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Have You Been Looking for A Vaporizer Like the Volcano?

Have you been longing for the Volcano, but aren’t willing to fork over $500-$600 for a vaporizer?

Learn more about Arizer vaporizers directly from the manufacturer here:

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer has been tested by our seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and we believe that this digital, remote-controlled vapor tower is just as good as the much more expensive Volcano vaporizer system. The Arizer Extreme Q can be used interchangeably as a bag-inhale system or as a direct-inhale system by switching the connector piece. Get the lung-saving goodness of a real vaporizer without digging into your life savings!

As a cannabis lover, I have dreamed of getting a Volcano vaporizer but could never get myself to put down that much money at once for a device that was just going to be used to consume cannabis. I actually heard about the Arizer Extreme Q from a friend who works in a dispensary. While still pretty pricey, this Arizer is much, much cheaper than the Volcano so at first I was afraid that there would be some sort of catch.

Despite my initial hesitation, I finally ended up purchasing one after I saw a demonstration of one at a friend’s house. I have been worrying about putting too much smoke in my lungs and I figured that $190 was nothing compared to my health.

I wanted to share my full review of this cheaper Volcano alternative. When I got my Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer, it was sturdily packaged with clear instructions on how to operate it properly to get the best results. It was easy to switch back and forth between the bag and tube connector, allowing the vaporizer to either fill a bag with vaporized THC or the vapor can be breathed directly into the lungs through a tube.

If you do go with the Arizer, make sure you get bags so you can use it as a bagged vaporizer. This allows you to fill a whole bag with vapor, and pass it around, which makes it ultra-convenient.

The best part of vaporizing is the fact that it’s almost impossible to burn your throat. Because there’s no combustion, there’s no smoke, which is much healthier for your lungs. With vaporizing, there’s pretty much no known negatives to using medical marijuana.

While the vaporizer doesn’t hit me quite as hard as a bong, I was surprised at both how well the vapor worked and how little cannabis was needed to get me where I wanted to go. When using my Arizer, I use less buds to get the same amount of effect as a bong, though it does take longer since the vaporizer must be warmed up and the bags filled with vapor.

Whenever I breathe in the THC vapor, it seems just like I’m breathing air with a slight after-taste of cannabis.

The first time I used the vaporizer, I remember inhaling a few times and thinking, “This isn’t working… is it working? I don’t think it’s working…” then all of a sudden–BAM!– it hit me like a bag a bricks!

Overall, I have been really pleased with my purchase and would do it again in a heart-beat. The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer will impress your friends, is gentle enough to be used by cannabis newbies or medical marijuana patients, and will get you medicated.

The Arizer is a nice vaporizer that has some of the most popular features of a Volcano (included bags), but the Arizer costs quite a bit less.

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Beware of this cheap Volcano knockoff

It’s recently come to our attention that a company has stolen Storz & Bickel’s design for the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and manufactured some of their own knockoffs, called “Fuji Vaporizers”. Do not buy these imitations. Although they are the same basic design (see picture below), the materials used are far inferior to the ones S&B; uses to make their vapes. The shell on the Fuji Vaporizer is plastic as opposed to metal. Other parts are also made of low quality plastic, which has a tendency to melt during use. This is a huge health risk. Steer clear of the Fuji Vaporizer.

45 Responses to “Beware of this cheap Volcano knockoff”

I own a fuji and yes the outside is plastic but nothing that comes in contact with direct heat is.The parts that are plastic seem to be high quality ABS. out of the two other vaporizers ive owned I like this one the best .Its very fast and has a good clean taste. my friend owns a volcano and even he agrees it works 99% as good .Do I think it will last as long as the volcano? Maybe not but it cost under 250.00 not 600.00 .also The (10) bags that came with it worked great and lasted a long time I still have most not used.

It may seem fine, but without being tested you really can’t say that it is safe. Like any knock-off item it is very likely that the makers cut corners on materials and design. If they are selling it for $250, it’s pretty obvious they are cutting corners.

Furthermore, the “fuji” knockoff is technically illegal as it violates patent law so good luck getting it fixed if it ever breaks.

Does that mean you’ve tested it? Because if so, I’m interested to see the results. I’ve been looking all over the web and can’t seem to find any information concerning actual testing. All I’ve been able to find are opinions and advertising.

