snoop dogg dry herb vaporizer pen

Snoop Dogg G-Pen Vaporizer Customer Reviews

This page is dedicated for my review on the Snoop Dogg G-Pen.

Just so you guys know there is also a regular G-Pen.

The main difference is that the Snoop Dogg G-Pen is for dried herbs whereas the regular G-Pen is for concentrates.

What I Like


It’s a pen..It fits into your pocket..Do we need to say anymore?


Take it with you wherever. Throw it into your pocket..Your bag…


It smells a little bit, but it dissipates quickly. It also doesn’t have a big oven so it’s not like you’re heating up .04 grams in there or something. As for the look..No one knows it’s an herbal vape. Everyone suspects e-cig.

Pretty Good Vapor Quality

For a pen it’s good vapor quality. It doesn’t overheat like a lot of other pens, which is nice.

What I Dislike

Small Oven

This can be a good worries bad thing. However I be on the side that is more of a bad thing in a situation for a portable. With something like the Penn I’m not trying to take that with me in have to continually load up her into it. For example, I like to go golfing. When I’m golfing I would continuously need to load up the oven. Not that I am vaping through 18 holes, but rather it is just small. After a couple of draws with a friend of 2 and you’ll be repacking. When I went with it when I first purchased it, i reloaded it like 10 times lol.

The pro to the smaller oven though is your herb is getting vaped more efficiently.

Doesn’t Have Ability to Get Super Medicated

I don’t think any somewhat seasoned herb smoker will get put on their ass from this vape. It’s a pen vape. It doesn’t have the power or capability to “rip” the pen like you do with e cig juice and pens. It’s OK..But when you compare it to some of our top rated portables found here, it performs significantly below those. Keep in mind though it’s a pen. There’s a lot more power to the portables that aren’t considered pens.

Where to Buy?

You can get this vape at Vapeworld. I like to use Vapeworld because they have free overnight shipping. This makes it so they are cheaper than buying from Grenco. I also have a full list of reasons why to buy on located that you can check out here.

Better Options?

There are a couple of other options you’ll want to check out.

The G Pro is the newer and improved version of the G Pen. There is even a snoop dogg version of the G-Pro. The only difference is the color and design of it.

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Quickdraw is little pricier, but you are able to use it with dry herbs, concentrates and liquids. You’re also able to fit it into your pocket. It has higher performance as well.

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The Pax 2 is the priciest of these 3. However, it is the smallest and probably most convenient for putting into your pocket. It also has higher performance than the G-Pen.

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Our #1 rated portable vape. Performs like an absolute monster. Also portable.

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These are customer reviews for the Snoop Dogg G Pen by Grenco. It is one of those classic vapes that still gets the job done. Find out where to buy and what we dig about it. ]]>