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How to Refill a Torch Lighter With Butane – A Torch Lighter Tips Guide

How to Refill Your Torch Lighter

Step 1. First of all, find the refill nozzle and flame adjustment screw.

Step 2. Clear out any leftover fuel in the lighter. I use a pen for this part but you can use any small item lying around your home.

Step 3. Then twist the flame adjustment screw clockwise all the way – be gentle here – and this will shut off all fuel flow. Look out for the plus and minus signs. They are usually located around the adjustment screw. Plus means open and minus means close.

How To Refill a Torch Lighter Guide Step By Step

Step 4. Ensure the fuel refill nozzle is pointing up, and then you can go ahead and press the can of fuel down into the nozzle. Take your time. The lighter will take some time to refill. Patience is a virtue! Fifteen seconds or so, and you should be there. Under no circumstances should you pump the fuel can into the lighter. On a cheaper lighter, the tank could possibly rupture – and that means you are going to have to get a brand new one.

Step 5. Once you tank has been refilled, leave the lighter alone for a bit. This just lets it reach room temperature. The fuel is usually cold when your first pour it in. I usually like to speed up this process by wrapping my hands around the lighter therefore warming it up using my hand temperature.

Step 6. Before you do anything further, turn the flame adjustment crew 1/2 anticlockwise (+ sign) and attempt to light it up. As you go along, make subtle adjustments whilst you keep slowly and carefully turning the screw open in small amounts. Once the lighter has lit up you can have fun turning the screw to the height you want your flame to be at.

A Torch Lighter Tips Guide

Invest in Good Quality Butane

A crucial tip I give to all of my customers and readers that I believe truly does make a big difference is to use the best butane there is to buy. I can tell you now, you aren’t going to get any benefits by using cheap butane. Yeah, you’ll save money… but you ain’t gonna get a better light. You really should be looking out for the butane that burns the cleanest. A common decent butane is triple-refined, but knowing myself, I had to get the best one I could find, and that ended up being butane refined five times. The quickest way to tell how much your butane has been refined is by looking at the container it’s in.

Bleed the Chamber before Refilling

When you come to refilling your lighter, ensure that you have removed all leftover butane and are from the lighter. It’s never a good sign if you find out you have trapped air bubbles in your fuel chamber. When pushing in the valve, I use the smallest screwdriver I have. Less damage is done if any. Over time I found out that the best way to let the excess bleed is by resting the lighter right side up.

Try Not To Wave the Flame Too Near to the Cigar

This tip always gets me, because my friend has had far too many near burns to his fingers and eyebrows because he always lights his cigar up too near the foot, pushing the flame right into the end of the cigar. Never do this, because firstly, you risk yourself a nasty burn, and secondly, you risk clogging up the lighter itself. If you didn’t know already, the flame at the very tip of the torch gives out the greatest heat.

Cleansing the Jets

One thing I always do when I can’t seem to get the lighter to light is to blow into the jets. Occasionally you’ll find bits of ash stuck in them and I always find blowing it out really does do the trick. If you’re looking for something with a bit more quality, I would try buying a can of compressed air. I advise a good 3-4 blasts of air should do the trick. That is if your lighter suffers from consistent clogs but in that case, I would look to getting a new one.

Use Your Lighter As Much As Possible

Frequent use of your lighter helps maintain it actually. It really should be used a lot instead of being set aside and only used periodically. If you own more than the odd one like me, try alternating the use of each one you have. That should leave you with pretty decent functioning lighters.

My World of Lighters

By now, I’d have to say I probably have more lighters than any average cigar smoker. How to refill a torch lighter is often one of the first things you learn how to do as a cigar a smoker. It tends to stay with you.

The part of the cigar hobby is a bit like learning how to retrohale a cigar or developing your cigar etiquette; once you’ve mastered it you never forget it.

I do enjoy collecting the odd one or two smart lighters. I’ve had many a customer come to me complaining of their torch lighters.

I’ve had comments from short flames, to inconsistent lighting, to not working at all. I thought it would also be helpful if I added some steps I use to refill my torch lighter. And there you have it. Hopefully, these tips have helped a bit. Now you can enjoy lighting your cigars with a top-knotch lighter. Enjoy!

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How to Refill Your Torch Lighter With Butane is a Process Once Mastered Correctly You'll Never Forget it. Use Our Torch Lighter Guide.