We haven’t tested it ourselves, but S&B; passed on the results of their testing, which were not good. The “fuji” uses plastic that is not safe for high temperatures. There are a lot of Chinese knock-offs of original vapes on the market, all the way from Box + Whip models to the Volcano. All knock-offs are characterized by cheap material and cut corners on manufacturing. The Volcano knock off is no different. We would certainly never vape out of it, based on what we know.

Just bought a Fuji vape going to test it over the next week. Seems legit enough and the price was right. I have a volcano and it has been on for the last 2 years, literally. So we’ll see how the Fuji stacks up soon enough!

I’ve actually tried both the Volcano Digi and the Fuji v2.

Let me just summarize and say that I own the Fuji.

I find the differences between the two negligible. IMHO these really are doing the exact same thing. Does Fuji have a plastic exterior…yep. Does it really matter? No. Not that I can see or have experienced.

Let’s get real here folks. All these units consist of is a fan, a heating element, some custom molding work, a ceramic disc, a breathing connector, a herb tray, a bag connector, and some bags. Even considering patents it’s ridiculous that all this costs $669 for the Volcano. I mean, there can’t be more than $50 in parts here. Not only that but Volcano has reduced its warranty to 2 years and has half the bags included? 2.5 times the price…wow. I couldn’t justify it.

In addition, as far as the herbs. I couldn’t tell any difference whatsoever. The Fuji IMHO performed 100% exactly the same as the Volcano.

I bought a Fuji Vaporizer 2 weeks ago and it broke today – simply stopped working after ok uses – took awhile to heat up. Took it back to the store where we bought it and no refund, exchange – referred us to Warranty in Operating Instructions and e-mail address only, no address or phone numbers. I was searching for info on the company and came upon this blog – wish I found it before but I now agree – don’t buy it! and it cost us over $400. We own a Volcano for several years and recommend it highly!

VapeNow Editors, you are telling us that S&B; reviewed the Fuji on their own and the results weren’t good? WELL WHAT A SURPRISE. Surely they arent biased, although they are the creators of the Volcano and they would hate for the Fuji to cut in on their profits.

The Volcano should be priced at what the Fuji costs, no vap should cost more than half a thousand dollars, especially in this economic climate. I own a fuji and it is great. Sure its plastic but I opened it up and none of the plastic parts touch the heating element at all. ALSO THEY USE PORCELAIN IN THE FUJI SO IT ISNT JUST CHEAP PLASTIC.

Stop the lies and tell people the honest truth for a change. Profits over people. Peace.

I purchased a few vapes in my lifetime and have tried the volcano digital and also the fuji and phantom (which are really the same). The Fuji and Phantom were both excellent buys for the money and give you the same “product” that ALL vaporizers are designed to give. The only difference between various vapes are obviously the quality of the parts and the efficiency they can burn the herb.

I would have to say that the Fuji and Phantom are both comparable to the volcano in terms of the vapor produced but the parts are definitely cheaper for the Fuji/Phantom! Let me detail you exactly my experience. The Fuji/Phantom bags are extremely thin and thus if you do not follow the directions given then they can actually melt a bit. The herb chamber also has plastic legs that “can” melt if you again do not follow the given directions and leave it on the device for an extended period of time. Even after this plastic portion melts, there are metal tabs that can hold the chamber in place.

I do think that for the money, $670 (volcano) vs $300(Fuji/Phantom) you are still getting the same end result.

With all this being said, I recommend you go and get better bags which can be $5-10 or free if you just go to the local grocery and follow the directions that are given with the knockoff units.

P.S: My friends digital volcano had the fan fail after two and a half weeks… My roommate and I both have a Fuji and Phantom that have been working fine for the last 3 or so months.

I have had this for over a year, it is a bit slow to heat up, but I can buy 4 of these for the cost of a volcano that does not even have a digital display. If you can afford to buy a volcano, go right ahead. The Fuji is for those of us that work for a living.

