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Different types of bongs, which one is right for you?

If you’re someone who’s experienced when it comes to bongs, then you’re already aware that there are various types of bongs to smoke from. All of which range from different sizes, materials, shapes, and designs, it really seems like there is a never-ending list of what kinds of bongs you can choose. Bongs are one of the most popular smoking methods in the world. In fact, they were even used by royalty back in ancient times to smoke dry herbs. There are many different things to consider about these products, and we’re going to help you go over the various types of bongs so you can have a better understanding.

Different Types of Bongs Materials


Glass happens to be the most popular bong material. This is because it provides you with the cleanest and purest taste. Glass just doesn’t have a way of affecting the smoke’s flavor. It’s also very easy to check up on the buildup of gunk and resin since glass is transparent. While glass bongs are very popular, they also happen to be the most expensive choice on the list.


Other than glass, plastic is the second most used material for bongs. This is because it’s extremely durable and won’t break when it’s dropped. Granted, you will have a mess, but at least there won’t be any broken glass pieces around. Another thing about plastic bongs is that they’re cheaper compared to other materials. It’s also easier to travel with them. Something you might dislike about plastic bongs is that they might influence the smoke in terms of its taste. Other than that, it’s a very popular choice.


Compared to glass or plastic bongs, ceramic bongs are a much heavier. Ceramic is also pretty fragile, so you won’t want to bring this piece out as much as you would with a plastic bong. Bongs made from ceramic material do come in many different shapes, sizes and colors since it’s easy to work with. Bong crafters that work with ceramic can mold them into many different designs. They’re more expensive than plastic since there is more artistry to their design. To be straight up, ceramic isn’t conventional for daily use, but is a great choice for a special occasion and happen to look great as a decoration when not in use.


Many of the first bongs were created from bamboo. They can come in simple, tubular designs, or can become a bit more extravagant with metal, garnish, and paint additions. Bamboo is extremely durable, so it’s a great choice for a long-term piece.


Finding a bong made from metal is extremely rare. These products are known to last long and can come in for an affordable price. The thing is that it can change the taste of the smoke and it’s hard to tell how clean it is.

Different Types of Bongs Designs

There is more to the differences in bongs than the materials they are made from. There are a range of designs you can choose from as well. While there are several more designs than what we will cover, these are the main designs you will find.

Straight Tube

Bio Hazard 12″ Straight Tube Water Pipe

The simplest design to choose from is the straight tube bong. They’re just a tube with a mouthpiece on one end, with a bowl placement on the bottom. Let’s just say they’re pretty straight forward.


Sky High Glass 12-Inch Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs are pretty self-explanatory. These bongs have more stability since the base is a bit larger. Just like bongs in general, beaker shaped bongs come in many sizes and are just as easy to use as straight tube bongs.

Round Base

Round base bongs are quite similar to beaker shaped bongs. The difference is that the shape at the base is spherical instead.


Sky High Glass Supreme Recycler

Multi-chamber bongs are also referred to as recycler bongs. Their standard design is based off of the straight tube, though it can also come with different shaped chambers. Being multi-chambered, this means the tube separates into two chambers with either a tube or additional third chamber. With multiple chambers, a smoker gets cooler and smoother hits. Due to the difficulty in the creation of these bongs, they tend to run at a more expensive price tag. One should also take into consideration about how hard these are to clean.


Lookah Pink Faberge Bong

Percolators are available in all kinds of shapes. Because these bongs have a percolator, the smoke is filtered better and cooled off more before inhalation. The percolator makes the smoke bubble through the water, giving percs their bubbling effect. Percolators can be placed at the bottom of a bong, or can rest in it’s own chamber (which would make it a multi-chamber bong). They can even be in both the bottom of the bong and in it’s own chamber! Like multi-chamber bongs, percolators are more expensive than standard water pipes.

The Choice is Yours

Now that you know about all the different types of bongs, it’s up to you to decide which one you like the best. If your friends have bongs, it’s best to try theirs to have some experience with different types of bongs. One of the best ways to choose the kind of bong you want is to browse our extensive products here online. It’s easy to do and we have some of the best pieces you can find!

If you’re someone who’s experienced when it comes to bongs, then you’re already aware that there are various types of bongs to smoke from. All of which range from different sizes, materials, shapes, and designs, it really seems like there is a never-ending list of what kinds of bongs you can choose. Bongs are one of th

Different Types of Glass Bongs

There are so many options for you to choose from when you go to your head shop for a bong. Today we’ll discuss the different types of glass bongs and what makes them unique from each other.

Percolators filter smoke by increasing its surface area and diffusing it in water

Percolator glass bongs

Percolators improve the function of your glass bong by adding diffusion and filtration as you take a chug. The glass bong has various layers of water separated by percolators which increases the surface area of the smoke with each pass. Filtration and cooling take effect once the smoke disperses under water. The result is a smooth hit that is cool to the throat and full of flavor.

Percs do add a bit of drag to your bong, depending on the type and stack of percs. Some bongs have single percs, while others have two to three percs. The stack can be of the same type of perc, or a mix of different percs to get the maximum perculation possible.

Fritted glass

Fritted glass is made by sintering together glass particles into a solid yet highly porous unit. Its purpose is to provide fine filtration of solid particles from the water in the same manner as filter paper. It works almost the same as a honeycomb perc, but with finer holes for filtration. What it does in a bong is that it allows smoke and liquid to pass through while filtering out solid particles such as ash and resin.

Because of the high porosity of the fritted glass material, it’s capable of increasing the surface area of smoke. By breaking the smoke into millions of tiny bubbles, you’ll get maximum filtration and percolation.

The downside with this high filtration is that the fritted disk can get dirty easily, which often turns off smokers even if it’s capable of stacking bubbles. You have to clean the bong regularly, or you’ll suffer clogs often.

Soft glass

Glass bongs are usually hand blown. Soft glass, on the other hand, is like making a vase. You spin glass to form interesting shapes and color patterns that you won’t usually get with hand blowing. The downside is, the glass is weaker which is why it’s called “soft glass.” To offset the weakness, soft glass bongs are usually thicker than their blown counterparts.

Gravity bongs

Gravity bongs are best for those who have high tolerance. They give you one massive cloud of smoke that you can draw with just one hit – if you dare.

Initially created using disposable plastic found in your home, gravity bongs deliver ginormous amount of smoke. Now, Grav Labs produce gravity bongs made out of glass bottles fashioned to fit each other. The base holds the water, while the upper vessel collects smoke. As you lift the upper vessel from the bottom, the force of gravity will suck the smoke inside the collecting vessel. To take out the smoke, you push the vessel back into the vase to let the water drive the smoke up to the mouthpiece.

The amount of smoke you can get from a gravity bong is similar to a balloon bag vaporizer. The only difference is the taste gets stale sooner since you’re dealing with smoke and not vapor.

Recycler bongs

Recycler bongs cycle the water in an infinite loop through two different chambers. The water rises from the first chamber as you pull and goes through a series of tubes before reaching the 2nd chamber. From there, water drains down back to the first chamber, and the cycle goes on until you get the milk and percolation you’re looking for. It’s an amazing bong because it continues to filter and cool down the smoke without causing it to become stale. As a result, you have a smoke that is highly filtered, smooth, cool, and full of flavor.

These are the different types of glass bongs that you can get from your head shop. BigDaddySmoke has a wide collection of glass bongs that you can choose from. If you see anything that you like and wish to know more about it, please feel free to ask us in the comment section!

There are different types of glass bongs that can deliver various types of smoking experience based on feel, aesthetics, and function.