turtle pipes for sale

Turtle pipes for sale

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  • 4″ Turtle Animal Pipe



  • 4″ Turtle Hand Pipe.
  • Work with passion and love of glass.
  • 4 inch long with 3 inch wide.
  • Looks real cute; feels like you can swim with it.
  • Made with glass tube.
  • Size and Color may slightly vary.
  • Buy this beautiful pet and smoke with it.

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3 customer reviews

turtle pipe

everyone loves the turtle pipe

turtle pipe

everyone loves the turtle pipe

The turtle is so so cute! Amazing quality and colors. Size is great. It’s already my favorite piece. 🙂

<ul> <li>4" Turtle Hand Pipe.&nbsp;</li> <li>Work with passion and love of glass.&nbsp;</li> <li>4 inch long with 3 inch wide.</li> <li>Looks real cute; feels like you can swim with it.&nbsp;</li> <li>Made with glass tube.</li> <li>Size and Color ma

Turtle Pipe – 4.5in

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Material: Handblown Borosilicate GlassLength: 4.5"Style: Hand Pipe ]]>