smok vape pen 22 mouthpiece

smok vape pen 22 mouthpiece

Simple Stand for SMOK VapePen22

A replacement peace for the glass wall for SMOK 22 Vape Pen I printed mine with 110% scale with clear Colorfabb XT

Designed for Smok vapes. I have a TFV12 Crown prince that this was modeled from, it fits absolutely perfect. Use the standard o-rings from your old tip. . print in orientation shown in photo.

Smok Aro vape pen stand.

Smok tank mouthpiece. . Perfect fit, Rifled hole to swirl the vapor. use standard SMOK mouthpiece o-rings.

Vape Pen Plus stand I made for my Uncle. . Holds vape pen in the center and two bottles of juice as well as misc items in other holes (coils etc). Center hole is 26mm. May accommodate other vape pens. . Enjoy!

Drip tip for SMOK pen 22.

Case para vape pen 22 de smok, protege bien el pirex, no aumenta demasiado el grosor del vape, se aprovecha la liga que viene con el producto para brindar protección extra, ranuras para revisar el nivel del e-liquid, ranura para puerto de carga y.

Full body vape pen plus case. It protects the entire vape body from scratches and falls. . Includes the body and the screw cap.

Have you ever broke the pyrex glass and had to use your vape as drip-tip until the new one came? This is your “Im an engineer” solution. . May not be super pretty, but it is guaranteed to work.

This thing was made with Tinkercad. . Edit it online

Customized version of Created with Customizer! .

Smok Vape car holder Vape pen 22 Alien baby 85

Sick of breaking your Vape Pen 22 tank glass? Well here is your fix. A full height Vape Pen 22 sleeve with a tight fitment. This is prototype 3 with continued revisions coming with your feedback. This is my first attempt at 3D modeling so your.

i made this protector because i always brake my tank

Hi this vape stand is for the Smok v8/x8 stick print top & bottom x1 Legs x8 enjoy

My wife was looking for a stand as the vape keeps falling over and the juice leaking out and making a mess. I have 3 of them standing around the house. Added another design. One where one can have the SMOK standing up while it charges. Made.

It fits the Smok Alien mod and 2 juice bottles. There are 2 sizes, one has juice bottle holes that are 23mm in diameter and the larger one is 30mm. Also, the larger hole one is shorter by 1/2 inch, coming to 2 1/2 inhes tall. . Holder Dimensions.

Here is a Smok AL85 a user requested. . . Dimensions: 70mm (width) x 65mm (height) Juice Bottles are 23mm

**Update** – I added a two more versions, one has just the brand and model text on it (SMOK on one side and G320 on the other) and the other version has no text on it at all. If you print this, please.

Custom smok and juice holder for my vaping habit. Might work for someone. I also added a slot for a pen lol. I added my name but its not in the STL file. . The outline of the stand fits my KIA car cupholder.

Hi this vape Stand is for the Smok v8/x8 stick I designed it in fusion 360 enjoy .

. at the top to view vape liquid levels. Large cutouts allow for easy access to charge or press the button. There’s a cutout channel for the button to slide through so it doesn’t trigger the vape during insertion/extraction even if the vape is on.

my vape case i made to fit my smok alien 220 with a cloud beast king tfv12 tank also a little extra room on top for my vape tip dust cover . . if you like my designs make sure to follow me or if u have a diff vape just ask and i will design you a case.

The Vape Pen 22 has a 22 mm diameter body, but you can choose to print a bigger hole size to control the fit using tape around the vaper body. Recomended hole size: 23 mm. Features: – Rugged case for solid grip. – Wide base for standing.

This new tank cranks some serious cotton so if you vape and like large satisfying clouds I highly recommend it. . It is also really easy to design for because unlike the prince it doesn’t have O-rings on the tip itself so check my page regularly.

Mouthpiece for Vape/Wax Pen (12.2mm diameter)

**Update** Version 2 just uploaded. . Holes are bigger to ensure that glass bottles of e-Juice fit properly. Great for holding juice and extra tanks. Keeps Smok in place while charging.

. on your Vape Stick after it fell over, then you will need this stand. . It will help you take better care. After printing lightly sand the insides to prevent scratches to your vape and glue a piece of felt or rubber onto the base for added comfort.

A desk mount vape holder. Has a .5 inch screw to provide tension and keep the mount in place. Can fit desks from 14mm to slightly over 21mm. . Print the holder with the flanges facing vertically to avoid printing with supports.

smok vape pen 22 mouthpiece ✅. Designed for Smok vapes. I have a TFV12 Crown prince that this was modeled from, it fits absolutely perfect. Use the standard o-rings from your old tip. …print in orientation shown in photo.

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SMOK Vape Pen 22 Drip Tip Plastic Black Mouth Piece

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This listing is for one SMOK Vape Pen 22 Drip Dip. This is not compatible with any other MOD.

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About this item This listing is for one SMOK Vape Pen 22 Drip Dip. This is not compatible with any other MOD. ]]>