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Onyx Smoking Stone, Round

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Hard Carved Cigarette Holder

Don’t risk burning your fingers holding the tail end of your best rolled cigarettes or cones! Use a Smoking Stone to get every last bit of use out of your smokes. These Onyx Smoke Stones are available in an ergonomic round shape perfect for fitting the palm of your hand and effortlessly holding.

These Round Smoke Stones are 1.5″ in diameter, and hardly .5″ tall, so they can be easily slipped into a pocket between smokes.

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Hand Carved in Mexico

Each of these Onyx Smoking Stones are carved by artisans in Mexico. Because of the nature of rocks (and, well, nature), no two are alike and each one will have a unique blend of minerals.

Made in Mexico, the natural hand-carved Onyx Smoking Stone is perfect to hold your rolled cigarettes or cones. No more burnt fingers or wasted material! ]]>