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Rolling Accessories

More people are turning to roiling their own cigarettes for a number of reasons, for many they taste better and it is possible to add herbal products to your regular tobacco for personal preference.

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Replacement clasp for the Cheeky One Smokers Club Rolling Boxes

Keep all your smoking gear conveniently stored in one single place with the Compressed Wood Rolling Tray by Chongz

Presenting the Leaf Metal Rolling Tray by Chongz!

A perfect way to roll!

Introducing the CoolKrew Double Flip Bamboo Tray

Presenting the CoolKrew Small Wooden Rolling Box

Introducing the Dr Death by Chongz Metal Rolling Tray!

Stay lit with the LED Rolling Tray (BLUE) by Headchef

Stay lit with the LED Rolling Tray (RED) by Headchef

Introducing the Classic Magnetic Rolling Tray Cover by RAW.

Presenting the Silver Metal Rolling Tray by RAW

Discover our wide selection of Smoke Arsenal Metal Rolling Trays

Introducing the incredible ‘Heavy Legends’ Metal Rolling Tray into the Shiva Catalogue.

Keep your pre-rolled roll-ups safe with the 112mm Single Roll-up Storage Tube!

These gorgeous drops will allow you to add a touch of juicy flavour to your tobacco

This is the ultimate rolling mate for those who just like to kick back and relax while indulging in their favourite pastime.

This RAD Rolling mat is of deluxe quality and made from natural bamboo to ensure that you have an easy to use, durable rolling mat that will help you roll your stogies

Every smoker needs a poker!

Need a helping hand rolling your kingsize papers? Get yourself the 110mm Kingsize Rolling Machine by The Bulldog.

Rick has left his pickle transformation plans aside and has come up with something better: Rick Roll! Introducing the flamboyantly elegant ‘Rick Roll’ Metal Rolling Tray into the Shiva catalogue.

Looking for a rolling machine that can do more than just roll? This is the one for you!

Are you sick of your papers always getting damaged in your pocket or bag? Grab one of these groovy paper cases and never again find that all of your papers have stuck together. Available in 4 designs.

The Single Roll-Up Holder by Greengo is the perfect container for storing your pre-rolled roll-ups.

Rolling Mats have been used for donkeys’ and are still very popular accessories for today’s indulgers.

Add a touch of uniqueness to your dabbing arsenal with the Spine & Skull Glass Dabber!

New from Tasty Puff, these handy sprays make turning your tobacco into a flavoursome delight an absolute doddle!

The Basil Bush 70mm Rolling Machine is available in two versions. One is the regular style rolling machine and the other is a compact version ideal for on the go.

Sometimes in order to have a killer session you need killer tools. So feast your eyes on this Machine Gun Stainless Steel Dabber.

The RAW Bamboo Rolling Mat is, as we’ve come to expect from RAW, a high quality bamboo rolling mat that is guaranteed to get the job done.

No more dog-eared paper packets! No more beer-soaked skins! Keep RAW your papers in clean, pristine condition and you’ll save yourself a small fortune in the long run!

Tasty Puff drops are a great alternative to flavoured tobacco and flavoured rolling papers. Available in a wide range of juicy, fruity flavours – you can chop and change as often as you like!

Introducing the Single Roll-Up Holder by The Bulldog. The perfect travel companion for your pre-rolled roll-ups.

The Doob Tube is the perfect container for storing your pre-rolled roll ups.

The Raw Gold Poker will allow you to pack your hand rolls in the most elegant and sophisticated way possible.

The 11cm Titanium Dabber is designed to make dabbing a breeze. Probably the only dabbing tool you will ever need.

No more dog-eared paper packets! No more beer-soaked skins! Keep your papers in clean, pristine condition and you’ll save yourself a small fortune in the long run!

The Cheeky One Metal Cone Holder is designed specifically to hold cone shaped cigarettes. Ideal for keeping a pre-rolled on you when on the go.

For those of you who firmly support the idea of smoking having to be a laid-back experience, we’ve now added the Elements 110mm Kingzise Rolling Machine to the Shiva catalogue!

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish box to keep your rolling papers safe in, look no further than the Papers Box by Rolls.

Presenting the Secret Box by Rolls.

How many times have you tried to roll up outside, only to see your efforts blown or washed away? The Roll-Up Holder vanquishes this misery in one simple design.

The Happy Daddy Slinger Titanium Dabber Set is the ultimate collection of dabbers with a tool for every occasion. Each tool has been designed and engineered with a specific dabbing technique in mind ensuring that you get precise and accurate dabs no matter which type of concentrate you are using.

Introducing the OCB Crystal Rolling Machine! Suitable for those who find rolling regular sized papers difficult.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for all your rolling needs, then this Rolling Box Set by Real Leaf is certainly worth a shout.

