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Check out our incredible selection of big bongs. Regardless of your style, we have everything from giant beaker bongs to intricate glass bongs with percolators. See why so many customers only trust BadassGlass when it comes to shipping them a large bong. We take absolute pride in everything we do. Our shipping experts pack each order with great care so it. Read more

Check out our incredible selection of big bongs. Regardless of your style, we have everything from giant beaker bongs to intricate glass bongs with percolators. See why so many customers only trust BadassGlass when it comes to shipping them a large bong. We take absolute pride in everything we do. Our shipping experts pack each order with great care so it can withstand even the roughest conditions.

There’s nothing quite like a big bong, if you are looking for a one hitter quitter that will send you to the moon, then there’s no other substitute. Whether you need a gigantic bong with percs or a 36 inch beaker, we promise to deliver your glass bong safely, or your money back. All of our inventory is in stock and ready to ship. Shop risk free with our 30-day return policy, and get free shipping on a huge bong today!

Check out our incredible selection of big bongs. Regardless of your style, we have everything from giant beaker bongs to intricate glass bongs with percolators. See why so many customers only trust BadassGlass when it comes to shipping them a large bong. We take absolute pride in everything we do. Our shipping exper


Shiva is a dedicated smoke shop with decades of combined knowledge to make sure that you get the best possible bongs currently on the market. From Dabbing to Silicone bongs we have something for each and every smoker and prices to match starting from as little as 9.99

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Beam yourself up to higher heights with the 60cm Acrylic Flying Saucer Bong!

Ceramic Stormtrooper by Bongstar

Introducing the Chongz 32cm Glass 2 System Percolator Bong

Introducing the Skull with Shades Gas Mask Bong

This smooth Acrylic Bong will bring you some big clouds and vibrant colour!

Rise and shine with the Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug by Bongstar! Pop the kettle on.

Take the fun anywhere with these 20cm Silicone Fold Away Bongs by Bounce!

Introducing the Fat Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator

Unleash your inner Predator with the Alien Gas Mask Bong!

Put a smile on your face with the Round Smiley Ceramic Bong!

Discover the Slim Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator

Make BIG clouds and get refreshingly cool and tasty hits with the 60cm Acrylic Ice Twist Bong

Quality glass at a great price.

Get into the Halloween spirit this October with the Dead Head ‘Train to Busan’ 43cm Glass Percolator Bong by Chongz.

Introducing the Star Troop Gas Mask Bong!

Artistic glass blowing with convenience and dual functionality!

Presenting the ‘Animus’ 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz!

Be the life of the party with this Vizor Gas Mask Bong!

The amazing 18cm Acrylic Travel Waterpipe & Plastic Grinder is an amazing tool that will get you covered in all possible ways and beyond!

In case of air raids keep all those nasty, toxic poisonous gases out. Except of course for the ones you want to keep in. Who needs oxygen, after all?

The 11-Arm Shower Head Percolator Glass Bubbler is a fantastic piece of glassware that offers excellent performance and value for money.

Introducing the Cheeky One Sci-Fi ‘Horizon’ Glass Bong

Introducing the ‘Warm as Snow’ 30cm Acrylic Bong by Chongz!

Exciting glass at it’s finest!

Introducing the 36cm Silicone Lean Back Bong by Bounce!

Perfect for Oil and Herb. Get the best of both worlds!

“Do or do not. There is no try.” You gotta know you want to with the Yoda Bong – there’s no going back!

This Classic Silicone Bong by Bounce is a great starting point for anyone looking to get their first bong.

SUCK ON THIS. The impressive 9 inch Cock Bong from Waterfall. Ought to shut you up for a while!

The Chongz Widow Maker is packed full of features such as 7mm thick glass, a diffuser 2 part stem, ice dimples and a large conical base. What more could you ask for at just £39.99.

The largest mushroom bong that we do here at ShivaOnline

Whether you’re a novice user or seasoned pro, the Bounce Skittle Silicone Bong is a great option for those looking for an affordable bong.

Introducing the amazing Cheeky One Sci-Fi Micron Glass Bong into the Shiva catalogue.

These fresh and funky acrylic bongs are perfect for bong beginners.

Respect My Authority! Introducing the “Fat-Mans Authority” Ceramic Bong. A ceramic bong of everyone’s favourite cartoon character.

Introducing the brand new Cheeky One Sci-Fi Solid State Glass Bong into the Shiva catalogue.

Effortlessly stylish, the 40cm Ice Kink from Chongz is made from super durable and sturdy acrylic.

The amazing Chongz “Malice” 28cm Spider Glass Bong With Blue Accents is finally here! This revolutionary glass bong is perfect for beginners and experts alike!

