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I’m not sad about anything…what the heck am I crying for”?? My body was crying- all on it’s own- which seemed completely disconnected from ME and what I was feeling. Then, I had a frightening, full blown hallucination: I noticed an old man wearing a slicker, standing in the dark, rainy night and holding aloft a lantern.

He crossed the arched stone bridge which spanned the river where we were camped, and scuttled up to the window of the car I was in (almost like a quick, creepy spider)! Holding his lantern up, he leered in at me, and telepathically conveyed he was going to arrest me! There was NO bridge, old man in a slicker, or lantern anywhere)! This was all in the first 5 minutes of me being high. Suffice it to say, my one experience of getting high started off in this awful way and just went downhill after that. I finally got to crawl into my sleeping bag, and just kept telling myself to go to sleep…you’ll wake up in the morning and all of this will be over. But the experience completely knocked away my sense of self-confidence. And unfortunately, for the next 3 years, or so, I suffered from pretty severe panic attacks.

I thought perhaps I was being punished for breaking the “rules” and smoking grass. Went to a Psychiatrist for a year, but that provided no help. He just analyzed my dreams for a year…very discouraging. Still, I mentally kept trying to talk myself back up to a place of confidence again. I kept challenging myself to go places I was scared of, to try to fight the panic that threatened. With age, and having supportive, loving family where I was safe and secure, I got to a place where my disgust and disdain for this panic, (and it’s control over me), outweighed the strength of the panic attacks. Now, being older with a lifetime of experience behind me, I suspect I just got WAY too much THC in my system and it knocked me completely out of kilter. Due to several health reasons I believe it may be able to help with. My health concerns don’t fit within the acceptable medical guidelines of my state, but cannabis was just recently made legal for “recreational” use here. And so, with great reverence, I will try the tiniest amount of CBD Critical Cure I can. If I can handle 1 toke without freaking out, I will likely try another toke after 20 minutes. And that’ll be it for me…until we see what happens! I also plan to have black peppercorns on hand, along with lemon peels, (to combat panic), water to drink, snacks for any munchies, and my wonderful, experienced Husband by my side (who WON’T be high), to provide a boost of confidence and provide reassurance if needed. Likely will have some really good music on hand and maybe some adult coloring books to distract myself with if necessary. In spite of everything, I believe Cannabis is a wonderful plant. Just like us Humans, it is “of the Earth” and I believe it is largely beneficial to people when used with respect and high regard. Good luck to us all, whether we ever use again or not. Roor is notorious for their hand blown water pipes made from Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing clear premium borosilicate glass. Their high-quality thick glass makes them a higher priced item but you get the value that you pay for. To infuse water with your flavour of choice, it’s best to cut your ingredients into small pieces.

Add the fruit pieces, peels, or leaves to a carafe with cold water and allow the water to infuse for several hours in your fridge—best if left overnight. As mentioned, ice cubes always help round out the bong-smoking experience, but some folks choose to use hot water instead. If you want to smoke out of a bong but you don't have one around, don't fret. You can make your own out of a water bottle using a few simple tools. Just make sure you're using it in a place where smoking is legal. You can then use the heating pads to wrap the container and use tape or an elastic band to secure it. How to Keep Urine Warm & the Correct Temperature for a Drug Test. The culprit in question is often referred to as resin, and it’s that viscous liquid that builds up inside of bongs and pipes after each use. It consists of a combination of ingredients, including cannabis plant matter, oils, ashes, and when applicable, bong water. All these things come together to create a slimy substance that is very similar to grease.

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