So sick of reading about “cheap plastic” this and that. It’s like the same thing everywhere you read: “Plastic housing melts…” -bs, impossible -The plastic housing gets warm at the units highest operating temperature but, just warm, I would not call it hot at all. Certainly, no chance of this melting. There is no other plastic parts that would come close enough to the heating element to worry about.
You people should bitch about the real-deal Volcano costing $600 $700 $800+

so the fact that you have links to purchase the volcano on your site has nothing to do with how you feel about the fuji? I’m tired of monetary bullshit the volcano is way overpriced for what it does and everyone knows it. Of course you’re going to be against a cheaper version who claims to do the exact same thing because then your prices have to come down. Volcano has been around for years and it seems the price just keeps climbing. Maybe it’s time S&B realizes that people don’t have over half a thousand dollars to spend on a smoking device.

To bad we can’t have real dialog and not people who put up fake sites in order to manipulate others.

i just bought a fuji today by a friend i met at gym, used it twice (2 bags full so far) and it works………….whats all this hype about….i got this for $20….ithink the original is far tooooo expensive….i’ve always wanted one but cudnt offord it until my friend that sold these things by bundles at his previous store, he remembered he had one last fuji vaporizer……..gave it to me for $20………it definitely works but after reading all the reviews up top, im starting to wonder why this fuji is getting bad feedback……..

is it a safety health hazard because of it being made out of plastic….?

if so i wud want to know about it asap….

Yeah, it’s a safety hazard with the cheap plastic. The Fuji is so cheap because of crappy materials i.e. non temperature resistant plastics that can off-gas during use and it’s produced by a no-name company. If you’re hurt using it or it breaks, good luck trying to get the company to take responsibility. We recommend the name-brands that we carry because those companies stand behind their product.

Nope, our feelings about the Fuji are based on test results we’ve seen as well as actually taking one apart and seeing how poorly / cheaply it was made. We carry several lower price bag-style vapes than the Volcano, we’re not forcing anyone to buy it. But if we had to choose between a Fuji and Volcano, it’d be a Volcano every time despite the cost.

BS! Such BS!! I have owned a fuji for over a year now, and it works perfectly fine! I have taken it apart aslo. Sure, the case is made of plastic, but EVEN if the heat was intense enough to cause off gas, you wouldn’t be breathing it in. There is also a air pump inside which pumps air from under the vape up to the metal made holding case for the heating element. No off gas gets in your vape bag. Im picking up a phantom today, suggest you do the same if you planning on a volcano. save yourself some dough for the same damn results. Teh volcano is grossly overpriced. You have to know it didn’t cost near that much to produce it. (even with the metal outside case)In short, don’t buy into this marketing BS. Do whats right for your wallet. If volcano wants to match prices, id be more than willing to buy a little better quality vape.

i beleive the fuji is a health hazard in fact as a test i filled a bad at its highest temperature with no plant material and it smelled like toxic plastic, the bags themselves may be a hazard as well considering they melt slightly at its highest temperature. i would say if you own a fuji just try to keep the temp down and you should be okay. not everyone can afford the real volcano but if you can save up the money to do so i would choose the volcano. the fuji i played with stop working after about 3 weeks, the thing shorted on me and i was forced to ake it apart to fix it. now it isnt even able to reach quickly but eh it is much cheaper. all in all just buy what you can afford or just use a lightbulb lol they all have the same desired effect.

Post a link to the results please. Otherwise this is just nonsense, manipulative, propaganda.

pretty much all the sorry ass’s that bought a volcano are sour because the phantom works just as well.

Vape Now editors,

Can you make all this data and test results you are talking about available for everyone to look at? And could you give some specifics(how many parts does each have? what are those parts made out of?) instead of using vague terms like poorly and cheaply?

You said earlier the plastic melts? is that documented anywhere?

I appreciate the consumer input in this forum. Refreshing to get some honest advice for once.

My question tho is whether or not the Fuji has a louder fan than the Volcano. I’ve used Volcanoes liked their low operational volume compared to others like a Vapir that feels like a lawnmower.

i own a volcano it was exspensive but like anything else you get what you pay for

Here’s the way I see it,, IF A US COMPANY SENDS OUT THEIR PRODUCT TO BE MADE IN CHINA, SUCKS FOR THEM. I’ll buy the knock off every time, seeing more times then not, there made to the same specs by the same china men in the same type factory next door.. I’ve made a point of avoiding US company’s who sold us out to china by sending our jobs oversees only to bring their junk back with a US name brand attached. IF IT’S MADE IN CHINA ”’ THEN BUY CHINA ”’ Only then will they pull the plug on sending our jobs there..

my china knock off plasma cutter and MANY other shop items still work great 5 6 years in..