These super functional bongs from Chongz look the bomb and smoke like a dream!

The amazing Cool Krew Half Fluro Glass Waterpipe 20 cm has been created for those who value both design and functionality!

The force is strong with the Ceramic Yoda Bong by Bongstar!

Introducing the Mini Pulsar Bong. Practical and portable, this handy little acrylic water pipe was designed for ease of use both at home and on the move.

Without a doubt, the Crystal Honeycomb Percolator Bong will make the perfect tool for either beginners or experts on a budget!

The Tubac bong is part of the Red Eye “Bling Bong” collection, a set of high quality acrylic bongs aimed at people who enjoy luxury, but are too clumsy to own a glass piece.

Stop press! The incredible Chongz “Slowdive” Dual System Glass Percolator 22.5cm is finally here! Designed to serve you either as a bong or a dab rig, this tiny tool will literally pay off after its very first use!

The Pluto Miniature Glass Water Pipe is a perfect little travel bong, that packs a punch despite its small size

If you’re looking for an affordable but functional glass bong on a budget, feast your eyes on the ‘Chainsaw’ Honeycomb Diffuser Ice Twist Glass Bong by Chongz!

Chongz’s 40cm “Rob’s Baby” is a crazy looking acrylic waterpipe that will undoubtedly get you covered in every way!

The Jaxx USA “Big Al” Diffuser Bong is an all American made glass piece, designed to offer you the smoothest hits you can imagine.

Hit the lights and get the party started! These gorgeous Glow in the Dark Silicone Round Base Bongs are a great addition to your smoking arsenal and perfect to share amongst friends.

The Pulsar bong is a practical design with regular use in mind. Perfect for home use or on the go.

Presenting the Mini Goose Glass Bong/Oil Rig by Chongz!

Fill your cranium with smoke with these Coloured Glass Skull Waterpipes!

These attractive acrylic waterpipes are great pieces for those of you looking for an effective bong without wanting to stretch the budget.

The Mini Traveller Glass Bong is a compact and practical design. It comes with a leather pouch that can attach to your belt for easy transportation. Discreet and stylish.

Based on the original homemade “Bucket Bong”, the Bukket Bong is a revolutionary new design that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. The Bukket Bong is waterless and easily portable.

Introducing the 16cm ‘Grifter’ Glass Bong & Dab Rig by Chongz! – a revolutionary invention that has just been added to the Shiva catalogue!

The Chongz Acrylic Bubble Ice Bong is an affordable fully featured water pipe. The bong also features an ice twist and at 40cm’s tall you get a lot of bong for your money.

The Kinked Glass Percolator Ice Bong is a a fantastic device that will fulfill the job for those who are in a budget!

Proudly introducing the amazing Chongz Dead Head ‘Day of the Dead’ 30 cm GlasS Bong into the Shiva catalogue. Built out if 9 mm thick borosilicate glass, this is undoubtedly a gadget of the highest quality out there!

These Mini Acrylic Waterpipes are fun little additions to your bong collection. Small and easily transportable, these waterpipes come in various exciting shapes.

The Prasine Showerhead Glass Percolator Bong is an excellent piece of glass equipment that you should not be missing in your smoking collection!

The amazing Retrosquares is a fancy looking honeycomb percolator Bong that will undoubtedly fulfill the purpose it was designed for!

The Chongz ‘Garrett na Gareth’ 25cm Percolator bong is an interesting waterpipe to say the least

Feast you eyes on another awesome rig by D-Lux Bongs, presenting the D-Lux 19cm Glass Diffuser Bong/Oil Rig.

This amazing Cool Krew Glass Bong with inline diffuser will allow you to smoke your herbal blend or tobacco with a touch of sophistication!`

The Octopus Glass Percolator Oil Rig is not only a highly functional dabbing rig but also looks awesome. Designed specifically for use with oils and wax.

If you are a very demanding one, then we have good news! Because this Single Disc Honeycomb Percolator Glass Waterpipe 38 cm is undoubtedly set to get you covered for a long while! Crafted in borosilicate glass, this glass bong consists of 2 pieces: A glass bowl with a 14.5 mm male connector Main glass bong body

This little one is a delightful piece, and would be a practical addition to your bong collection. It stands at 18cm tall making it easily transportable

The Conical 4 Arm Glass Percolator Ice Bong is a great looking and highly functional water pipe that is great for any occasion. Available in 3 colours to suit your preference.

Feast your eyes on the Goa Glower 30cm Glass Bong!

The Neon 20cm Glass Percolator Ice Bong is one of the most eye catching bongs that we sell but is still highly functional for a water pipe of its size. Available in 3 great Neon colours.

