raw papers with filter


We brought back the filter styles of the past
100% Classic. 100% RAW.

RAW Pure Cotton Filters

We enjoy going back to the origins of smoking. Originally cigarette filters were made by cotton but this was later replaced by acetate tow. We use classic natural unrefined cotton in our RAW Filters. Each package of Raw Pure Cotton filters contains 200 cotton filters. The draw strength of these filters is a bit stronger (it’s slightly harder to pull through them when you’re smoking) but that’s part of the RAW experience!

200 RAW Pure Cotton Filters per pack / 30 packs per box

RAW Slim Cellulose Filters

RAW Slim Cellulose filters are made from plant cellulose and have an easier draw than the cotton filters. They’re truly RAW and give an old classic experience to modern smokers. What I’m trying to explain is that these are similar to crepe paper filters that were produced at the turn of the century. We brought these back as a connection to the older more natural way of smoking and most really enjoy the flavor a lot more than conventional filters. Hard to explain in words but try them and you’ll understand!

200 RAW Slim Cellulose Filters per pack / 30 packs per box

100% biodegrdable. 100% RAW. We use natural unrefined pure cotton in RAW Cigarette Filters. Authentic & Unrefined. RAW – The Natural Way To Roll ]]>