smoke shop distributor los angeles, ca

Smoke shop distributor los angeles, ca

Enjoy a naturally satisfying smoke with Cannarolla!

Smoothness guaranteed — The clean, slow-burning action of the Cannarolla pre-rolled cones ensures that customers will get more draws of their favorite flower.

Savor the flavor in its purest form — The Cannarolla cones are made with natural , unbleached paper. No harsh chemicals means pure, unadulterated flavor.

The King sized cones are 109mm long and include a 26mm filter tip.

  • Price Per Unit: $0.04
  • Units Per Box: 800
  • Size: 84mm x 26mm
  • Brand: Cannarolla
  • Paper Tip Included

Smoke shop and dispensary wholesaler for supplies and packaging. We have a wide range of wholesale glass bongs, water pipes, dab oil rigs, bubblers, wood or metal hand pipes, adapters downstems, scales, mylar bags, pop top bottles, vaporizer, rolling paper, grinders, and many more smoking accessories! Free Shipping

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Minimum Order Amount Only $200

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  • Glass
  • Incense
  • Face Mask & Hand San
  • Packaging

  • Statue
  • Adult

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    • Glass
    • Water pipe
    • Bubbler
    • Glass Hand Pipes
    • Animal Hand Pipe
    • Glass tips
    • Hammer
    • Oil Burner
    • Sherlock Glass Pipe
    • Chillum
    • Ash Catcher Pipe
    • Glass Nectar Collector
    • Silicon
    • Silicon Hand Pipes
    • Silicone Nectar Collector
    • Silicon Water Pipe
    • Rolling Paper
    • Raw
    • Zig Zag
    • OCB
    • Juicy Jay’s
    • Smoking
    • Royal Blunts
    • Wraps
    • Vaporizers
    • Battery
    • COIL
    • E-nail
    • MOD
    • POD
    • Tank
    • Packaging
    • Cartridges
    • Containers/Jars
    • Glass Tube
    • Mylar Bag
    • Pop Top
    • Paper Bag
    • Labels
    • Torch/Lighters
    • Clipper Lighter
    • BIC Lighter
    • Scorch Torch
    • Click It
    • Eagle Torch
    • CBD
    • CBD Gummies
    • CBD Vape Juice
    • Accessory
    • Dugout
    • Butane
    • Dab Tool
  • Eyes Cleaner
  • Glass Bowl
  • Grinder
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Rolling Trays
  • Safe/Stash Cans
  • Scales
  • Metal Hand Pipe
  • Ash Tray
  • Screens
  • Hemp Wick Rope
  • Drink Set
  • Insta Hookah
  • Detox
    • Adult
    • Condoms
    • Dab Tool
    • Dabbers
    • Banger
    • Carb Cap

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