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For our bodies to stay at their best, they need proper hydration (water!), movement (exercise is the best medicine for the entire body) and meditation. By mediation I mean a few options – there are many types of meditation, prayer, reading, learning a new skill. Something that challenges your brain but also allows you to think and reflect. We are constantly on the defense in terms of information. Daily and easy access to news, to what everyone else is doing…we must be intentional about allowing our minds to rest too.

Permalink Type Name Latest commit message Commit time. 3 in 1 Male Whip Adapter (10mm,14mm,18mm) The problem with focusing relentlessly on understanding is that math and science students can often grasp essentials of an important idea, but this understanding can quickly slip away without consolidation through practice and repetition. Worse, students often believe they understand something when, in fact, they don’t. By championing the importance of understanding, teachers can inadvertently set their students up for failure as those students blunder in illusions of competence. As one (failing) engineering student recently told me: “I just don’t see how I could have done so poorly. I understood it when you taught it in class.” My student may have thought he’d understood it at the time, and perhaps he did, but he’d never practiced using the concept to truly internalize it. He had not developed any kind of procedural fluency or ability to apply what he thought he understood. We cater to a new kind of connoisseur by curating pretty pipes, pretty bongs, vapes, and accessories from around the world, and shipping them directly to your door. I still don’t truly know about the science behind flushing or why it works, but after my last grow, my experience has changed my opinion on flushing.

The elephant glass pipes are always a perfect gift for just about any stoner girl. Our cute little elephants can be easily hidden and look great even when not in use. Surprise your bestie with a glass elephant and watch when she realizes that it is actually a pipe! These are definitely a fan favorite, and a must have for any. “Ounce” isn’t a slang term, but “Full O” and “Z” certainly are! A Full O (or just O) and a Z refer to a full ounce (or 28 grams) of marijuana. An ounce is also the most marijuana that a resident of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington can legally possess in public. The AirVape X is the successor of the AirVape Xs - AirVape's ragingly popular model, made in collaboration with YouTube vaporizer expert Vape Critic. Airvape created a new, vastly improved version of the successful Xs, resulting in the AirVape X. Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. Rob Dyrdek on his worst injury: Getting "popsicled" Rebuilding Essentials All Rebuild Essentials Pre-Built Coils. Some curious teens (female and male) may try to get drunk without drinking alcohol. They may soak tampons in vodka, then put them in their vaginas or rectums. What’s more, the vodka may burn sensitive vaginal or rectal tissue. __________________ My grow journals: Smoking cannabis has come a long way. Modern innovations like vaporizers allow users to select specific temperatures within one degree, blow torches let smokers heat up dab nails until they’re red-hot, and CO₂ extraction technology has brought potency and purity to heights previously unimaginable. Despite all of these pioneering leaps and bounds, the charm and ritualistic nature of more traditional means persist. One such device of distinction is the Jamaican steam chalice. The search for relaxation drives the consumption of marijuana, but some find it ramps up their anxiety and paranoia.

You can get cash back at the grocery store by paying with your debit card instead of using credit or cash. Grocers from Albertsons to Winn-Dixie will allow you to make a withdrawal from your checking account when you swipe your card and enter your PIN during check out. First and foremost, the Kiln vaporizer is aesthetically pleasing and its ceramic body ensures that the device is durable. Another benefit of ceramic housing is that you never have to worry about the device becoming hot outside of the atomizer. Some rival vape pens tend to become hot to the touch after several sessions, but this isn’t an issue with the Kiln.

Once upon a time, trying to find marijuana accessories involved a secret trip to a well-hidden head shop miles away from where you lived. Today, these clandestine jaunts have been replaced by subscription services such as the Daily High Club.


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