay?

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There is a cocroach in my pad
who walks about like jack the lad
I sez hey cocky whats the score
he sez ‘hey man’ & through me some draw

So we sat all night laughing & joking
building some spliffs & doing some smoking
didnt get to bed till quarter to 11
didnt wake up till quarter past 7

When i woke up cocky was there
snorting some wizz from off the chair
i sez hey cocky hows about a sorter
he sez easy man & threw me a quarter

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Greed is the need when not growing from seed when you sew
row after row your fans drone for the clones below
Fraught with worry you hurry to not make haste
if you are caught your time is a waste
Wishing your crop would pick up the pace
finishing first is the start of the race
Time to relax as you weigh out your sacks
backs and fronts are when you make tracks
Delivery is crucial come tomorrow or next day
start it all over even before you get pay
Ears hoping to hear a kind person say
“I’m fuckin stoned. “

Yah well what do you want?


i have a epitaph

Here lies a guy who loved to toke
when he got home he had to smoke
he once smoked the hydroponic
now he smokes his heavenly chronic

Total Head
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there are no limericks in this thread.

there once was a guy named frank
he choked on a rip of some dank
it heightened his humor
and cured his brain tumor
and then he went to the bank


oh weed,
how i love you indeed,
we’v had a good time,
i dont see how smoking you can be a crime,

iv shared you with some mates,
you make my troubles go lates,
you’ve helped me through the good and the bad,
after i smoke you i dont feel so bad,

oh weed,
i love you indeed


marijuana: the musical

i got into taking pills,
and bumping lots of line
thinking i was an aeroplane
on LSD all the time
all because i smoked a joint in junior high
it led me on a quest to get higher
doing everything that came my way
because marijuana set my soul on fire

it’s a gateway drug
ohhhh yeah, uh huh
weed is a gateway
a gateway to hell
oh oh oh

now i’m shooting heroin,
and smoking crystal meth
i’m skin and bones and yellow
my teeth rotten my breath

it’s a gateway drug!
it’s a gateway to hell!
oh uhu uh


ganja is good for every1
weed can make everything fun
marijuana smells like god in a bag
if u dont smoke it ur a hag
but thats ur choice and its ur loss
i smoke pot at all costs

hit that blunt not once but twice
it will instantly make everything nice
the food is good the sex is great
and if ur alone just masturbate
watch a movie or sum t.v
you wont get bored cant u see?
because when ur smokin ur finally free

up in the clouds is where i lay
i wont come down till the end of the day
then i sleep and and i dream of green
in my dreams ill tell you what i seen

plants so tall they touch the sky
buds so big theyd make you cry
the greenest leafs ive ever saw
i jus stared mouth wide open in awe

i started to come to and then i wake
i get up, go get the bong and bake
ive started my day as i always do
now im hungry lets go get sum food

hey jsut wondering if anyone had some poems about marijuana i have a couple: if everybody got a bong and smoked a lot of weed, then everyone would get…

Poems about Marijuana


Poems about marijuana, smoking weed and the recreation and medicinal effects of cannabis. Poetry about the lifestyle and culture around marijuana use, also poems exploring addiction and the side effects of the sale and use of this psychoactive drug.

The Nun Runner (The Show Down Part V)

On the count of three we move out
Anything flinches let the shell casings fly without questions or doubts
Hold up…looking down at my Cartier watch
Those bombs been set
Yeah, my Queen you know we deal with nothing but top notch
I peeped Lucky fucking some bitch in the back room
Okay G you got my back
I’m ready to send this bitch to her tomb
In five, four, three, two, one

Na’ll niggas don’t run now
Any one of your fucks move my Glock goes pow pow
G bring that bitch to me

That Bitch (The Nun Runner Series Part IV)

Upper Eastside
New York

Ring ring…
Opening my eyes to my cell phone bird tone morning sing

Yeah, and who the fuck is this!
Disturbing my beauty sleep this shit best be legit
You got one up on me and that’s only because you’re a dick

My Queen we got some problems coming our way
I do not know how you got this phone number, lick my cunt and have a ride or die day
Lifting my cell phone pushing in my G’s numbers, phone up to my ear

Dammit…I told my crew to remain calm until the poe-poe.

Married To Mary

No other motherfucker can twist you like this
I’m slowly feeding you lips and tongue, but you swear it’s a fist
Hahaha don’t mind me Boo, I roll with a four finger aggression
Setting fire to your head and pulling smoke out of your ass is my obsession

Yes, no other motherfucker could ever love you like this
Take the woman that he truly loves and menage trios that shit
My boys Dutch Master and White Owl loves giving your ass a twist
Hell me and my boy Zig Zag just can’t wait for another hit

Your moans of ecstasy can be heard during.

Life lines

Only for Falcons

Sitting around getting drunk and high and
Philosophizing like I wasn’t going
To be turned to ash one day

but no use being morose

open every door

and we got 27 dimensions

or was that just how many
times something couldn’t
be explained away?

help is not getting
paid to do

based here right on
earth with every
one else

you thought this lazy
approach to the
beast was
going to

well, now that the
truth has.

Never Been One For Disappointment

An ounce of hope
or an ounce of weed?

Take the smoke
over make believe.

Oh, Claire .

Flakier than puff pastry
she spaced off into some
happy-placed nowhere
if eunoia what I mean
—toking on a joint
legs lazily crossed;
a sort of half-baked
soi-disant croissant
left untouche’d
in a corner booth
of the Parisian cafe

Mary Jane

Chill Session

I was Methuselah, I lived life all the way to the end
Hit stop, or hit pause, and then rewind that shit over again
Even comatose I still roll, puff, hold, and then blow
But I’m not taking this one to the head, my Boo wants to blow some zeros

We kick that next level shit as we slowly pull on a spliff
We even debate and shit as we catch this herbal lift
Straight from the mother source busting her ass up with it’s natural force
My shit is straight, it’s certified smoker’s endorsed

And look at you there leaning back, tee shirt and panties both.

Poems about marijuana, smoking weed and the recreation and medicinal effects of cannabis. Poetry about the lifestyle and culture around marijuana use, also poems exploring side effects and addiction. Share poems and spoken word poetry about cannabis.