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Carries Dynamic Loads up to 128N

The moving parts for the SRJ004C have very low frictional resistance with virtually zero backlash. Available in the 2.5um backlash -P grade. Each joint comes with a certificate of conformance indicating the actual tested accuracy.

Precise, Rigid and Compact

While integrating multiple revolute joints will provide two or three degrees of freedom, the result can be complex and bulky. Spherical plain bearings with multiple degrees of freedom are available but often have high frictional resistance and internal clearance problems.

Hephaist’s spherical rolling joint is the answer. The single unit provides greater rigidity and compactness than joints made from integrating multiple bearing systems. The SRJ is optimal for parallel mechanisms requiring high precision, high rigidity and compactness.

Creative Solutions

For over forty-years, Hephaist has been at the forefront of research and development on linear motion mechanisms and bearing surface treatments. Providing high levels of accuracy, and stiffness, they have built a reputation for developing cutting edge technology answering the demanding needs of the linear and rotary bearing market.

Hephaist’s Spherical Rolling Joint provides a high precision and rigid ball joint for demanding parallel robotics and photonics applications. The centre globe is assembled under pre-load conditions resulting in a smooth, consistent rocking motion with extremely low frictional resistance, and zero clearance.

Uncompromised Quality

Hephaist’s motto of Quality First extends beyond the reach of their products. Technology, innovation, cost and service are all components in the quest to provide complete customer satisfaction.Available in a wide variety of sizes, the SR Joint is a rigid, highly accurate ball or rotary joint indispensable for use in modern, multi axis robotics. Suitable for use as a precision linkage or joint in demanding mechanical structures or highly accurate positioning systems, the moving parts have very low frictional resistance with virtually zero backlash.


Going beyond the SR joint as a standard product offering, Hephaist provides custom and unique variations tailored to your specific application or unique requirements.

Solutions include multi shafted designs or bearing assemblies that accept uncommon linkages. Applying machining techniques honed on the Formula 1 circuit, Hephaist brings exacting manufacturing standards to every aspect of their business.

Non Oxidizing Surface Finishes

The SR joint is available not only with application specific lubricants but also with non oxidizing surface finishes.

For exposed applications or applications requiring strict environmental control, the Raydent coating is available on the SR Joints shaft and/or base.

Spherical Rolling Joint or SR Joint