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I have been a vapor brother12 yrs now

I have been a vapor brother12 yrs now. Love your product.

Very pleased

Very pleased, great products and Customer service!

I saw vapor Brothers post on Facebook…

I saw a vapor Brothers post on Facebook that included stickers and I said wow how do I get them. I love my vape. I dig my vapor Brothers vape and show all my friends and suggest they get one for themselves. Thank you for the stickers and the grinder. Wow you guys rock customer service right out of this world!! Thanks again.

I can’t say enough good things about…

I can’t say enough good things about Vapor Brothers. Not only do they make an incredible quality product, but they treat their customers like family. It’s an honor to be a customer to such an outstanding company. Thank you for all you do.

Thank You.

Thank you for your fast and courteous service.

The customer service is AMAZING! The product is well built and does the job.

The customer service is AMAZING!

I’ve been a long time customer

I’ve been a long time customer. All orders have been timely and accurate. Great high quality products

Vaporbrothers’ were very helpful

Vaporbrothers’ were very helpful , kind courteous with helping me with my selection of product. I would highly recommend doing business with them they are fast , punctual and reasonably priced

Customer service was beyond excellent!

Love you guys!

Back to the magical wooden box

Great to enjoy my medicine in a healthy way again used this box 18 years ago forgot about it and just bought another one love the h20 connection and the hose connects to my pen so I can use it with h20

We have always received quality…

We have always received quality products from this company. Our last order had to products with wires hanging out of the bottom of the devices.

Great customer service and support

Great customer service and support. Love your products, packaging and delivery!


Excellent. The product was as described and arrived on time.

The VB pen is ultra compact

The VB pen is ultra compact, convenient, and versatile having three different “Skillets” to heat your material. Works great but do be careful using the poker stick to clean the skillets after use. All 3 of my skillets broke within a week due to my rough handling during cleaning. It would be better to use a light and small brush to manage your cleaning.

VB1 – Great vaporizer

Ordered the VB1 Vaporizer – Hands Free/120V, in Dark Coffee. I have to say. I’m in love with this vaporizer. I’m just upset that I didn’t buy it sooner. I’ve only had it for about 3 week now, so I can’t comment about it’s durability, but it’s performance is great.
Thumbs up for Vapor Brothers’ customer service. They were awesome! A mistake was with my order, and received a white grip instead of the black one that I ordered. It wasn’t too much a big deal. I didn’t even notice it right away. Anyway, I emailed Vapor Brothers and they shipped the correct one, the same day. Overall I’m extremely happy with their product and their service.

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