I found mine in a rubbish pile, it looked like a dog chewed the cord in 1/2, so I fixed the cord, works fair, the temp reading is off as on my S&B Volcano I start vape at a low temp & work up from there, on my Ground Score Phantom I have to start at a higher temp & run it without the filling chamber then back it off a bit to get it to heat up without waiting forever, the heating element exhibits some temp swings and is not as stable as the real deal but maybe the bad cord was not its only reason it was thrown away. from what I’ve seen the price is right ( $129 @ Amazon ) & if you can’t afford a Cadillac a Pinto works fine. this is better than most cheapo ones I bought before spending my children’s inheritance on a $600 S&B but it has been well worth it as I’ve had it almost four years. the freebie phantom had no filling chamber or valve but the S&B parts work on both so now I have one for my living room & one for my bedroom.

I’ve had one of these for a couple years. Never used it the first 2 because I could never get it to work right.

I’ve since learned the indicator light is basically useless. It comes on in 2 minutes and it takes 15-20 to actually heat up. If someone has one of these and it suddenly stops working…Fear not. I’ll almost guarantee the wires from the heating element have pulled loose. You take the bottom off by unscrewing the legs. The wires run from element to a circuit board. Problem is, the connectors into the board are only 1/16 or so long and just push in. What’s worse is the ”tower” that holds heating element up tends to loosen with use and that pulls the wires out of the board. If you add another nut to secure the first and glue the connectors into the board, you have a pretty good machine.
Never had anything melt and I have this thing on nearly constantly. No interior plastic parts that melt as is often stated.

i was in possession of a friend’s Volcano for almost 2 weeks and fell in love with it. But I’m seriously contemplating buying the Phantom Digital, just for the cheaper price tag. I’ve read tons of reviews on them, and this is the first time I’ve read that any kind of plastic melts on the things.

I’ve been an AVID Iolite user for the past year or so… and Im talking all day, everyday, anywhere and everywhere. The Iolite is completely made of plastic, and I’ve passed out and left that thing on, and it’s never melted. Not even close.

So I trust that the plastic Fuji chose to use for their vape is safe from melting. I’ve also read that the Phantom Digital (2nd gen) surpasses the original Fuji Phantom by leaps and bounds! I think the one you have pictured here, and used for this review, was their first model.

Anybody here have a Phantom Digital? Im curious if it’s louder/quieter than the Volcano…

volcanos cost money because they were the best available , UNTIL, copies were made.

Now they have no choice but to say the copies are dangerous, IF they wish to retain such a high profit margin.

It was intentionally over priced to take into coinsideration the eventual copiers being able to do the same job for 25% of the price.

Does anyone really believe $250 doesnt include a massive profit??

they wouldnt exist otherwise!

regardless…i work hard enough to own an original, but it IS a disgusting price!!

Funny. You didn’t even take that picture. My Fuji works like a champ and been using it for a LONG time. I owned a Volcano that failed after a year and a half. Regardless of maker, they are both doing the same thing in similar ways. All electronic/electrical items are subject to fail. IMHO the Volcanos are the nicest, material wise, and also overpriced. I’ll gladly swap metal for plastic and save $500. =)

We bought a Phantom in Salt Lake for $120 2years ago. It stopped working today. It has given us signs over the last 3 months that it was going, we kept having to turn up the temperature and wait longer for it to heat up. After 2 years of daily heavy use and testing, I say this. The bags are terrible, buy turkey bags, seal the opening, cut open the corner and attach to shuttle. Our Phantom has digital screen, however there is no thermostat, it is more of a time controller for the heating element. An S&B Volcano will stay within it’s 10 degree temp range at all times. The Phantom will get exceptionally hot if you leave it on, the digi screen means nothing in regards to actual temp. The Phantom does have a 30min auto shut off timer! (This is a good idea!) The S&B does not. Our Phantom fell apart a couple times, (We do travel with it) the area the shuttle sits on kept coming loose, about 4 times this happened, open it and fix it. The S&B never fell apart. S&B Volcano has an air intake filter at the bottom feeding the fan. The Phantom gets the air only from the top of the unit with no filter. (No Termostat, No air filter, different air intake design) no trademark infringement. It’s that simple. Phantom is slower to fill, but equally effective, just inconsistent, you get the hang of it. It seems to me that the ceramic heating element, air box fan, and other components are exactly the same in the Phantom and the S&B. They are basic electrical components that can be bought from any supplier. Now I need another Vape. What do I do now. I’m not rich and/but you get what you pay for. I’ve been through hotbox’s, the Vapir ONE (total junk, tasted like pool chemicals), and other handhelds, Extreme Q, and other Volcano wannabe’s. I could of had an S&B for the price of all of those. A Phantom or an S&B Volcano. You get what you pay for, and I never felt my health was in danger using a Phantom, just don’t use their bags they will melt.