Introducing the amazing ‘Rolling Hands’ Aluminium Rolling Tray to the Shiva catalogue.

These Happy Daddy Stainless Steel Dabbers have been engineered to provide you with the best, cleanest and most precise dabbing experience available. The Happy Daddy Stainless Steel Dabbers are available in various designs/models are available to suit your need

Made using specially produced German Hemp plastic, these RAW 2 Way rollers are designed and built to last. That is the ultimate in sustainability, a product that sustains itself by simply being well built and designed.

The RAW Aluminium Storage Tube is exactly what you were looking for in order to keep your roll-up cigarettes fresh!

Keep your oils and concentrates organised with the Bamboo Dabbing Set by Atomic.

The Happy Daddy Titanium Dabbers are the ultimate in dabber technology and engineering with a selection of models produced from high quality titanium that allow for a precise and trouble free dabbing experience. Various designs/models are available to suit your need.

The Torpedoes Buddies Cone Tube is perfect for on the go smokers that want to keep 1 or 2 pre-rolled smokes on them when out and about.

This RAW Genuine Wooden Rolling Tray 17.5 x 27.5 cm is the perfect accessory for those of you who simply want the best out of the very best stuff out there!

The RAW Supernatural 12 inch Rolling Machine is without a doubt the biggest rolling machine we sell here at Shiva. Allowing the user to roll cigarettes up to 12 inches long.

Introducing the Triple Flip Rolling Tray by RAW – the most RAWdiculous over-the-top wooden tray ever created!

Rollking is the tool seasoned smokers have been waiting for. It’s an incredible precision lets you pick up and position your smoke into a rolling paper, without leaving a single speck behind!

A good dabber is an essential piece of kit for any oil rig set up.

The Elements 12 inch Giant Roller is without a doubt the biggest rolling machine we sell allow the user to roll cigarettes up to 12 inches long.

What can we say? This is a long and shiny colourful pokey stick that is incredibly handy for poking things. Get one! Get many! Impress your friends! Poke your friends!

Keep your essentials neat and tidy with these Tie Dye Silicone Trays!

The latest in rolling technology, the Futurola Roller 1ΒΌ Size, 79 mm is the rolling machine that Batman would use. The Futurola has super hero gadget qualities and certainly looks the part with its smooth, original design.

Eco-plastic is the way forward for the conscientious smoker, waste not the Earth’s finite resources! Now available in 70mm, 79mm and 110mm versions.

These funky metal rolling trays are perfect for catching any droppage from your roll-ups, meaning that you can collect and reuse it, and nothing is wasted!

It’s premier! It’s metal! It rolls fags! Behold the Rizla rolling machine, the most recent breakthrough in the evolution of the humble rolling machine. Now in Kingsize!

These metal roll trays come in a variety of designs, and come with everything you’ll need for your rolling habit!

Roll the paper, place the tip, fill the cone! Its that simple.

The Chongz G1 Rolling station is definitely a luxury rolling box if there ever was one.

The latest in rolling technology, the Futurola is the rolling machine that Batman would use. The Futurola has super hero gadget qualities and certainly looks the part with its smooth, original design.

The Chongz G5 rolling station is the mac daddy of the range, and has every feature you could want from a rolling box

Designed for rolling regular sized cigarettes, the Regular Rolling Machine takes regular single papers.

This Kingzise Cigarette Rolling Machine is designed for rolling very large cigarettes. It takes Kingsize papers.

The Smoking Kingsize Rolling Machine is designed to take kingsize papers made by Smoking and all other leading paper manufacturers eg, OCB, Kulu.

New and updated, the Cookies Harvest Club Rolling tray 2.0 is the Swiss army knife of rolling trays.

The OCB Automatic Rolling Box is a top-quality rolling aid. With a solid feel and a neat shape and size, you know you’ve got something to rely on. Ideal for travelling.

The Cone Artist makes rolling and filling your cones a breeze.

Rolling Accessories

Add to that the ever increasing prices of standard cigarettes and it is easy to see why they are increasing in popularity. Of course not everyone is expert at rolling their own and at the accessories page you will be able to see many products that are designed to help you make that perfect roll up.

Just Looking at some of the many items, there are a number of cigarette rolling machines, which can be an incredible help when it comes to making handmade cigarettes. You can choose from standard and king-size rolling machines, rolling boxes which not only make a roll up easy, but they also keep your tobacco fresh and moist.

Perhaps you may prefer a rolling mat which is quite easy to use and we offer several from which you can choose. Alternatively, you could use our cone artist, very simple and the end result is perfect. Browse through the Rolling Accessories options and see the items that are designed to increase your enjoyment of a handmade cigarette.

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