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We stock a wide range of professional torches and accessories, including Ledlenser, Coast, Maglite, Fenix, Nitecore, Unilite, Olight, Energizer, Xtar, Silverpoint, NEBO, iPROTEC, Coleman, and Elwis. We only stock high quality branded products, many of which carry extended warranty periods. All items in stock are processed and dispatched within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). We also offer FREE standard delivery for all orders over £30 in value to our UK customers.

Professional LED torch supplier. We stock high quality LED torches, Ledlenser, Maglite, Coast, Nitecore, Fenix, Olight, Elwis, Unilite, Xtar, Silverpoint, Duracell including professional torch, head torch, dive torch, key ring torch

Flashlights for industrial use

As a professional in the industry you need a reliable, robust flashlight. It needs to be easy to use and not too heavy. These industrial flashlights are perfect for electricians, mechanics, technicians and on the construction site. You want to light up your immediate surroundings without blinding yourself.

​Broad beam: light up your immediate surroundings

With a broad beam you can easily light up large areas at a short distance. You don’t need a beam that reaches far, but one that is broader. As such you can easily light up your immediate surroundings. Check out all lights with a broad beam.

ATEX-flashlights for professionals

ATEX certified flashlights were produced specifically for explosive hazardous areas. Without really knowing it there are many various explosive hazardous areas. Think of mines, gas and oil plants. Because even the smallest spark can be fatal these lights need to adhere to the highest requirements. For these zones there are both head torches and flashlights available. Want to learn more about ATEX lights? Quickly read all about ATEX in our topic, what is ATEX?

Practical accessories

When you use a flashlight on a professional level you will notice that certain accessories are indispensable. Think of, for instance, a holster you use to store your flashlight, diffusers or filters for the right light and switches that enable you to use the flashlight remotely. For professional use a gear retractor could also definitely come in handy. You attach the flashlight to the retractor and you will always have it close. Grab it, use it and release when you are done. Never worry about storing it ever again.

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