Lastly, the Phantom, it is a China knockoff, if S&B would make their whole package more affordable around $400, or just the Volcano alone for $300, I would totally buy one.

Also the picture above is not a real Phantom, it’s Fuji but it is not a Phantom. And it is definitely a Piece OF Shizzle. I actually broke this one just turning it on in the store.

Just found out I have cancer, so I am thinking about getting a vaporizer. But I am not sure if I can come up with the cash needed for a Volcano. Are there others that work as well but do not cost, and do not have the controvercy of the Fuji

I bought a Phantom by Fugi with the digital display. I had had no problems with this unit. I set the temp and wait 5 min, purge the filling chamber and attach the bag. It may be made cheaper but Ive owned a Volcano and prefer the Phantom over it. Compare $600 to $140 and how close they perform its no match. Will it last as long, maybe not but I can buy 3 for the same price.

I bought a Fuji… It is not all cheap crap! It worked fine. I oactually OVERHEATED the ceramic bas that the product container sits on. It cracked and I can NOT FIND ANY REPLACEMENT PARTS. I will buy a solid piece of aluminum and lathe myself the part. It will be better than either machine comes with. It is a drag that I cannot get a replacement though! $200.00 for a Fuji ( i broke mine it was not the vapes fault or inferiorness), $600.00+ for my Volcano. They work the same Folks! The Plastic is nowhere near the contact points with heat. The Bags However… Plastic and filled with heated and Vaporized material… Both of them use PLASTIC BAGS.

There is absolutely no need to read my comment here, but I feel like ranting. I stumbled onto this discussion and found it both informative and amusing. Amusing because the “editors” here are slamming a product mostly because … by not-so-subtle indications … they support Volcano. Those who have interests or investments in products will likely not be impartial reviewers. The initial comments that the Fuji Volcano “tested” poorly is a case in point. You can see by the dates of some of posting dates that some in some comments people have asked the legitimate question of WHERE are the test results that the editor(s) have cited? I don’t see where the editors have offered any answers to that question. Honest reviews should not be affected by bias or conflicts of interest. I have had a Fuji (“cheap knockoff”) Volcano for more than 2 years. I have used the heck out if it, and it has worked every bit as well as the “Volcano” vaporizers that several friends have and which I have used many times. I am appreciating that I got my working Fuji Volcano … at a much lower price than the original Volcano. If spending more money to get the same results makes you happy, then be happy. I would try both and then decide.

Here’s a somewhat related story. I have had the Magic-Flight Launch Box (which has a few issues I don’t like) since it was introduced … and I recently bought a Dragon-Lite vape (that is a rather conspicuous knock-off of the Magic-Flight) … Well, the Dragon-Lite works as good or better than the Magic-Flight and I paid $26.00 for one (with free shipping) from eBay. I bought two more for friends before the seller raised the price. Even at the increased price, it’s every bit as good as a Magic-Flight.

It’s your money. Try the products. DO NOT listen to anyone who has an interest in promoting certain products. There are some truly unbiased reviews on YouTube. You have probably already learned that some of the most beautiful, fancy, expensive vaping accessories don’t work worth a darn.

Thanks for your comment Barbarian. Rants are welcome and we post all comments because we try to take an unbiased view of things. Our main concern with the Fuji isn’t with it’s functionality, but with it’s components. One reason the Volcano is so expensive is its high quality components. Paying the extra several hundred dollars is no fun, but when people are using something to generate vapor that they then inhale, we like to make sure that it is not being tainted by cheap components. Since the manufacturers of the Fuji are a fly by night operation (which adds to concerns about components) they have not published any info or test results on components so it is tough for the layman to know if they will be inhaling tainted vapor or not. Fortunately, there are now a number of bag vaporizers available that have quality components and are cheaper than the Volcano, such as the Zephyr Ion and Extreme Q.