The incredible Kashmir Kooler is a cool looking gadget that will undoubtedly not only fulfill the purpose it was originally designed for, but it would also make a perfect decoration tool for your house!

The Shiva 6 Gauge 33cm Glass Percolator is an awesome piece of kit that is designed for both functionality as well as beauty.

Buying Bongs Online

Can you really trust buying a bong online? How do you know if its the right bong for you? Here at Shiva, we want to put your mind at rest and explain exactly what to look out for when you’re buying your bong online! First, look at the company of the bong. There are thousands of knock offs or cheap bongs that aren’t worth your time. We recommend looking at known companies. There are lots of wonderful brands such as ROOR, Chongz, Jaxx etc that have a huge range to choose from. Stick to whats known to make sure you know what your getting!

Second, look for a bong that suits your needs. Our website has a range of photos looking at different angles of the bongs outlining their features. Double check all the photos to make sure it has what you expect it to. The descriptions are all written to go through each feature of the bong as well! We always recommend a bong with an ice catcher and percolators to reduce the heat of the smoke giving you the biggest hit! We have hundreds of bongs to choose from so get searching! But wait, if I buy a glass bong online, isn’t there a high chance of it getting smashed in transport? We pack every bong with the highest attention to detail to reduce any chance of it getting broken in transport. We use top quality bubble wrap to protect any glass and to make sure you receive your bong without any breakages.

How To Clean Your Bong

Bongs can get dirty very quickly so it’s worth buying bong brushes and solutions to make your bong as good as new! First of all, choose your solution. We offer a huge range from basic ones like Dr Green, to more advanced ones like DC Clear. So whats the difference? Well a more expensive solution like DC Clear is reusable. All you have to do is strain out all the gunk and put it back in the bottle. So this means its more of a one off payment instead of buying lots cheaper single use solutions.

Second, you need a brush! This really depends on how big your bong is. There are lots off smaller brushes as well to get at those hard to reach places. We recommend buying one bigger brush and one smaller brush. This should cover your bong from top to bottom. So once you’ve bought all your necessary materials, soak your bong in the solution. The instructions on the back should indicate how long you should leave it to soak. When you’re ready to remove the solution, use the brushes to clean the gunk. By this point you should really start to notice the difference. Finally, you want to make sure all the solution is removed and rinse thoroughly with water. Do this until your sure all the solution is gone. Now you’re ready to start hitting your bong again without any unpleasant taste or gunk! Spend the time to clean your bong so it lasts longer!

Cheap Bongs Vs Expensive Bongs

Why are there so many bongs on the market when the all effectively do the same thing? And why are some of them so darn expensive? Well we want to clear a few things up and make sure you know exactly what bong is right for you!

Cheap Acrylic Bongs

Cheaper bongs are often made of (yes you guessed it) cheaper materials such as acrylic. This isn’t to suggest they’re not very good. Actually quite the opposite sometimes. Acrylic bongs can give you big hits with great flavour but there is one downside; they don’t last nearly as long as glass bongs do.
Acrylic is very difficult to clean properly and after a while, they start to smell. If you’re a heavy bong user, an acrylic bong wont last you much longer than 5 or 6 months. However, if you just use bongs occasionally, an acrylic bong could last you up to a year or two. Nevertheless, glass bongs will last you a lifetime if you clean them properly!

Cheap Glass Bongs

We offer a great range of glass bongs that are at very good prices. The reason this glass is cheap is because its made in China. Chongz, for instance, offer an amazing range of glass that’s very affordable because its made in China. Our favourite bongs are Chongz because they offer an amazing range at great prices. The fact its Chinese glass makes no difference to your smoking experience and makes a big difference to your wallet. Just because its cheaper glass doesn’t mean its not as good as the expensive glass bongs!

Expensive Bongs

We stock three companies that offer the top range bongs on the market. The first is the German company ROOR. They blow all their glass on site in Germany and offer some of the top quality glass on the market. They are extremely confident with their glass so much so that they don’t bubble wrap any of it when they send it out, and most importantly, we’ve never received a broken bong from ROOR.

The second company is Abraxian. They’re from the UK and they hand blow all their bongs with some of the top quality glass in the world. You can even see how they blow their glass on their Instagram! They are the most expensive bongs on our website but for good reason. You get local, top quality glass from a world renowned company. If you’re looking to support local business’s and get some of the best quality glass, this is the way to go! And finally, Jaxx is an American company delivering good quality glass at a range of prices. They have a wonderful range of dabbing glass that give you amazing hits. They also offer some of the prettiest glass on the market with exciting and different designs that also find clever ways of cooling the smoke down.

