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EPS Series Shredder for Large Diameter Pipe

Enma’s EPS Shredder is the world’s first granulator able to handle pipes up to 1200mm diameter without the need for pre-cutting. This machine has been widely adopted by most major pipe manufacturer for size reduction of their large diameter plastic pipes. More than 150 installations worldwide are testement to Enma’s market leading position in this sector and customer confidence in their installations.

(Need a size reduction solution for smaller pipes look at our GP Series Granulators)

Depending of the diameter of pipe to be processed EPS shredders are available with rotor diameters from 800mm to 1500mm.

The standard trough feed hopper will take pipes form 3 to 6m long. Longer feed hoppers on request.

The advanced PLC control, low speed rotor, and advanced hydraulics make the whole system very operator friendly and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Can process pipes up to 1200mm diameter without pre-cutting.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Best practice safety systems.
  • Low power consumption per kilo processed.
  • High throughput rate
  • Bundles of small diameter pipes & profiles can be fed.
  • Large rotor diameter (up to 1500mm)


The EPS Shredder is specifically designed for large diamter pipes or bundles of smaller pipes or profiles. It easily handles parts in HDPE, PP, or PVC. Other parts can also be loaded into the trough such as large lumps, stacks of wheelie bins, or plastic pallets.


  • Complete recycling system
  • Size reduction of large diameter pipes.
  • Two drive motors
  • Hydraulically operated safety system locks door when in the raised position.
  • Adjustable hydraulic feed system.

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EPS Series Shredder for Large Diameter Pipe Enma’s EPS Shredder is the world’s first granulator able to handle pipes up to 1200mm diameter without the need for pre-cutting. This machine has been

HDPE pipe shredder machine

HDPE pipe shredder machine is single shaft shredder type, It is mainly used to shred the waste plastic HDPE/PPR pipes into scraps for easy recycling. For the waste plastic HDPE pipes and PPR pipes with differrent thickness and diameters, we have different model of pipe shredders for our choice.

The single shaft plastic HDPE pipe shredder machine has movable feeding hopper and coupler design. The coupler is used for connecting reduction box and rotor, which can provide big torque for working and protect the rotor by good shake-proof performance. And the movable feeding hopper will push large quantity waste plastics continuously to the rotating rotor for shredding, full loading for high output.

The whole plastic HDPE pipe shredder consists of the movable feeding hopper, shredding chamber, drive system with coupler, hydraulic system, rotor, rotary blades, stationary blades, machine frame and control cabinet.

The plastic single shaft HDPE pipe shredder machines of MG PLAS have been used widely in waste plastic recycling industry.

1, movable feeding silo ensure the rotor and knives shred the material all the time, high efficiency and big capacity.

2, coupler is used for connection between main shaft and reducer, big torque, good shake-proof, steady working and low noise.

3,hydraulic feeding mechanism, independent power unit, strong frame structure.

4, rotor blades can be rotated and used on four edges before replacement.

5, quick change screens for accurate particle size control.

6, shredding chamber floor with brass guides & nylon slides.

7, hydraulic system with air cooling or water cooling design.

8, electrical cabinet with Siemens PLC control system, auto control for co-rotation and reversal.

9, Auto protection while over-load.

10, with ECM CE certification.

Working video line of plastic HDPE pipe shredder:

Please leave us the diameter and wall thickness of your waste plastic HDPE pipe, as well as capacity request.

For you inquiry of the waste plastic HDPE pipe shredder machine, our team will provide the best solution and proposal for your project.

And if you have interests in our other single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder machinery, for example, plastic pallet shredder, plastic pipe shredder, plastic barrel shredder, plastic drum shredder, plastic bumper shredder, woven bag shredder, jumbo bag shredder, textile shredder, book shredder, wood shredder, metal oil barrel shredder and tire shredder, etc, please feel free to contact us for the proposal of the shredder machine and quotation

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HDPE pipe shredder is single shaft shredder type with movable feeding hopper and shaft coupling in MG PLAS, strong structure, high efficiency and capacity.