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Rick & Morty “Show Me What You Got” 13.5″ Glass Beaker Bong

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“I Want To See What You Got!”


  • 13.5″ Tall
  • 19mm Joint
  • Includes 6″, 14mm Downstem and Bowl
  • Ice Pinch
  • Rounded Mouthpiece
  • Cromulon Graphics

Grab one of these sweet rigs to call your own and show off to your friends in celebration of the upcoming Season 4 premiere of Rick & Morty! Covered in floating heads, this beaker water pipe features a thick 19mm joint, which the included downstem slips into and converts to a familiar 14mm, a 14mm dry herb funnel bowl, a rounded mouthpiece, and, finally, an ice catch! This rig has it all, and stands at an impressive 13.5″ tall.

Covered with Floating Heads

Teleport to another universe with this thick-walled, high-quality glass bong. The base of the beaker is plastered with Cromulon graphics, their giant heads gazing at you expectantly as they did when planet Earth was on their hit reality show, Planet Music, but wrapped around the neck is a large graphic print in a bright yellow and packed with alternate-dimension Mortys. The neck is 7″ tall, so the graphic covers a large area!

Ice-Pinched Neck

Why grab a tube with an ice pinch? The indents in the neck are designed to catch ice cubes you drop down the neck- completely optionally- to cool smoke further after it’s been percolated through the water in the beaker. As the ice cools your hits it melts, and drops water into the reservoir below. Whether you put the ice pinch to use or not is totally up to you, but it will add another layer of awesomeness to this already cool pipe!

Includes Downstem and Bowl

Use this pipe right when you get it! It comes with everything necessary to enjoy it from minute one: a 6″ flush-fit 19mm-to-14mm diffuse downstem and a 14mm dry herb funnel bowl. Just slip the pieces into the pipe, load it up, and enjoy!

Alternate Green Rick & Morty Version Available

If you’d rather not relive a visit by the Giant Heads, check out our alternate “Rick & Morty” Bong , featuring a large green graphic and surrounded with graphics of Rick and Morty! Give it a look and see for yourself which is the right bong for you!

Rick & Morty "Show Me What You Got" 13.5" Glass Beaker Bong. Your favorite Rick and Morty characters in various designs on glass beaker shaped water bong.