sous weed butter

Recipe: Sous Vide Cannabis Butter

As legalization rolls out across the country more and more people are experimenting with cannabis in cooking. Our recipe will walk you through all the steps, including prepping your favourite herb for maximize THC extraction through a method called decarboxilation.

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 4 hrs
  • Yields: 1 lb of cannabis butter


15 grams of your favourite sativa or indica

1 lbs, or about 450 g, of unsalted butter


1 Begin by heating your oven to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

2 While the oven is coming up to temperature set your water bath for 185 degrees Fahrenheit

3 Grind your cannabis until fine and place on a parchment lined baking sheet in a single layer

4 Bake for 25 minutes until browned and the THC has been fully extracted.

5 Place your fat, in this case butter although coconut oil and other options are certainly out there, in a mason chair

6 Wrap your cannabis in cheesecloth, tightly, and place in the mason jar – note that when closing the lid use the ‘finger tight’ rule to avoid shattering during cooking

7 Fully submerge the mason jar in your water bath and cook for 4 hours

8 When done cooking remove from the water bath, squeeze out any remaining liquid from the bundle into the mason jar, pat dry, re-seal and store for up to 30 days

Ratios rule in the kitchen and cannabis butter is no exception. Although we’ve suggsted 15 grams here you can scale this down easily. For instance, in this recipe the cannabis represents about 3% of the total weight.

Sous vide and cannabis cooking are a match made in heaven. The subtle heat from a water bath allows for maximum extraction in minimum time.

Sous Vide Cannabutter

Today I woke up inspired. Maybe it was the Christmas gift I received from my brother, maybe it was the sativa I blazed up pre breakfast. Hell maybe it was a combo of the two. Either way lets get this shit going.

I was gifted an immersion circulator a.k.a. a sous vide cooker.

Most cooking aficionados might start dreaming of the magnificent steaks and fancy infused chicken or salmon meals in their future, and ill get there eventually.

In the meantime lets make some chef quality cannabis butter.

In my opinion you should never use good smoke-able weed for edibles. So lets reach past the premium, towards some of that outdoor from last summer. I’m going to use a combo of some stem-ridden buds and other bags that I have laying around that I know I wouldn’t enjoy if I were to smoke. We’ll even switch to a step-by-step cookbook recipe style format as we dive into Tacoma House of Cannabis’ very own official Sous Vide Cannabutter.

  • ¼ to ½ oz. of your not so dankest buds
  • Varying amount of water
  • 1 lb. of unsalted butter
  • Immersion circulator
  • Appropriate sized jar with lid
  • Blender
  • Strainer/cheesecloth
  • Big pot

Fill up large pot with warm water, attach immersion circulator and preheat water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lets get our desired amount of dried out buds and add them to the blender. For this batch I will be using roughly a ½ oz. (maybe a little more) of some stuff I got laying around. If you want extra potent cannabutter use a little more, if you are worried about battling a face melting edible high use a ¼ oz. or less. Put dry herb into blender and add water on top. If weed is extremely dry and soaks up water add more water. Blend up marijuana and water mixture. Make sure to not over blend or pulverize product in blender, you want a nice course grind.

Chop up butter into squares set aside. Take blended water and weed mixture and empty from blender into appropriate sized jar. Jar should have enough room to fit butter and blended mixture with spare room. Put 1 lb. cubed butter into jar and seal

Place sealed jar in 185 degree preheated water bath. Let immersion circulator run its process for at least 6 hours. You will have a separated oil and cannabis product sitting on top of water in sealed jar.

Strain water/marijuana/butter mixture through several layers of cheesecloth into another jar or container of equal size. Squeeze out remaining product in cheesecloth and Set strained mixture into refrigerator over night.

You will be left over with a hardened infused butter floated on top of water. Discard water underneath hardened butter. Enjoy by substituting infused butter instead of butter or oil in your favorite baked treat!

Sous Vide Cannabutter Today I woke up inspired. Maybe it was the Christmas gift I received from my brother, maybe it was the sativa I blazed up pre breakfast. Hell maybe it was a combo of the