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EverStart Mini Butane Torch

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An inexpensive torch that keeps going and going.

This purchase provides a backup for the same torch we bought several years ago. We use it to light our charcoal grill (we grill a LOT) and it has worked perfectly every time. The only minor flaw is spilling some gas when we refill but it is minor. We love these torches. The original is still working perfectly. I expect this one will too, whenever the time comes to open the package and put it into service. We bought two so we can include one in a gift we’re putting together for a grill-happy friend. No complaints here!

Can’t go wrong with it, especially for the price

For the price you can’t go wrong. Picked it up today and it works good but you do have to play with the security tab to get the torch going, but it usually starts on the first or second try. Not very stable so I carved out a piece of wood for a base to hold it so I don’t have to worry about it tipping over when I lay it down.

Highly recommend this Butane Torch.

I looked at every small Butane Torch for shrink tube & Soldering and this is absolutely the best torch! Why. it’s easy to ignite with one hand, press a safety button (which stays depressed) then press the igniter > PLUS it has an adjustable flame AND a button to maintain a continuous flame. This IS the torch to buy and got it for $8.98 on a Rollback. it’s worth $20 easy. just buy it!


I looked all over for one of these that didn’t cost a small fortune. I ordered this hoping for the best seeing how there was no review. I have been using this for about 2 weeks now no problem. Very easy to use with only one hand.

best bang for the buck

This torch works great, is adjustable and easy to refill. Simple and effective. Pretty decent construction being plastic. You can spend more, but why?? Just buy it.

Works great for light duty requirements.

It’s worked fine for me for the last 4yrs. I’ve noticed people commenting on refill issues. What I use is the Coleman 8.8oz Butane Fuel canister. It’s supposed to be used as a source for other butane items, but it’s got the perfect size nozzle for this item. And you can get both items in the same isle (well, I did 4yrs ago anyway). The only drawback I came across is the “sputtering flame” after refilling. I’m sure that’s due to how easy it is to “overfill”. So, if you have that issue, just click it on and blow out the flame and let it flow for a moment. Once the pressure equalizes it shouldn’t have any issues until you need to fill it again. PS- I’ve never had to turn mine up past it’s minimal setting until it gets low on fuel.

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