quickdraw vaporizer review

QuickDraw Review: 300-D & 300-DLX

QuickDraw has introduced a number of portable vaporizer models over the years, and their latest innovation, the QuickDraw 300 Series, has quickly become popular among vape enthusiasts. The QuickDraw vape pen is unique in that it has a magnetic interchangeable cartridge system that allows you to use the vapor pen for dry herbs, wax, and oils. Read on to get a full review of the QuickDraw 300 Series.

  • Very economical, particularly if you buy the QuickDraw 300-DLX
  • Flexible design that can be used for all types of materials
  • Great vapor quality as an oil or herbal vaporizer pen
  • Good vapor quality when used with wax
  • One button operation
  • Produces nicely sized vapor clouds right away
  • Dry herb chamber is challenging to load
  • Wax chamber is challenging to load
  • All 3 cartridges get hot during use

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Breakdown of the QuickDraw Series

300-D 300-DLX
Price $100 $140
Materials Type Dry herbs Dry herbs, wax, and oil
Heating Style Conduction Conduction
Oven Material Nickel/aluminum Nickel/aluminum
Vapor Path Plastic Plastic
Removable Battery No No
Battery Life (Usage time) 6-8 hours 6-8 Hours
Charger USB USB
Charge time 1-2 hours 1-2 hours
Bluetooth / APP No No
Heat-up Time Average Average
Easy to Load? Somewhat Somewhat
Draw Resistance Moderate Moderate
Vapor Production Moderate Moderate
Vapor Smoothness Above average Excellent
Flavor / Taste Above average Excellent
Odor Level Low Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range One preset temperature One preset temperature (adjusts per container)
Vape While Charging No No
Warranty 1 year 1 year

In-Depth of the QuickDraw Series

Price – the QuickDraw 300 Series includes two vaporizer pens. The first is the QuickDraw 300-D, which comes only with the cartridge for using the vape as an herbal vaporizer. It costs $100, which is about average for a dry herb model of good quality. The second option is the QuickDraw 300-DLX, which comes with all three cartridges and costs $140. This is obviously much less than what you would pay to buy separate oil, herb, and wax vape pen vaporizers.

Vapor Quality – when used as a herbal vaporizer pen, the QuickDraw 300 Series produces large clouds of potent vapor with above average taste and smoothness. For oil, the cartridge system provides exceptionally large clouds of vapor and very good tasting vapor. As a wax pen vaporizer, the model produces average to above average quality vapor in terms of taste, potency, and smoothness.

Guarantee – the QuickDraw 300 Series has a 1-year warranty, which is the normal.

Prep Time – with the QuickDraw 300 Series, you do need to wait for the vapor pen to heat up in any of the three modes; however, it reaches working temperature very quickly. The preheat feature allows you to get satisfying vapor cloud sizes from the first draw. With the magnetic technology used in the cartridge design, you can swap the parts out quickly when you want to use different materials. This is a nice feature as some other multifunction vape pens are difficult to convert.

Portability – the QuickDraw vape pen is pocket sized and easy to carry. The vaporizer pen looks much like an electronic cigarette, so it’s a compact vape solution.

Ease of Use – the biggest downside to the QuickDraw is that it’s difficult to load the dry herb cartridge. The chamber is rather small, and it’s easy to end up wasting material. Also, the wax vaporizer pen cartridge can be messy to load. Once you have the vapor pen filled, it’s easy to draw from in any of its three modes, as it only has one button.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – the QuickDraw 300 Series only have one heat setting, but the model self regulates to set the working temperature at the best level. The cartridges can become hot to the touch during long sessions, so it’s important to hold the pen low by the battery.

Power Supply – the QuickDraw 300 Series features a 650 mAh battery that can be charged within 1 to 2 hours and that can supply about 6 to 8 hours of standby time. The battery life and charging speed are in line with what you’d expect from a vaporizer pen of its price.

Overview of QuickDraw 300

Before beginning your adventure with your QuickDraw 300D herb vaporizer or 3-in-1 300DLX, you will want to ensure that it is fully charged. It is usually takes one hour to completely charge the built in battery; however, you also possess the ability to use it while it is charging. Typically, this device will last an entire day on a single charge. You’ll know it’s charging when the attached charger cord shows a blue LED light at the top, indicating power is being supplied to the device.

