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Water Pipe

Gravity Vortex Water Pipe

The Gravity VORTEX Water Pipe is the world’s latest and most powerful way to smoke.

Tis pipe has two-chamber design that filters smoke through water creating clean and thick cloud of smoke. As you draw in from the top mouthpiece, fresh air mixes with the gravity smoke, producing a personalized magnitude of smoke.

The smoke feels smooth like a vaporizer, but gives better effects and uses lesser amount of product. Just pour the water back and forth and watch the design make anti-gravity smoking portable and exciting.

Gravity Vortex Water Pipe is produced from high quality polycarbonate that makes it almost indestructible.

Available in green, grey and blue colours.

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Discover the best smoking accessories now at the Attitude Smoking Lounge. Gravity Vortex Water Pipe – clean filtered smoke and high-tech functional design. ]]>