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The Best Portable E-Nail of 2019

The smoking industry is ever evolving. From the fancy percolators in the average dab rig, to the powerful wax pens who provide a good high while fitting in the palm of your hand, dabbing has become changed in just a few short years. Now you add the portable e-nails that combine the portability and effectiveness of the pen and dab rig, you see that the smoking industry is heading for an innovative future. If you’re new to dabbing or you simply hate the tedious task of taking dabs from a rig, the portable E-nail is perfect for you. If you’re unsure of what to get, look no further, this is the best portable e-nails of 2019.

1. Puffco Peak

This smart rig has many features you wont see on any other rig, such as customizable settings. This means you can set the mode you like to consume. “Sesh-mode” also lets you extend your session, creating a quality social dab experience. Another great feature is the quick heat up, so the torch and butane are a thing of the past. The 20 second heat up allows for more consumption in much less time. The discreet light band provides battery and heat cycle indicators when needed, and conceals itself when they’re not. Haptic feedback keeps your timing spot on so you’re getting the perfect hit. The fast charging and long lasting charge of this smart rig only makes the experience more enjoyable!

2. Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

The portable E-nail is the first portable, battery-powered dab rig for oils, complete with a dome-less nail made of titanium. Like any portable dab rig, there is no torch required. The Dr.Dabber heats to an optimal temperature with the push of a button. Simply click the power button 3 times when using the titanium nail/ceramic nail, or click 5 times to unlock a higher heat setting for use with the included quartz nail . When attached to the included glass water filtration piece, the Boost feels just like a normal dabbing experience. Capable of up to 30 uses on a single battery charge, the Boost eRig truly is the best of both worlds, providing a portable dabbing experience without any sacrifice.

3. Cloud V Electro

Cloud V brings is a sturdy little pen coupled with an exceptional function. This portable e-nail is the perfect alternative for your traditional rig setup. With ergonomic design, powerful battery, speedy heat-up functionality, this is the ultimate portable e-nail to use anytime, anywhere!

4. Dabado Bolt Pro 2

Take your dab experience to the highest level with precise temperature control and industry-leading ceramic heat technology. The Dabado Bolt Pro is the first Bolt to support accurate temperature control. Never run out of power, if you have multiple 18650 batteries charged up. Everything you need to dab is one portable e-nail, spark up in the most discreet ways possible.

Check out this year's best portable e-nails. From innovative dab rigs with fancy percolators to the wax pens, smoking is forever changing. The latest innovation is the portable E-nails, that combine the effectiveness of the dab rig with the portability of the wax pen. These are the best portable E-nails of 2019.

7 New Gadgets That Make Dabbing a Whole Lot Easier

Dabs are pretty much the purest (and most potent) cannabis delivery system available, with some reaching 90% THC by volume or higher.

So why aren’t they more popular?

Partly because many people find them simply too powerful. But widespread adoption of dabbing has also been stymied by the cumbersome tools used to ingest these high-potency, sticky extracts, which are traditionally “heated on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then inhaled through a dab rig.”

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Fortunately, innovators in the field have recently introduced many new products designed to make ingesting concentrates safer and more convenient, while making an intimidating delivery method more approachable for the new user. Our highlights include a wide range of options at various price points, including devices intended for vaporizing extracts, handling sticky concentrates, maximizing the output of a vapor cart, and just plain looking cool.

MJ Arsenal’s the Hydra VE—$30

(Courtesy of MJ Arsenal)

Want to transform an ordinary vape pen into a dab rig? Try “carting” with the Hydra VE, a small piece of glass that delivers large hits of vapor filtered through water. Simply insert the mouthpiece of almost any vapor pen into the Hydra’s downward-facing bowl, hold the button on the pen, and puff away through the glass. It’s a fun way to make vaping more social, as well as a portable way to maximize the power of your favorite cart.

Nuggy Smoker’s Multi-Tool—$33+

Ever wondered: What if Swiss Army made a dab tool? Well, don’t hold your breath waiting. Just pick up the Nuggy, a multi-functional product that combines a wide variety of useful dab tools in a convenient teardrop-shaped metal casing. Durable and versatile, it features dab tools specially designed for various textures and types of cannabis extracts, with some models containing more tools than others. Tuck one into your bag and you’re ready for anything.

Yocan Portable Torch—$53

(Courtesy of Yocan)

This ingenious unit converts any waterpipe into a dab rig. A portable e-nail designed for maximum adaptability, it fits snuggly onto 10mm, 14mm or 18mm glass-on-glass ground joints. And just flip over the adapter to connect with either male or female downstems. With many modular options, this battery-powered electronic “torch” lets you swap in different coils—either quartz or ceramic—for smooth-tasting dab hits.

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Vuber Portable Dabber—$100

(Courtesy of Vuber)

This portable electronic rig is a self-contained dab unit that won’t break the bank. And it comes with titanium, quartz, and ceramic nails, so you can use whichever material your prefer. Temperature settings can be regulated by pushing the button either three or five times, but be warned that it only provides enough battery life for 10-15 hits, so more for solo medicating than being the life of the party. Most important, it’s simple and intuitive for beginners, all you need to do is add a little water to the pipe and get dabbing!

Whitney Harmon Thermochromic Bucket—$250

(Courtesy of Whitney Harmon Glass)

Marketed as the “first color-changing quartz bucket,” this high-quality glass changes its hue as it gets hotter, letting you know when it’s at optimal temperature for dabbing (and also when it’s safe to touch). You’re still going to need a butane-powered torch, though, so it’s geared primarily for those already living that dab life. Colors range from yellow (cold) to red (too hot), with perfect dabbing temperatures found at various shades of orange in between.

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PuffCo Peak—$380

Combining sophisticated design, quality technology and dependable performance, the PuffCo Peak has become the darling of Leafly’s Avid Dabber, who writes that his “glass rigs are quickly collecting dust” after adopting this versatile new platform. Digital temperature control makes dabbing simple, producing flavorful hits every time. Wonderfully portable, a fully-charged PuffCo can be taken on the road, lasting up to 20 – 30 dabs for fun seshes at parties. Artistic glass attachments and quartz buckets can also be integrated to fully customize your PuffCo, with an upcoming gallery show dedicated to exploring the creative possibilities of this already artful platform.

Switch by Dr. Dabber—$400

(Courtesy of Dr. Dabber)

This large tabletop unit comes with separate induction cups designed to handle either flowers or concentrates. Either way, Dr. Dabber uses induction heating to quickly bring your cannabinoids to temperature, delivering smooth hits of vapor through an elegant glass attachment. Long-lasting battery allows for up to 100+ hits, and while it’s not as portable as other options, it is a quality machine with incredible temperature control.

Want to transform an ordinary vape pen into a dab rig? Ever wondered, "What if Swiss Army made a dab tool?" Check out these ingenious new gadgets that make dabbing much easier for the casual cannabis consumer. ]]>