When you’re ready to use your new vape pen, press the heater button three times quickly and consecutively. One of two things will happen when you perform this action: the bottom ring will flash white three times, indicating the device is unlocked and ready to use. Conversely, it will flash red three times, signifying that the device is locked, and prevented from misfiring while it is in your pocket, for instance.

Once you’ve have the device in the desired mode, it’s time to first load the vaping material of your choice. To do so, you will need to remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge body. Do this carefully, especially with the oil cartridges. You want to ensure you do not snap off the plastic clasps against the steel ones. An easy way to ensure the smooth removal of the mouthpiece is to hold the cartridge in one hand, and with the other, grasp the mouthpiece. Carefully push the bottom right side of the mouthpiece counter-clockwise with your thumb, and guide the piece with your index finger until the plastic clasps of the mouthpiece detach cleanly from the metal ones found inside of the cartridge.

The same caution should be taken when changing or replacing a mouthpiece. Much in the same way, it’s best to place the top of the cartridge rim at a sideways angle, using a slight, downward pressure, to make sure it sits comfortably against the metal rim. Guide it with your fingers clockwise from the right until the clasps lock into each other.

Before loading and unloading your material, do allow the cartridge to cool down after use. Once cool, grind up your dry herb into a somewhat fine mixture. Place it into the dry cartridge, just below the white inner chamber found inside of both the QuickDraw 300D and 300DLX models. Included with your all-in-one vaporizer kit, you will find a loading tool that makes not only filling the chamber easy, but it also allows you to compact the material a bit for best results. Once this is completed, install the mouthpiece using the advice provided above.

When your material is loaded and ready to go, turn on the QuickDraw vaporizer by pressing and holding the power button down for roughly 3-5 seconds. You will see that the LED ring will glow red. It is at this point that you can release the button. The device will begin its preheat stage, which can take 30-45 seconds. The red ring will turn green when it is ready for use. There is also an automatic safety shut off feature that prevents your device from overheating. If this is activated, simply push the power button to turn the device back on.

QuickDraw 300 Vaporizer Review explaining 3 cartridge system which allows this vapor pen to be a dry herb vaporizer pen, wax pen, and oil pen or e-cigarette.

QuickDraw 500 Review:

A number of vape pens on the market today give you the freedom to change between different types of materials, but so far, there hasn’t been much in the way of similar high quality multi-function portable vaporizer options. Finally, there is a portable vape on the market that can act as an oil, wax, or dry herb vaporizer. It’s called the QuickDraw 500 Deluxe, and you can learn more about it in this review.

  • Works as for oil, wax, and dry herb equally well
  • Good bargain due to the multi-function design
  • Above average vapor quality
  • Very long battery life
  • Taste declines if you use material for more than one session
  • Relatively short warranty
  • Larger than some other portable vapes
  • Heat setting is not adjustable

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Breakdown of QuickDraw 500

QuickDraw 500-DLX
Price $160
Materials Type Dry herbs, wax, and oils
Heating Style Conduction
Oven Material Cartridge style – Ceramic/Nickel/Aluminum
Vapor Path Plastic (short path)
Removable Battery No
Battery Life (Usage time) All day for an average user
Charger Magnetic USB charger and wall charger
Charge time 1-2 hours
Bluetooth / APP No
Heat-up Time 20 seconds
Easy to Load? Yes
Draw Resistance Moderate
Vapor Production Great
Vapor Smoothness Average
Flavor / Taste Average
Odor Level Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range Self-adjusting variable temperatures
Vape While Charging No
Warranty 1 year

In-Depth of QuickDraw 500

Price – The 500 DLX sells for around $200, making it less expensive than many models, but a bit above some of the economy portables on the market. When you consider the fact that you’d need to purchase a separate vaporizer for oil, dry herbs, and wax to do everything that you can do with the 500 Deluxe, it’s more than worth the money.

Vapor Quality – In terms of vapor quality, the QuickDraw produces good to very good results. It is comparable or better than other models that sell for a similar price no matter which of the three heating chambers you’re using to vape. To get the most flavorful vapor possible, it’s best to complete an entire session in one sitting. Leaving material in any of the three chambers and then returning can lead to poor taste.

Guarantee – The 500 model only has a 1-year warranty, which is shorter than what you get with some other portable vaporizers that are similarly priced.

Prep Time – The QuickDraw 500 is easy to load. This unit is designed to sense what you’re vaping and to heat up rapidly to optimal temperature. As a result, you don’t have to wait long to start your session.