I really do not know why there are people even fighting over this. The reason why the Volcano costs so much more, is simply because the actual BRAND (not a non brand) stand behind their product, they have a 2 year warranty so if anything happens then they will replace it, it will simply last longer because of the metal housing and that means no cracks if you drop it, there is no melting(EVEN IF THE KNOCK OFF DOES NOT MELT) but simply gives you the security that it will not melt. This is easy people, i would buy the actual Volcano simply on what I have said, and i am proud to be an owner of a VOLCANO because i know it will last. Germans are good with their hands, enough said.

Also, there will always be controversy on what is better or equal to the original for the price so why even debate on this? Just post why you bought what you bought(for whatever reason, money, health, etc.) and what you like about what you bought. Do not bash and bash and keep on bashing, it will not do yourself or anyone else a favor. People really think about it, dont just say stupid stuff that no one cares about.

Iv got a classic volcano, iv never tried any of the volcano knock offs but there does seem to be a lot of unclear and bais propaganda kicking about with them that can from time to time conflict ad bring you back to square one. I can understand why the reviews are bad because I myself have had cheap vapes in the past and they have been complete crap. Iv been researching these phantoms and fujis now for a while (because I wanted to get a new herb chamber for my volcano and I am not paying upto 100 quid to get a S and B one again its way to much money) and I can’t find a real honest non bias factual review. Can anyone please tell me if they have had any issues with there herb housing and general bag area not the actual phantom/fuji unit itself? Does it melt or give of anything nasty? Any odd tastes/smells? or is it the exact same as the volcano herb housing just 70 quid less? Any info on just that part of the vape would be great thanks

I’ve read through the entire comment base here, and though I’m not usually one to get involved in these arguments, I feel as though I have to. I am a proud owner of a storz-bickel volcano. Personally, I am someone who needs to have the best of the best, and because I know that about myself, I’ve saved myself a hell of a lot of money. My first vaporizer was a Vapir NO2. After a few months of using it, personal use were fine, but it was a joke for parties of 3+. After tiring of dealing with the No2, I decided it was time for my second vaporizer ever and I bought a Volcano Digit with part of my student loans and skipped buying books (I got my highest GPA this semester). The reason I did this is because I didn’t want to get trapped into buying the 3rd best, then the 4th best, then the 2nd best, then the 5th best, then the 2nd best again because it broke, etc, etc, etc, only to finally end up buying a volcano. Even though I have a Volcano Digit, I would venture to say that I’ve spent less money o than most of the people here who are promoting the Phantom, because I skipped the stage of dealing with broken vapes and just went straight to the best.

I’ve had my volcano for four years and one month now and it’s literally the same as the day I got it. I’ve traveled across the country with it back and forth at least 6-8 times. I’ve dropped it down the stairs at least twice. It’s fallen from a distance of > 10 ft onto a hard surface probably two or 3 times. Even still, it has not even a dent or a scratch, and operates no differently than the day I got it, I’ve only gotten better at working with it. I will say the valve has crapped out once and I had to buy a new one (

$50), and the mouthpiece was damaged by someone laying a soldering iron down on it, but that was an innocent mistake, that only cost $15. Besides that I’ve spent about $20 on replacement screens and the like, and maybe $50 for Reynolds Turkey Bags.

