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Clipper Lighter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Clipper Lighter FAQ | Table of Contents

What is Your Favorite Clipper Lighter Feature?

What is a Clipper Lighter?

Clippers are refillable, pocket-sized lighters that are uniquely designed to improve and upgrade a smoker’s experience. Some perks that Clippers offer are:

  • Refillable
  • Replaceable flint
  • Built-in tool for packing
  • Top of the line safety features
  • A wide variety of patterns and collectible prints

The History of Clipper Lighters

Flamagas, the company that produces Clippers, originally began production in 1959. However, it did not introduce the iconic Clipper we know and love today until 1971. The creation of the Clipper made Flamagas the first company to ever create a refillable lighter. Starting from just one distribution plant in Barcelona, Flamagas quickly expanded and now has production facilities in 90 countries, solidifying itself as a global leader in the refillable lighter market. When it comes to the best tools for smokers, Clipper lighters are the gold standard.

Why Should Smokers Choose to Use Clipper Lighters?

Clippers are the best lighters for smokers for the simple reason that it was designed with the smoker’s needs in mind. They are made with the highest quality materials and are made to withstand the test of time. Clippers are also refillable and reflintable, making them a smart investment. The removable tool or ‘poker’, found by pinching the flint wheel and pulling upward, makes packing tobacco a breeze. Its longevity also propels it to the top of the list, given it is fully refillable and the flint is replaceable. These lighters are designed to be used for years – or until your friends “accidentally” pocket them.

Clipper Lighters appeal to “roll your own’ smokers because of their unique removable flint system that assists with packing tobacco. They also manufacture a variety of accessories including the gas and lighter fluid to refill. Their gas is universal and has fewer impurities than other brands, making it a prime choice. Clipper manufactures over 450 million units a year and is arguably the most sought after lighter on the market.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable lighter, Clipper is the only choice. No one compares to the innovative technology, smooth look, and sheer quality. For smokers and collectors alike, this lighter is far-out!

Are Clipper Lighters Eco-friendly?

Clipper are actually renowned for being kind to the environment. The refillable butane gas not only saves your money and other lighters from rotting in a landfill but also is less harmful to the Ozone when emitted. Clipper offers 7xs and 10xs filtered butane cans that make refiling your lighter the more environmentally conscious choice.

What Makes Clipper Lighters so Collectible?

Clipper lighters are collectible for the same reason people collect sneakers: Because they come in a wide variety of colors and designs and are made with different materials such as nylon and metal. Clippers are meant to be collected, displayed, and traded with friends, and can make a fun party favor.

How Do You Refill Your Clipper Lighter With Butane?

Refilling your lighter is a painless process, with only a few simple steps:

  • Flipping the lighter upside down, locate the red dot that indicates the refill valve.
  • Place the nozzle of the high-quality Clipper butane can to the valve and simply press down.
  • Hold both upside down for a few seconds to allow the gas to enter the lighter without spilling or allowing air into the lighter.

There you have it! Your lighter should be refueled, reloaded, and ready to ignite again.

How Do You Replace the Flint in a Clipper Lighter?

Changing the flint in a Clipper is probably the most difficult part of maintaining your lighter, but not to worry, just follow these four steps and you’ll be pro:

  • Pull firmly on the metal piece that helps the flint make a spark. This will remove the “poker” from the lighter.
  • Remove the piece at the bottom of the poker. The old flint should fall out.
  • Drop in your new Clipper flint and replace the piece at the bottom of the poker.
  • Place the poker back in the lighter and test to make sure it works.

It can be a little tricky screwing all the tiny pieces into place, but once you have, you’re left with an almost brand new lighter! Plus, you’ve done your part to help reduce, reuse, and recycle waste to help save the turtles!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Clipper Lighter?

Lighters are used for a variety of reasons, so there is usually no age requirement to purchase a lighter. However, if you are using the lighter for smoking you should be at least 21 years old. This age may vary from state to state and you should look up your local laws for a more accurate answer.

Despite the first design being tried and true for nearly 50 years, keep your eyes open; Clipper lighters are constantly improving and being introduced in new designs. Clipper has over 10 different variations to satisfy every need – be it the multipurpose Full Metal Clipper or the Clipper Classic Mini, Clipper has you covered.

We love hearing from you! In the comments below, tell us your favorite Clipper Lighter features, about your Clipper Lighter collection, or why you choose to use Clipper Lighters over other lighter brands!

Clippers are refillable, pocket-sized lighters that are uniquely designed to improve and upgrade a smoker’s experience. Sold on Rolling Paper Depot. ]]>