These three companies are truly worth your time any money. We really recommend getting the best glass you can because your smoking experience will truly be at its best. However, if you’re not ready or not quite sure about spending hundreds on glass then maybe look in to our Chongz range. They make good glass bongs at great prices! And if you’re just looking for a bong for the next few months, then go for our acrylic range.

Best Bongs in 2020

There are thousands of bongs on our website and we want to pick out our top 6 favourites for 2020!
6) Dylan the Gimp by Chongz – This wonderful acrylic bong gives you a height of 40 cm that can all be filled with ice. The water chamber is considerably bigger than its rivals making it one of the best acrylic bongs to cool the smoke down giving you the biggest hit possible! And at just £19.99, it makes it the most affordable bong on our list.

5) The Chongz Wizards Sleeve Double Percolator Glass Bong – If you’re looking for a bong with lots of percolators, then look no further. The smoke travels through two sets of percolators giving you the smoothest hit possible. This bong is perfect for herbs but because of It’s flat bottom, it makes it a perfect bong for using herbal vaporizers through. You can also use this bong for oil! Simply attach an 18 mm male glass banger to the top and you can get dabbing. The Wizards Sleeve gives you the best of all worlds making it the most dynamic bong on our list!

4) The Bounce Classic Silicone Bong – Bounce is the new company on the scene bringing you a whole new experience of bong hits! All of Bounce’s products are made from Silicone making the bong virtually unbreakable. This also means its one of the best form of bongs to travel with. You don’t have to be nearly as careful as you do with full glass bongs. And if you’re tired of acrylic, then this will be a great alternative. Silicone is far easier to clean than acrylic and will give you a much clearer and all rounded hit!

3) The ROOR Bong 1000 – We all know ROORs range of bongs are some of the best quality on the market, so it’s hard to pick our favourite out of them. After heavy debate, we decided the 1000 of the Blue Collection. This bong gives you the perfect size, weight, and thickness of glass all for one of their most reasonable prices of £119.99. If you’re looking for one of the top brands at a good price, then we think the ROOR 1000 is the one for you!

2) The Chongz Lil Sebastien 26cm Percolator Ice Bong – This is easily one of our best sellers and for good reason! For just £22.99, you get an ash catcher, an ice catcher, a diffuser stem, and percolators! This is truly one of the best bongs on the market because of its price, features, and sizes. The Lil Sebastien is 26cm in hight giving you a perfect size without it looking really obvious in your room (and easy to hide if you need to). This bong is perfect for any beginner looking to start using a proper glass bong without breaking the bank.

1) The Chongz 32cm Rainbow Effect Glass Bong – This Chongz beaker truly excels as a wonderful bong at a very reasonable price of £59.99. The glass is by far the strongest we have at with an amazing 9mm of thickness. This is the thickest glass bong that we sell and honestly, is one of the thickest on the market. Having this thickness means your bong is going to last you far longer than any other glass bong. It’ll be more sturdy and far easier to clean because of it. Furthermore, you get 32 cm of hight with a large compartment for ice. Overall, this bong will give you a massive hit with a real feeling of sturdiness and quality. Oh, and it also looks extremely pretty.

Cool Bongs

We’ve collected 10 of our favourite cool looking bongs that we have here at Shiva so you can get the dankest designs on the market!

10) Bounce Silicone Zombie Bong -Silicone is the new hype in the smoking world! And we’re excited to stock the most talked about Silicone company on the market, Bounce! Their bongs are virtually indestructible and give you everything you could possibly want from a bong. They have an awesome range of Zombie designed bongs that look amazing and are well deserved on our list!.

9) Chongz 30cm ‘Purple Haze’ Glass Bong/Oil Rig – This amazing glass gives you the best of both worlds because you can use it with herbs or oil. You are treated with an amazing Alien in the centre of the glass above percolators to cool the smoke down. We love the design and is easily one of the funkiest designs we have!

8) 4 Pipe Yoda Bong – You’ve seen him in the films! Now its time to smoke from his head and absorb the force of the bong! The 4 Pipe Yoda Bong is the perfect party bong as you have four tubes to pull from. We love our Yoda bong range and we feel this one just about tops the others.

7) Cheeky One Sci-Fi Sprite Mini Bong – Sticking with our Sci-Fi vibes, we have this wonderful little bong by Cheeky One! This lil guy might seem small but he’ll give you a massive hit with wonderful flavour. His tail gives him balance so you can have him as an ornament too. He’s fitted with a herb bowl but feel free to attach a glass banger and use him as a dab rig. A wonderful lil bong at a great price of just £14.99!

