volcano vapor dome

Volcano vapor dome

yes, there’s something called the Vapor Dome. I don’t have any experience with it though.

These photos are from google images.

I have also heard a few people say it’s very expensive and doesn’t work that well though.

I’ve heard of other kits for hooking up a whip to the Volcano as well, but it seems to be the consensus that none of them are very good and the Volcano only really works with bags for the best results.

There are much cheaper, high quality whip vapes available.

Also, the price of it is ridiculous. It costs more than quite a few decent home whip style vaporizers do, 7th floor Da Buddha, 7th floor Life Sabre, 7th floor Silver Surfer, Arizer Extreme Q/Vtower, HerbalAire H3/Elite to name a few. For $30-40 more you could buy an S&B Plenty to go with the Volcano.

VXH EVO with hydratube. about as close to hitting a bong as you can get. They also have a number of pieces of glass to which you can attach a whip.

New Vape Flower Pot is another HUGE vapor producing desktop rig but this is exposed coil enail type set up so passing around maybe ain’t going to cut it. But it is a beast.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I meant that the vapor dome glass attachment alone, costs around $220, which more expensive than all the decent whip vapes I mentioned in my post above.

So, if you can afford a Volcano and a vapor dome, you could have a Volcano and any of the vapes (and many more great options) I mentioned above for the same price.

There are a couple of vapes that have multiple user adapters (normally 4 at once), but the Connect multi user Cloud Evo kit @ Baron23 linked is probably best there is, and looks the most like a hookah.

However even though there’s four whips, it still only works best when users take it in turns, rather than all trying to inhale at the same time.

To be honest though, the most enjoyable multiple user scenario is usually when you all take turns filling and vaping enough for a single person in turns, rather than sharing.

Otherwise someone gets all the flavour at the beginning, someone gets the thick dense vapor and someone gets the wispy bit at the end.

Have you checked out the Silver Surfer?

It’s a High quality glass and metal construction, full convection vape. The company own their own glass blowers. It’s looks are highly customisable, it can easily be paired with glass water pipes, you can buy multiple whips with glass bowls attached so everyone can use their own, it’s got rock solid reliability and performance and has been around for years, it has very quick heat up time and can be left on for hours and hours without any worries. It’s also got a special kind of stage presence (the red glow in the dark ceramic heating element adds to the effect) like the Volcano has.

The way you get optimal vapor out of the volcano is from the build up in the bag. When I used the Vapor dome the vapor was no where near as good as the vapor from the bag

When I was puffing alone ( I have no friends 🙁 ) with the dome I had to let the fan keep running and even then screwing with the forced air and drawing I wasn’t getting good draws. Now add two more mouths trying to get in on the vapor and you will notice weak vapor streams.

Don’t pass on the Volcano, it’s all you need and will last forever. I would see if you can jimi up your own mechanism with the Obsidian from Magma industries. I have not tried it out yet but looks like you can attach a hose some how.

I'm splitting a Volcano with 3 future roommates and I think it would be dope if we could have a custom glass hookah attachment that supports multiple hoses at the same time. I'm thinking something like a dome shape. It's going on the coffee table lmao. So yeah does anyone know of where I could buy… ]]>