tornado cyclone bubbler

Tornado Bongs

Lets have a look at the top 5 Cyclone and Tornado Bongs for sale right now.

Smokenado Turbine Cyclone Perc Bong

The Smokenado Turbine Cyclone Percolator Bong is 10.5 inches tall and is a great piece with an inbuilt Turbine Perc that turns the water into a vortex when you inhale.

Glass Tornado Perc & Slitted Diffuser Bong

The Four Twenty Glass Ice Bong with Tornado Perc & Slitted Diffuser is an amazing piece for the price and for what you get. 5mm glass thickness and awesome pers and filtration.

Stemless Turbine Waterpipe

This beautifully designed Stemless Turbine Waterpipe by Diamond Glass stands at 8 inches in height and a joint and trough size of 14mm. High quality tornado bong!

Glass Beaker Tornado Bong

This Glass Beaker Tornado Bong is a great Chinese made water bong to smoke your cannabis and tobacco in if your on a budget. Very decent piece for the price.

Tornado Water Pipe

The Tornado Water Pipe by DanGeek is a very well made and mid tier cyclone bong. It’s 12 inches tall and has a 18mm female joint and a 18mm male bowl included.

The amazing thing about a tornado bong is not only does it deliver a cleaner, fresher smoke, which is definitely welcome, it also puts on a show.

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If you want extra filtration out of your bong, getting a tornado bong or cyclone bong could be a good starting point. This is our top 5 Tornado bongs for sale.