vaporizer glass pipes


Check out this amazing glass vaporizer pipe from Solwe! This ain’t your grandpa’s pipe (unless you borrowed it from your grandpa, in which case, he sounds very cool).

Heat the tip with a flame and this beautifully designed glass pipe turns your herb into tasty vapor with its patented double airstream system. Yeah, you heard me…a patented double airstream!! The glass chambers keep flames from making direct contact with your smokeables so there’s no combustion, just vaaaporizzzationnn duuude. You only inhale the good stuff.

Not only does it work like a dream, it comes in a dope little case that’s disguised as a marker. So slick. But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, hits from the Vaponic are nearly odorless. This cool glass vaporizer pipe is simple, stealthy, and perfectly designed.

The Vaponic glass vaporizer pipe uses glass chambers and a lighter to create silky smooth vaporization action without electricity!

Glass And Pipes

Welcome to My Next Vape, and welcome to our high-quality range of glass and pipes. My Next Vape is an online vaporizer superstore which specializes in supplying high-quality pen, portable, desktop vaporizers, and accessories. If you’re looking for dry herb and concentrate vaporizers, glass, and pipes, then you have come to the right place! From vaporizers for experienced vapers, through to entry level vaporizers for beginners, My Next Vape has everything you’ll need at an affordable price with friendly customer service to match. Our range of glass and pipes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Glass Pipes Australia

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My Next Vape offers a range of high-quality glass and pipes in Australia. we specializes in supplying quality glass and pipes, portable, desktop vaporizers, and accessories.