In the Phantom I’ve heard of:
1) Wires coming loose to the heating element – this is a joke to me, as I’ve tumbled the volcano through tons of collisions and nothing like this has ever happened. Seems phantom can’t even invest in a decent soldering job. For people who don’t know how to fix this, this is a fatal flaw, you can’t expect Fuji to fix it, but S&B would, though they don’t have to because it never happens.
2) The shell coming apart/coming off – again, The Volcano is an impenetrable fortress, so the idea of the shell coming off is a joke to me. I’ve seen videos of people having the shell off and I can only imagine what you have to go through to get it off (I imagine it involves a screw driver at least) By exposing all the inner components on a regular basis, you leave open the opportunity for ANYTHING to fail. Everything is heavily protected within the volcano’s shell, whereas the Phantom easily exposes its most vulnerable components, offering up many chances for failure, when again, Fuji will not fix it for you.
3. The heating element of the Phantom versus the volcano again, seems like a joke. The digital display is nothing more than an artistic element put there to make the Phantom look more like the volcano. It seems like 400F is different on everybody’s Phantom, and beyond that, it seems that the longer you leave it on, the hotter it gets. The Volcano, on the other hand, is guaranteed to be within 2F of the temperature that its reading, and that’s on the high end, it’s most likely within a single degree. This means on the Volcano I can vape at 390, 400, 415, 430, and 446 as I always do, and the experience will be the same every single time. The fact that it heats up in a minute or two is really nice, but isn’t really a $400 difference. However, the ability to have the same experience and adjust it to my liking is extremely valuable to me, and its something that you just can’t get with the Phantom. Also, with regards to high heat, this is when melting is most likely going to take place. Now I can’t say for sure that the Phantom does have melting parts, but this variety of heat makes me think that some units might while others might not, or it might be more common in certain units, or just based almost entirely on a user’s temperature preference. What I can say for sure is that the Fuji Phantom IS made of materials that melt at vaporizing temperatures, and I believe that under the right circumstance, it can cause minor melting and inhalation of plastic and metals which can cause cancer as well as a number of other horrible, horrible diseases. Now its true that I have no study that shows that people who use the phantom inhale these things, I DO have the study that says the that Volcano is 100% safe (easily found on S&B’s website), and that is worth a lot to me.
4. I’ve heard of seemingly random failures in the Phantom that simply DO NOT occur in the Volcano. I’ve never heard of a volcano crapping out within weeks (though if it does, there’s a warranty for that), but I have heard it many times about the Phantom

Conclusion: If you want a vaporizer that will last a year and you’re not too worried about temperature consistency and melting and you’re going to be extremely careful not to drop and/or tumble your vaporizer, the Phantom might be a good way to go. The lifetime may go through a few years, but only if you take really good care of it, most likely only if you leave it in a stationary position during the entirety of its lifetime. Though there are exceptions where a Phantom will last for years, I think it’s safe to say that the average life-span is 1 year, and that’s being generous. On the other hand, if you know for a fact that you’re going to be vaporizing for 4+ years, go for the volcano now so you don’t have to pay $170 + $600, and that’s not including the magic flight boxes and other intermediate stages that you may go through. Just skip those commonly breaking vapes and just go for the best. You’ll not only save money in the long run, you get to have the better vape for the entirety of that long run, so there’s really no losing. Also, you’re GUARANTEED a certain number of years with the volcano, whereas you’d be extremely lucky to get any sort of return/repair on the Phantom. S&B on the other hand, really stands behind their product, and I’ve heard of repairs and replacements on out of warranty products as commonplace as long as the failure is a known failure by S&B and not due to taking it apart or being totally careless, but even in those cases, I’ve heard of S&B doing no-question repairs/replacements. On top of the fact that they stand behind their product, they’re very nice people, and because their product is so well-built, they rarely have requests for returns/repairs, so it’s easy for them to honor them even out of warranty and not take a loss. With these policies, I really don’t think it’s out of the question to label a volcano’s average life-span as 10+ years, but even at 5-6 years, it makes it more worth it than the Phantom on that fact alone.

In summation:
Phantom: Average life-span of 1 year, costs

Volcano: Average life-span of 6-10 years, costs

If you buy a new Phantom every year, in 4 years you’re going to be spending more than you would have if you just decided on the Volcano early. I’ve seen people who thought I was frivolously spending when I purchased my volcano spend $1000-$2000 on vaporizers since then, whereas I’ve spent $0 and overall come out ahead. The only time I really recommend you buy a Phantom is when 1) you know you’ll only be using it for a year to three years maximum or 2)you really can’t save up the $600 for a volcano. Personally I think everyone who can afford to buy a Phantom can save up for a Volcano with discipline, but I understand there are financial burdens that make it difficult.

Keep in mind that these recommendations ONLY take into account the life-span and cost of the vaporizers, it doesn’t take into account the guaranteed safety of the Volcano, guaranteed life-span, guaranteed temperature regulation, faster heat-up, accurate display temperatures, invincible build quality, etc. etc. etc. So not only will you save money in the long run with the Volcano, you’ll have the better vape during that time too.

For all of the people who say they love their Fuji more than their friend’s Volcano, I’d love to hear them report back in 5 years (or even just 1 year) and see where it stands then.

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