vaporizers for sale on ebay

Vaporizers for sale on ebay

Ebay just removed my listings, a few of which had bids :groan:

I had a solo 2, Mv1 and an IQ listed.

This has been happening for years, they will come through and do a sweep every so often.

Sometimes vape related Items which are en-route or already received will disappear from my purchase history, or be replaced with some random generic item.

@ pud Ebay pisses me off these days. It was awesome back in the day, like the wild west.

I said eff it and put them on craigslist. I’ll see what happens.

It would be smart just keep them. Seems like I get a vape, love it for a while and then sell it. Eventually I rediscover what was so awesome about it, usually by watching reviews, and buy it again. It hasn’t happened much, but it does happen.

“Because it didn’t follow our tobacco and e-cigarettes policy.” LOL hey dumb shits, it doesn’t have anything to do with tobacco or e-cigarettes! Ebay is a thieving company. and really not that smart. (How do you get 11%+ of every sale and not collect ALL the money? lol) They do not care about the sellers at all. They would make no money if it were not for the sellers. Very ironic. They must be Keynesians, thinking the consumer drives the economy. Put the cart before the horse, if you will.

Just curious, which vapes have you re-bought after selling? How do you like them currently?

@ highasakite Arizer is a big one. 1st I bought a Solo2 and after the first use I listed it on ebay. That was early on in the vaping world for me and after owning the Pax3, a couple of Starry’s and the Mighty. Later after watching another slew of reviews I got another Solo2 and turned it up to the max heat and loved it. So much so that I bought a 2nd, haha. I also got the Air 2 and love it. Then I bought an Argo and hated it so I sold it. Again a few months later a bought another Argo but this time I loved it :chin: Who knows, it’s probably me but it could also be the unit itself that was sub-par?

I’m actually contemplating getting another Pax3, but the constant cleaning (nasty sticky gooey) and the strong odor has me thinking twice.

Lately I’ve been into non regulated stuff, It has me going in the wooden artisan direction. But I have to say that the other night I got the Argo out and turned it up to the max, 428 I think, and it was great.

Ebay just removed my listings, a few of which had bids I had a solo 2, Mv1 and an IQ listed.

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