rock n roll theatre poster names

Rock n roll theatre poster names

166) David Gilmour, 167) Roger Waters of Pink Floyd!

And I think #20 might be David Lee Roth….Notice the glove

almost positive #61 is Michael Jackson

#83 might be Peter frampton

I think #39 is actually Eddie Cochran, based on his pose, hairstyle, and guitar. Bill Haley usually had a single curl on his forehead. #46 is Marc Bolan. #53 is Brian Wilson
#62 is Sly Stone #63 might be Syd Barrett. #88 might be Tommy Ramone, I’m not so sure about that one.

Thanks Andrew, my thoughts exactly about Bill Haley, always had that curl, just couldn’t possibly think of who else it could be

I think #87 is almost definitely Johnny Ramone

I have to think #95 is Keith Moon based on his placement in ‘drummers row’

I think #100 could be Alex Van Halen

49 is obviously Tom Petty

This is very COOL! Thanks for making it. here are some of the missing names.
38 Gene Vincent
40. Eddie Cochran
49.Tom Petty
51 Joe Cocker
54.Aretha Franklin
61Michael Jackson.
63.Sly Stone
75.Joe Walsh
76.Rory Galliger
77.Ritchie Blackmore
78.Howling Wolf
88.Tommy Ramone
91.BB King
92.Muddy Waters
93.willie Dixon
94.Howard Teman

100 Alex Van Halen
101.Tommy Aldridge
102.Robin Trower
103.Rick Derringer
104.Chuck Harter
106.Tom Hamilton
107.John Paul Jones
113.Stuart Copeland
115.Ian Paice
116.Joey Kramer
117.Mitch Mitchell
118.Hank whilliams

113.Stuart Copeland
115.Ian Paice
116.Joey Kramer
117.Mitch Mitchell
118.Hank whilliams
121.Jonney Thunders
122.Sylvain Sylvain
123.David Johanson
124.Dee Dee Ramone

NUMBER 80, DIANA ROSS (her name is spelled incorrectly!)

Totally awesome, you should do Howard Teman’s “Metal” poster next (don’t worry there’s a lot fewer artists in that poster)

Just a few things:
-on your list, #94 and #95 are switched
-I believe #170 is actually James Taylor, not Steve Marriott

WOW, it’s complete. Making my younger brother look up/learn/memorize every person on the poster.

As of B.B. King’s death yesterday (14 May 2015), 62 of the 173 people on this poster are now deceased, just over a third.

All of them brought so much great music for us, and continue to serve as inspirations for many musicians today.

The Rock-n-Roll Theatre Poster where users can zoom in on the classic Howard Temen drawing and add names to the numbered key.

\n \n Need help to identify rock stars on a huge poster

I hope this is the right forum for this question.

During my last vacation in US west coast, I’ve found this poster with most of the 60’s to 80’s
rock stars.

Rock n Roll Theatre poster by Howard Teman

There are about 170 people I try to find the names. Currently I have found around 50%
of them and I would like to get closer to 100%.

I have added a number for each face, but you need to enlarge/zoom the image to see them.
If you want to see the full size picture, you can grab it here:

This is the list I have so far. If I’m wrong with some names, let me know.

Note: Names in orange need to be confirmed.