Portability and Size – The QuickDraw 500 has a very sleek, stylish look, but it is a little bigger than some portables. It does have an ergonomic shape, making it easy to grip. It will fit into a coat pocket or a bag, but it’s not the smallest option.

Ease of Use – You can begin using the vape right away because it has a very straightforward design. There is very little draw resistance. Beginners will not have a difficult time using it as a wax, oil, or herb vaporizer.

Heating – Unlike other small vaporizers of comparable price, the QuickDraw 500 features variable temperatures; it self-adjusts based on what you’re vaping. Testing did not show this to be a problem, but some more experienced vapor enthusiasts may be turned off by the lack of control.

Power Supply – The battery on the QuickDraw 500 is very powerful. With ordinary use, you can usually vape through several sessions before you need to recharge. The unit comes with both USB and wall chargers for convenience.

Basics of the QuickDraw 500 Series

The liquid and extract cartridges found inside the QuickDraw 500 kit are similar to many dry herb vaporizer chambers in the way they function; you simply need to make sure your vaporizer is charged, then press the on/off button, and draw from it whenever you’d like. It is recommended that you put about 5-6 draws worth of material onto the chamber. When loading the cartridges with either extract or liquid, it is imperative that you do not overfill them. There are fill lines to guide you when deciding how much material to put into each cartridge, and to help you keep it below the rim. If you overfill, or do not store the vape in an upright position, you run the risk of allowing material to seep out into the device, causing a malfunction.

With the 500DLX model, you are given the option of three different voltage settings for your materials. To set the voltage, power your device off and take it out of safety mode. Press the heater button twice, quickly and consecutively. This will cause the three white LEDs under the button to glow. One white LED signifies it is set at a low voltage of 3.7 volts. Two white LEDs mean a medium voltage of 4.2 volts. For the highest voltage you need only wait for three LEDs to be displayed, setting your voltage at 4.7 volts. Simply press the heating button once when the desired voltage is reached.

The dry cartridge on the QuickDraw 500 model allows you to choose between three temperature settings instead, allowing you the ultimate control over your vaping experience. After loading your material on top of the screen inside the chamber, power on your device. Using the same process you used for your waxy material, the three lights under the button will indicate the temperature being used. One illuminated LED means it is at 415°F. Two illuminated LEDs signify a moderate temperature of 425°F. Finally, three LEDs under the button indicate a temperature of 440°F. Use caution when using the highest setting, as the point of combustion for most dry herbs is 425°F. After choosing your temperature setting, simply press the button as you draw from the device.

The safety shut off time for each type of material varies. Oil cartridges cut off after 10 seconds of continuous hold. Wax cartridges will deactivate after 30 seconds of continuous hold, and dry herb chambers will cut off after roughly 2-2.5 minutes after turning green. The bottom ring will flash before deactivation occurs notifying you in advance so that you can prepare.

For ideal results, it is best to use a long, slow and steady draw. A 5-10 second draw is recommended, as this gives the air more time to heat up. Most conduction vaporizers tend to have their temperatures altered by the speed in which you inhale. If you inhale too quickly, too much air rushes over the heating element at once, giving it less time to heat up. This is why drawing slowly is recommended; it allows the air more time to heat as it passes the heating element, offering a much warmer and more fulfilling hit. The QuickDraw vaporizer pen is designed with draw resistance, giving you an advantage from the start by automatically allowing the air to pass over your material more slowly. Therefore, it is helpful if you pull slowly to aid in this process.

The amount you use your QuickDraw device, as well as the purity of the materials you use, will determine how often you need to replace your cartridges. You will know it is time when you notice a difference in the way material tastes, along with decreased vapor production. You may also notice a drastic discoloration on the inside of the cartridge when it is time to replace it in the herbal vaporizer pen. For oil liquid and wax extract cartridges, you will notice the wick and coils become caked with residue, causing a noticeable difference in vapor production as well.

There is a warranty on the QuickDraw 500, truly making this one of the best vaporizers out there today. In the event of an internal malfunction, such as the unit not recognizing the cartridge, or if one of the magnetic rings malfunctions, there is a one-year time frame in which you can return your product for an exchange with proof of purchase. This means that the warranty does not cover malfunctions instigated by the user, such as improper cleaning, getting liquid inside the cartridges’ magnet, dropping the unit, or any stolen or physically broken parts or accessories.

QuickDraw 500 Deluxe is an oil, wax, & dry herb vaporizer, with decent vapor quality! A good bargain with long battery life? Or is short warranty a killer? ]]>