6) Alien Gas Mask Bong – Gas mark bongs are becoming more popular by the day and we stock a wonderful selection! Our favourite has to be the design of the Alien! Not only does it have the most amazing mask, but it also has the most amazing skull bong design. You can be the hype of the party with this amazing piece.

5) Chongz 27.5cm ‘Frog Princess’ Peculator Glass Bong– Be in awe at the amazing glass blowing skills of the Chongz Frog Princess! This stunning piece of glass gives you a wonderful design at a good price. Its flat base makes it perfect for herbal vaporizers! The bong comes with a glass nail as well so you can use your favourite oil too. This Chongz masterpiece truly blends practicality with style!

4) Chongz ‘Cactus Mike’ 30cm Jade Green Bong – Chongz has blended contemporary stylistic glass with affordability with this wonderful piece. We find the design innovative and visually exciting! It’s rare you can hide your bong in plain sight but with the Cactus Mike, you can use him as an ornament and as your favourite bong! The Cactus Mike is most defiantly one of the most exciting pieces from the Chongz Bongs range

3) Cock Bong – This is one of our most popular selling bongs and for good reason! The Cock bong is a perfect present for almost anyone! The ceramic material gives it the detail you want and water chamber gives a wonderfully cool hit. This isn’t just a joke present, this is a well designed, smooth hitting bong.

2) Chongz ‘Sue Perkins Love Child’ 21cm Glass Bong – The Sue Perkins Love Child is the most visually exciting bong from the Chongz range! Its surrealist imagery deserves a place in a contemporary art gallery. Usually, avant-garde experimental bongs like this are in the hundreds to thousands. Chongz, however, markets this bong at just £89.99! If you’re looking for exciting glass, this might be it!

1) Jaxx USA ‘Einstein’ 36cm Bong/Oil Rig – Our No.1 spot has to go to Jaxx’s masterpiece, the Einstein. This bong looks phenomenal with its microscope influence. But this design is not just for the looks, it’s primarily for cooling the smoke down! First, the smoke travels through 3 percolators before moving around the flat curvature of the spine and then goes through another percolator. This delivers one of the smoothest hits from a bong you can possibly get. Jaxx has created one of the most innovative and visually exciting bongs possible on the market and is truly deserving of our Number 1 space!

Storage and Looking After Your Bong

Our bongs are strong and tough but even the very best bongs can be damaged if they’re not looked after properly. We’d like to offer you a few tips on the best way of keeping your bong as good as new!

First, keep your bong somewhere safe. We offer a range of bong bags that are designed to store your bong well. It also means you can take your bong out and about with you. So if you’re going to a party, bring your bong!

Some bongs even come with hard cases like the Dude bongs. This gives you perfect storage that’s included in the price of the bong! We all have clumsy housemates so its worth protecting your favourite glass.

Second, clean your bong regularly. We’ve written about this in more detail so please look for ‘How to clean your bong’. A clean bong will give you the best and most tasty hits. Also, bongs can get clogged up with oils and this can lead to poor air flow. This is certainly the most important thing to do when looking after your bong. We offer a range of glass cleaning products so you can order it straight to your door whenever you want.

Finally, you may be thinking that if you get an acrylic bong, you won’t need to wash it out or protect it the same way as a glass bong. But if you really want to make the most out of it, we’d recommend giving it the attention it deserves. You’ll save lots of money in the long run because an acrylic bong looked after well can go for years!

Be kind to your bong and we promise it’ll be very kind to you!

Bongs for Sale

We work hard to keep our bong range cutting edge and only offer the best possible bongs so you can choose the one that’s right for you. We have made our website as user friendly as possible so it should be easy to navigate to your perfect bong.

If you’re looking for a specific shape or style, we’d recommend looking down the category section on the left hand side of the ‘bongs’ page. And similarly, you can also choose a specific company of your liking. We want to make sure our page is as inclusive as possible so we have a full price range of bongs starting from just £5.99!

If you’re a glass connoisseur, we’ve got you covered. Our Abraxian and Roor Bongs range is there for you. And if you’re looking for visually exciting glass bongs, our Chongz range has some of the most stylish bongs on the market.

If there’s a bong that you want to see in person, give our London Shop a call to see if we have it in stock and come on down! Even if we don’t have it in the shop, we can arrange to bring the bong down so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

One of our specialities is Chongz Bongs. We aim to offer a full range of Chonz as they’re becoming the most important and popular bong company of the market. If you ever have any questions about a specific bong, you’re always welcome to get in touch on any of our social media pages and we’ll happily answer any questions.

Our range of bongs has everything from novelty ceramic bongs to Roor, Killer & Red Eye. ]]>