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This approach should be used only as a last resort, since any adulterant can be chemically detected if labs take the trouble to do so. A number of adulterants cause negatives on the commonly used EMIT test, but not necessarily other tests. In an emergency, you might fool an EMIT test by adding a few drops of Visine® to the sample. Other common adulterants include detergent, bleach, salt, and the cleaning solution glutaraldahyde, but most of these are easily detected by smell or visual inspection.

A host of commercial adulterants are on the market (for advertisements, see High Times). No additive is 100% reliable, and all involve a substantial risk of detection. Many drug testing companies claim to test for adulterants, though it isn't clear how carefully. Yes, these bowls will last months stored in a cool, dry place. I recommend using an airtight container to prevent dust accumulation and put a layer of parchment or wax paper in between bowls to prevent sticking. Soak in Alcohol (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps) Hot Shot Driver - Odessa, TX. *valid only with the 5% coupon code: VAPOSPY5 $ 170.05 $ 179.00. A touch on your skin might feel infinitely better than usual.

Lips pressed against you may send you into orgasmic bliss. A hand on your throat might become your absolute new favorite thing. The pleasure areas on your body become beacons for your partner. When two people who are great together get high together over conversation, a new level of sexual tension and heat may emerge. You’ll trade sexy innuendo, inhibitions disappear, and your very words can hook your partner for life. Uninhibited confidence is a major plus for the average stoner mom. What woman doesn’t have some secret awful hangup about her body that is keeping her from doing all the naughty things she really wants to do? There is a chance that in the middle of attempting to get busy, your brain may decide to focus on everything, a little too much. Some weed strains give an intense energy boost which can show itself in major jitters and jumpiness. Even if you consider yourself an orgasm pro, some weed can get a drowsy, sultry mind tripping hard. Bring in the right partner and new categories of orgasm are born. For instance, the internal vaginal orgasm that some women find impossible to achieve. Or the multiple-orgasm, when orgasms come in such waves of regularity that they seem one big orgasm. There are times I’ve been super high and so turned on that kisses on my back are enough to send me over the edge. It might all be too sensitive, too good, and ultimately mega-frustrating when you just can’t get there. Moms are busy, and we like to get on with the day, thank you very much . Have an understanding that not everyone might get there in the time allowed. There is also the possibility that your man will be so turned-on from being high, or so turned-on by you and your naughty antics while you’re high, that he’ll get there prematurely. Cottonmouth means extremely dry mouth, and it makes your breath smell like ass. After a day of promising your partner all sorts of naughty fun that evening, there is still the chance that you’ll get stoned and fall asleep, drooling and snoring loudly. I must confess this has happened to me more than once. Distinct from weed-induced sleepiness is weed-induced laziness, which is just as annoying to your sexual partner. Maybe it just feels so good all you can do is lay there. Tell your partner not to take it as an insult when you refuse to get on top, or hold that position, or you know, move. Sex can sober the stoned person up, so don’t be mad if after indulging in heated, stoned sex, you come-to enough to realize that you did not want to do what you just did.

Humans are known for making sexual mistakes when inebriated. Stoned sex can bring you together in new awesome ways. Think of the times you’ve been high and really connected with a friend. Sex while stoned can produce the same feeling, with someone you absolutely adore.

Having amazing, uninhibited, joy filled sex will do amazing things for a marriage. Sex on a strong sativa can transform you into a porn star. Energy and focus that will have you performing like a professional.


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