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Why Is Your Vape Device Popping and Spitting Back?

Is your vape device starting to pop, crackle and spit back? Don’t worry, it’s not defective. A vape popping sound is normal for any device. Here are some quick, simple fixes.

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Top Reasons Your Vape Is Popping and Cracking

Some crackling and popping is normal every time you vape. Have you noticed the way heated water bubbles and pops? The action of heating liquid and turning it into vapor can cause the same reaction in your vape device.

If the vape popping sound is excessive, it can ruin your enjoyment of vaping. It could also be a signal that’s something is wrong with your device or your liquid. Here are the primary reasons your vape pops excessively.

The Wattage Level Is Too Low

If you use a sub-ohm device, check your wattage level. Your wattage or voltage might be too low. Low wattage means your device can’t heat the e-liquid into vapor quickly enough. The e-liquid overflows the tank, resulting in spitback and popping noises.

You’ll make the problem worse if you use an RTA with a loose airflow. This forces air into the device.

If the wattage is too low, increase it by up to 10 watts. If the popping slows down, you’ll know that was the problem. You can also try narrowing your airflow adjustments. Adjust the tank’s collar to loosen the air pressure. Try a kit with adjustable wattage and airflow to get most out of your vaping.

The Chimney Is Too Narrow

A setup with a narrow drip tip or chimney could also cause problems. Vapor frequently creates condensation behind the chimney. This turns into water that blocks your device’s airflow.

An easy fix to this solution is a tank with a wider chimney. You could also try using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) setup. These kits have wider chimneys.

The Chimney Needs Cleaning

If e-juice has been collecting on the chimney for a while, that buildup can cause serious spitback. Here, the solution is simple. Remove your drip tip. Roll up some tissue paper, insert it into the tank and soak up the excess water. Regular cleaning will help you avoid this problem.

You Need to Change the Liquid

A thin e-liquid can flood your coil, cause spitback and make your device crackle. This is especially likely to happen in a sub-ohm tank, which works at higher temperatures.

E-liquids with high propylene glycol (PG) content are usually thinner. You probably enjoy high-PG liquids because the flavor is excellent, but look for a thicker liquid if you have frequent popping. E-juices high in vegetable glycerin (VG) are usually thicker.

If you’re using a pod mod or another small device, you’re using lower temperatures. Your small device will work better with a thinner liquid that heats quickly at low temperatures. If you’re having trouble with popping, try switching to an e-juice that contains some VG.

The Coil Is Twisted or Braided

You might like the flavor you get from a braided coil, but those braids can leave spaces in the coil. When you introduce e-liquid, it can seep through the braids or coils. You’ll know it’s happening by the hissing, popping sounds.

If you braid the coil yourself, try tightening it. If you bought it braided, you may have to live with the popping for the moment. In the future, stick to regular coils. Try high-quality coils like Vaporesso’s c-cell technology coils. They perform perfectly at all temperatures.

How to Prevent Vape Popping

Now you know what causes your vape to pop. Follow these steps to avoid the problem.

Don’t Prime the Coil Excessively

When you prime the coil, you don’t have to soak the wick. Drop just enough e-juice on it to get it wet. You don’t want it dripping.

If you get spitback from too much priming, press the fire button two or three times. This will help clear out the excess liquid. A little practice and experience will tell you just how much e-liquid is perfect for your device.

Take Short Inhales

Taking a log, deep inhale can force e-liquid into the chamber and into your mouth. If you repeatedly have this problem, you’re probably pulling too hard. Let the coil and the wick heat the liquid. Inhale gently. You’ll take in pure vapor and have a more enjoyable, flavorful vape.

Keep Your Device Clean

A clean device will keep grime and residue from building up inside your device. You should take it apart and clean it completely once a month. Use the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular device. In most cases, a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol are all you need.

Enjoy Smooth, Flavorful Vaping

If your vape device is popping, crackling or spitting back, try our simple solutions. Get ready to enjoy vaping again.



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Is your vape making all kinds of popping or crackling sounds? Find out why and what you can do about it.

Common Causes of Vape Popping and How to Fix Them

Posted by Richard Broke on Apr 12th 2019

Common Causes of Vape Popping and How to Fix Them

The vaping industry is rapidly growing. Projections show that the market could reach $43 Billion by 2023. New vapers are expected to flood the market over the next few years.

If you’re new to vaping, you might be unfamiliar with some vaping issues such as a strange, popping sound.

