pulsar 3


Why is the Pulsar 3+ the better choice?

  • 2,5 kW charging and discharging power
  • Genuine Fastmod for lithium batteries (save charging time up to 30 %)
  • Impulse charging with reflex – perfect for LiPo!
  • Up to 14s LiPo and 16s FePo
  • Precision: Your batteries will be more durable
  • Fast repair service, even after guarantee time (unlikely most competitor products from Asia)
  • No construction faults, no poor quality
  • BT communication, data store (SD) and software written for the Pulsar`s needs
  • Made in Poland

Convince yourself – often the cheap things end up more expensive than more expensive quality products!

Chargers of the absolute high-end class


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Display cabinets with ventilated refrigeration with incorporated compressor, available in NT or LT version.Thanks to their versatility of use and ease of positioning, they can be placed ahead of the checkout stand or used as promotional cabinets.

The design is characterized by modern lines that ensure high visibility of the products displayed as well as offering the possibility of customizing the cabinets on request.

All models are equipped with top sliding covers in low-emissivity glass. This allows a positive saving of energy costs and the consequent reduction of operating costs and environmental impact.

.International leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector.