plastic square pipe

Plastic Box Sections

Description guide: 1st external depth – 2nd external depth – 3rd thickness | M = metres, mm = millimetres

Plastic Box Sections can also be called plastic square tubes or square PVC pipe and can be used for framing, cables, covers and spacers. Our plastic square tube and plastic rectangular sections are manufactured from external grade rigid PVC. Choose from a range of sizes of square plastic tubes and uPVC rectangular section to suit your project. See also our range of round plastic tubes.

  1. 6mm 2 item
  2. 6.5mm 2 item
  3. 8mm 2 item
  4. 11mm 2 item
  5. 11.5mm 2 item
  6. 13mm 2 item
  7. 14mm 2 item
  8. 15mm 2 item
  9. 20mm 2 item
  10. 23mm 2 item
  11. 24mm 2 item
  12. 25mm 6 item
  13. 30mm 4 item
  14. 40mm 2 item
  15. 50mm 4 item
  16. 60mm 2 item
  1. 1mm 8 item
  2. 1.5mm 10 item
  3. 3mm 12 item
  1. White 15 item
  2. Black 15 item

What is a plastic box section?
The word ‘section’ is another name for ‘profile’ which is also an extrusion. So plastic box section is the same thing as plastic square tube. The material used for these plastic square tubes is an external grade rigid PVC which means it can be used outside, so it is sometimes referred to as UPVC plastic box section.

Plastic square tube
As well as round plastic tube we also offer a selection of plastic square tube. These plastic squarer tubes are measured externally, so the first dimension is the external depth, the second dimension is also the external depth and the third measurement is the thickness. For example, our popular BOX 25mm x 25mm x 1.5mm which is available from stock in the colours white and black. Plastic square tube is sold in 75 metre packs with 25 X 3 metres in each pack. For plastic square tubes in other colours contact us for a quote for custom production.

Plastic rectangular section
Square plastic box section is the most popular shape for our customers but we do offer a few sizes of plastic rectangular section. Just look down this list to see which PVC box section has the first two dimensions being uneven to see which ones are rectangular.

Functions of plastic square tube and UPVC rectangular section
Many of our customers use plastic square tube and UPVC rectangular section for framing, covers, cables, and spacers.

Our square plastic pipe is made in the UK
Our square plastic tube and plastic rectangular section is made in our factory here in the UK. The raw materials for all the products on our online shop, including our square plastic tubes, are UK sourced.

Need to see our square PVC tube?
Just get in touch and let us know which size of plastic square tube or plastic rectangular section you are interested in and we will send you a short sample by post. Free of charge.

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