ratchet bubbler

Bubbler BIO Capsule Ratchet

Alchimia presents here this 14mm Ring connection. Its compact size makes it an excellent pipe for cannabis oil consumption in the form of dab.

BHO or Rosin fans will appreciate this mini pipe with a 14mm connection. It can be used with the borosilicate nail provided, but it will also be possible to replace it with your own 14mm titanium, ceramic or quartz nail.

The percolation is carried out thanks to a perforated disc which allows the creation of several small air bubbles to cool the smoke, without the water going up into the tube and therefore into the user’s mouth.

Strength and stability

The pipe is designed with a good glass thickness that gives it some resistance and offers a quality feeling when held in the hand.

The wide and thick Ring base provides a very good stability. It can be installed an electronic V-Nail or a 14mm dropdown female without risk of the pipe overturning or falling.

This Bubbler has a 14mm male connection, so you will need to install 14mm female accessories.

Bubbler bio capsule by Ratchet is a perfect rig for cannabis concentrates lovers who want to perform cannabinoid oil dabs.

TAG – 8″ Ratchet Bubbler with Recycler E.C. 50x5MM – 14MM Female

Product Type: Oil Rig

Product SKU: F14-WP-180T-0064C-Sd.03

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Product Details

Product Reviews

Totally awesome

My forth tag piece. Check out the video.


Everything about my experience with TAG has been great. Always great glass and great care with the packing and shipping to ensure the glass comes intact. Thanks TAG I will continue to be a return customer!!


This blew my expectations away. If you want to take it easy or take a big hit this does the trick.

Amazing piece

I picked up this piece because it was on sale and couldn’t be happier. My old rig I had broke and I needed a new one fast. I came across this bad boy and couldn’t pass up the price. I got it in 3 days and it’s one of the cleanest hitting pieces I’ve owned. Super smooth and milky hits.

For the best portable water pipe consider buying the 8-inch Ratchet Bubbler with recycler. Easily stow away this portable water pipe in a backpack or suitcase. The Ratchet Bubbler water pipe filters and cools down the smoke for smooth hits. ]]>