Enjoy the puzzle 🙂

1 \tCliff Burton (Metallica)
2 \tJames Hetfield (Metallica)
3 \tLemmy (Motorhead)
4 \tPhilthy Phil Taylor (Motorhead)
5 Kurt Cobain
6\tLou Reed
7 \tNeil Young
12\tJames Taylor
13 \tJohn Fogerty (Creedence)
14 \tKirk Hamett (Metallica)
15 \tLars Ulrich (Metallica)
16 \tAnthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
17 Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
18.1 Rick Nielson (Cheap Trick)
18\tBilly Idol
19 Robin Zander (Cheap Trick)
20 \tMick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac)
21\tDavid Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
22\tRoger Waters (Pink Floyd)
23 \tRonnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
24 \tStevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)
25 Gregg Allman
26 Duane Allman
27\tThe Ronettes
28 \tWendy O. Williams (The Plasmatics)
29 \tPeter Tork (Monkees)\t
30\tMichael Nesmith\t(Monkees)
31 \tDavey Jones (Monkees)
32 \tMicky Dolenz\t(Monkees)
33\tDavid St. Hubbins (Spinal Tap)
34 \tNigel Tufnel\t (Spinal Tap)
35 \tDerek Smalls (Spinal Tap)
36 \tPeter Criss \t(Kiss)
37 \tAce Frehle \t(Kiss)
38 \tTommy Lee (Motley Crue)
39 \tNikki Sixx\t(Motley Crue)
40 \tJoey Ramone
41 \tMicheal Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)
42 \tDee Dee Ramone (Ramones)
43 \tDavid Johanson (New York Dolls)
44 \tSylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls)
45 \tBill Graham
46 \tAlan Freed
47 Al Green/ Sam Cooke ??
48 \tOtis Redding
49 \tJohnny Thunders (New York Dolls)
50 Marvin Gaye
51 \tRobert Johnson
52 \tHank Williams
53 \tBB King
54 \tMuddy Water
55 Willie Dixon
56\tJerry Lee Lewis
57 \tSteve Smith (Journey)
58 \tKeith Moon (who)
59\tAynsley Dunbar
60\tJoey Kramer (Aerosmith)
61\tIan Paice\t(Deep Purple)
62\tPhil Collins\t(Genesis)
63 \tStewart Copeland (Police)
64 Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)
65\tRingo Starr \t(Beatles)
66\tJohn Boham \t(Led Zeppelin)
67 \tAlex Van Halen
68\tJohn Entwistle\t(Who)
69\tSid Vicious \t(Sex Pistols)
70 Duff McKagan (Gun & Roses)
71 \tGinger Baker (Cream)
72 Tommy Aldridge (Black Oak Arkansas, Whitesnake)
73\tBilly Joel
75\tBuddy Holly
76\tRoy Orbison
77\tBo Diddley
78\tCarlos Santana
79\tJohnny Winter
80 \tBill Wyman (Rolling Stones)
81 \tJohn Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
82\tTony Hamilton (Aerosmith)
83 Klaus Flouride (Dead Kennedys)
84\tBootsy Collins\t(The pacemakers)
85\tPhil Lynott\t(Thin Lizzy)
86 \tGary Moore
87\tRick Derringer \t(Alice cooper, Johnny Winter)
88 \tRichie Blackmore (Deep Purple)
89 David Coverdale (Witesnake)
90 \tJoe Walsh (Eagles)
91 \tTony Iommi\t (Black Sabbath)
92 \tRandy Rhodes \t(Ozzy Osbourne)
93\tDusty Hill \t(ZZ Top)
94\tFranck Beard\t(ZZ Top)
95\tBilly Gibbons\t(ZZ Top)
96\tGene Simmons\t(Kiss)
97\tPaul Stanley \t(Kiss)
98 \tVince Neil \t(Motley Crue)
99 \tMick Mars\t(Motley Crue)
100 \tJohnny Ramone
101 Markie Ramone (Ramones)
102 \tArthur Kane (New York Dolls)\t
103 \tJerry Nolan (New York Dolls)
104\tPeter Frampton
105 \tBruce Springsteen
106 \tDiana Ross
107\tAlice Cooper
108 \tJoe Cocker
109 \tLeon Russell
110 Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)
111 \tAretha Franklin
112\tTina Turner
113\tIke Turner
114 \tTom Petty (Heartbreakers)
115 \tRay Davies (The Kinks)
116 \tSting (Police)
117\tMarc Bolan (T Rex)
118\tChrissie Hynde (Pretenders)
120 \tBon Scott (AC/DC)
121 \tDavid Lee Roth (Van Halen)
122\tRobert Plant \t(Led Zeppelin)
123\tElvis Presley
124\tMike Jagger \t(Rolling Stones)
125 John Lee Hooker
126 Howlin Wolf ??
127\tLittle Richard
128\tStevie Wonder
129\tRay Charles
130\tElton John
131\tMichael Jackson
132\tSly Stone (Sly and the family Stone)
133\tJames Brown
134\tSteven Tyler \t(Aerosmith)
135\tAxl Rose\t(Gun & Roses)
136 \tjohnny Rotten\t(Sex Pistols)
137 \tIggy Pop (The Stooges)
138\tOzzy Osbourne
139\tFranck Zappa
140 \tBrian Setzer (Stray Cats)
141\tEddy Cochrane
142 \tGene Vincent
143 \tStevie Ray Vaughan
144\tJerry Garcia \t(Gratefull Dead)
145\tSlash \t\t(Gun & Roses)
146 \tJoe Perry (Aerosmith)
147 \tRonnie Wood \t(Rolling Stones)
148 Keith Richards\t(Rolling Stones)
149\tPete Townsend\t(Who)
150\tAngus Young\t(AC/DC)
151\tBrian May (Queen)
152 \tEric Clapton (Cream)
155 \tFreddie Mercury (Queen)
156\tRoger Daltrey\t(Who)
157\tRod Stewart
158\tDavid Bowie
159\tJohn Lennon\t(Beatles)
160\tJanis Joplin
160.1Paul Mccartney\t(Beatles)
161 \tJim Morrison \t(Doors)
162\tBob Dylan\t
163\tBob Marley
164\tJimmy Hendrix
165\tGeorge Harrison\t(Beatles)
166\tJimmy Page \t(Led Zeppelin)
167\tBrian Jones\t(Rolling Stones)
168\tEddy Van Halen
170\tChuck Berry
171 \tJeff Beck (Yardbirds)
172 \tTed Nugent

Hello, I hope this is the right forum for this question. During my last vacation in US west coast, I've found this poster with most of the 60's to 80'… ]]>