weed opoly


Other players will try to slow you down with “Take-a-Hit” cards. But the “Bad Brownie” cards will give you the opportunity to drive ahead. The “Take a Hit” cards will ask you to “Name at least 5 slang words for Marijuana” or successfully perform tongue twisters like “Scintillating sativas stuck to Susie’s socks”. “Bad Brownie” cards come in three categories: SOLO, DUET and ALL PLAY. Some of the challenges include: DUET: “You are staying up late, name places that are open 24 hours a day, compete with another player to name the most”. SOLO: “Exercise isn’t your thing, name 8 things that inflate”. ALL PLAY: “You have the munchies, name types of pies, last player to name one moves up 3 spaces.”

To win you will need a few baggies of luck and the ability to answer category questions like “Name at least 5 slang words for Marijuana”, or successfully perform tongue twisters like “Scintillating sativas stuck to Susie’s socks” without mistakes. The winner is declared the Head Weedopolist and is entitled to all the rights and privileges it implies.

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Weed opoly

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