If you’re an experienced user, then you are familiar with the popping noises and the dreaded spitback issue.

Although popping sounds can be a normal part of the vape experience, sometimes they can signal that there are issues with your vape pen.

To fix popping noises and to prevent spitback, read on to learn about the common causes of vape popping and how to fix them.

Why Does Vape Popping Happen?

When you vape, the e-juice heats and vaporizes. You can hear mild popping noises as the coil heats the liquid. A normal vape pen will make some vape popping sounds.

However, if you notice a major change in the noises of your vape pen or the sound becoming louder, this could indicate a problem.

Sometimes, the liquid can flood parts of your vape pen. Eventually, the flooded liquid can result in spitback. Spitback is when the e-liquid comes up and spits back into your mouth.

If the thought of e-liquid spitback makes you shudder, you can take steps to prevent this by fixing any issues as they arise.

Common Causes of Vape Popping

Low Wattage Setting

As you inhale, air enters the tank, and the wick works to bring e-liquid to the coil.

The coil heats and vaporizes the e-liquid. If you have a low wattage setting, however, it will take longer for the e-liquid to vaporize.

The e-liquid gets into the atomizer chamber before the coil can vaporize the e-liquid in time. You end up flooding the atomizer which results in the spitting and popping noises.

Try raising your e-cigarette’s wattage so that it can vaporize the e-liquid without flooding the coil.

Type of E-Liquid You’re Using

If you’re using a thin e-liquid then that can flood your coil and causing the popping noises.

E-liquids made up of propylene glycol are usually thinner and will vaporize at lower temperatures. If you are using a tank that uses higher temperatures, such as a sub-ohm tank, the thin e-liquid can flood your coil.

You can try buying a different, thicker e-liquid that can vaporize consistently with your vaping pen.

Vapor Condensing on Drip Tip or Chimney

Sometimes excess vapor can form inside the drip tip. this happens from extra vape that pools every time you inhale. The vapor ends up condensing and forms a barrier to the vapor flow. This can result in popping sounds and e-liquid spitback.

To avoid this, you can use a wide bore drip tip since any extra condensed vapor would not collect around the drip tip. You can also use a rebuildable tank atomizer, or RTA, which has a wide chimney.

Check the Wick If You’re Using an RTA

If you have an RTA, you may need to check your wick. There may be space between the tank and coils that the e-liquid gets into.

One solution is to re-wick the coils and make sure the space between the tank and coils are covered.

Twisted or Braided Coil

Some vape pens contain twisted or braided coils. A twisted coil has more space and crevices for the e-liquid to go through to vaporize. As the e-liquid travels through the coil, you can hear popping sounds.

If you have coils that you braid yourself, you can try to twist it extra tight. That way you leave no space for extra gaps and crevices for the liquid to get into.

If your coil is premade, however, then you won’t be able to adjust it.

Other Solutions When You Hear Popping or Spitting Sounds

Avoid Over-Priming the Coil

Most spitting and popping noises can happen from flooding. To avoid this, don’t drip too much e-liquid on your wick. The wick should be wet, but not flooded.

You might need to figure out your sweet spot when it comes to how much e-liquid to use. Keep your eye on the wick and stop before it becomes too wet.

Press on the Fire Button

If you did accidentally soak the wick, this can remedy this problem. Press on the fire button before you inhale. This can fix your vape popping noises.

Avoid Long Inhales

If you take long inhales, you can be taking in too much e-liquid at once then your vape pen can handle.

Try taking shorter inhales. You can also try reducing the airflow setting. Adjust the airflow ring by turning it.

Replace the Drip Tip

There are new drip tips that stop spitback from reaching your mouth. Angled drip tips stop e-juice from going back up. There are also rotatable drip tips that have special parts to prevent spitback.

Another option is to use bent or curved longer drip tips.

Cover the Drip Tip

Loud vape popping and spitting can be annoying. If you are still having issues and spitback continues to happen, you can cover your drip tip.

You can do it the old-fashioned way with a piece of paper towel. You can also use some cut-down pipe screen and place inside the drip tip.

If you tried everything but still hear the noises, this can at least prevent any liquid from entering your mouth.

Want to Learn More About Vaping?

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are switching to vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking.

We hope our tips can help with vape popping issues and provide you with a more enjoyable vape experience.

If you want to learn more tips about vaping, read our blog.

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