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Cigarette Reviewers on YouTube Smoke So You Don’t Have To

Cigarette review videos on YouTube tend to follow the same format: The reviewer removes the cellophane from their pack, takes out a cigarette, smells it, describes the smell, comments on the tobacco, tastes the cigarette, does a “dry inhale,” (i.e., inhaling an unlit cigarette) lights the cigarette, takes a draw, and exhales. The people making these videos are Midwesterners, like the guys behind the accounts NickTheSmoker and AnalogCigarette, and European college students like Sam Kilchör of SamsTobaccoReviews, the last of whose videos garner tens of thousands of views. They stick to a tried-and-true formula, delivering a classic YouTube trope—essentially, unboxing—but for smokers and people fascinated by them.

On his YouTube channel, 21-year-old Kilchör reviews cigarettes from across the world for his 13,000 subscribers. Kilchör’s favorite cigarettes are Camel unfiltered (which are hard to find in his home country of Switzerland) and Marlboros. But he believes his review of the Indonesian cigarettes Dji Sam Soe Super Premium led to his popularity on YouTube. “I think the algorithm took my video and put it in the ‘recommended’ thing,” Kilchör said. “That would explain why I got, like, 400,000 views.”

Kilchör created his channel after one of his favorite cigarette review accounts became dormant. “I was working in a tobacco shop specializing in cigars and pipes,” says Kilchör. “One day I stumbled upon RealCigReviews by this guy Dan. They were absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, Big Tobacco sued his ass and he had to stop [posting] the reviews. I wanted to fill in the void caused by his unwanted departure.”

RealCigReviews is notorious in the genre: One Reddit thread allegedly sheds a little light on Dan’s situation, which he’s referenced in vaping and gaming videos since—“RealCigReviews” was hit with a lawsuit from Top Tobacco, which asserted its ownership over the world “real.” An even more famous defunct account considered to be a pioneer in the cigarette review ecosystem, Rjthesmoker, was run by a prolific cigarette reviewer who passed away a few years ago from lung cancer. Across nearly a decade, Rijthesmoker posted hundreds of videos.

In a few dozen of his post-cancer videos, RJ explained his diagnosis to his fans and reflected upon his life as a smoker and cigarette reviewer. In one of the last videos he ever made, “MY LIFE AS RJTHESMOKER PART 3,” RJ summed up what it was about smoking that he enjoyed so much: “Smoking [took me] on a worldwide journey without leaving my armchair,” RJ said, as he smoked a cigarette.

Kilchör’s videos are different from RJ’s in that they’re far more succinct, straightforward, and focused on the product instead of himself. Sam goes into the nuanced smells and flavors in cigarettes, explaining how some have a “bubblegum smell with a spicy flavor.” They’re more businesslike, attracting fans who are genuinely interested in the product as opposed to the person.

“My favorite part of these reviews is the diversity,” said Kilchör. “I’ve tried cigarettes and met people from all around the world. I like chatting with folks… these reviews give me plenty of people to talk to.” These people are guys like Yudha from Indonesia, or Henry from Moldova—just two of Kilchör’s fans who export cigarettes from abroad (by way of CigaretKretek and CigSpot) for Kilchör to smoke and review.

Kilchör has hundreds of videos reviewing hundreds of cigarette packs from all over the world, thanks in part to his robust viewership. His audience is a hodgepodge typical of cigarette review videos: tobacco enthusiasts, industry professionals, and commenters leaving feedback like “Smoking kills. ” Not all of Kilchör’s commenters are anti-smoking—most are smokers suggesting which brand he should smoke next.

Nostalgia is another running through line of the comments sections on these videos. “My father smoked the unfiltered Pall Malls for years,” commented Ray Faircloth on a video NickTheSmoker made in 2017. “He always pronounced it Pell Mell.”

The nonsmokers who frequent these channels (per the comments, there are tons of them) get a thrill out of living vicariously through the young, healthy guys ripping into pack after pack. “Camels used to be my brand before I quit in 2008,” commented user Stop the Philosophical Zombies on a video where Kevin reviewed a pack of 17-year-old Camel Lights. “I sometimes miss them but not so much that I’d pick up again.” Otherwise, the viewership is composed of teenagers, curious parties interested in picking up the habit, and libertine smokers in search of unique smoking experiences, like the one Kilchör explored in his Dji Sam Soe video.

26-year-old Chicagoan Nick of NickTheSmoker, who asked that his last name be omitted for privacy, said, “I’m committed, not addicted.” He has made almost half a decade’s worth of 10- to 12-minute videos, mostly shot in his car. “I started smoking when I was 18,” said Nick, “and I started seeing all these guys on YouTube like rjthesmoker and thought I could do better.” With cigarettes sent to him by loyal viewers from around the world, Nick’s reviewed hundreds of brands, with most videos averaging around 40,000 views.

Despite a disclaimer on the About section of his page (“If you are under age respective to your local laws, it’s highly advised you do not view these videos”) Nick’s videos violate YouTube’s “advertiser-friendly content guidelines ,” which state, “Content that promotes tobacco and tobacco-related products is not suitable for advertising.” But YouTube simply can’t closely monitor every popular channel that pops up on their site, so guys like Nick can make money through ad revenue even though it’s not technically allowed.

“When I didn’t do anything to my channel for four months is when I got my biggest increase,” said Nick, “I don’t know what YouTube did to their algorithm or whatever, but for some reason, I got a ton of traffic.” Still, Nick is sure to mention repeatedly that he does not make a lot of money off of ad revenue. “It’s enough for me to go out and buy more cigarettes, but I couldn’t live off it.”

The idea of encyclopedic expertise within smoking is what attracted another reviewer, 26-year-old Kevin Thomas of AnalogCigarette, to not only making his own smoking channel on YouTube, but to cigarettes in the first place. “My intention starting out as a regular smoker was to really get to know it. I’m that way with all my hobbies: diving in headfirst and really looking to get the most out of it,” said Thomas. “I decided if I was going to be doing this anyway—why not share?”

With only 423 subscribers and less than 200 views per upload, Thomas, who is 26, makes videos to find a rarefied kind of kinship. “I used to watch cigarette reviews quite a bit… even before I was a regular smoker,” said Thomas, who lives outside of Chicago. “I sort of love the spirit of them. It’s like, Hey, I like this thing that a lot of people hate…but you get me. It’s a place of understanding. The internet is cool like that.

“I started watching cigarette reviews as a curious consumer. I legitimately just wanted people’s opinions on what to try next. I was surprised to find a community of people with a shared experience,” Thomas said. “A vast majority of folks really look down on smokers. It’s just nice to connect with somebody who gets it.”

For Kilchör, Nick, and Thomas, making cigarette review videos are about more than how to “properly” enjoy a cigarette. They’re lovers of tobacco, but what also drives them to keep producing videos are the fans from across the globe who smoke along with them—or want to experience the pleasure these reviewers find in cigarettes secondhand.

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“I’m committed, not addicted."

Category: Pipe Tobacco Review

Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader with Perique

Samuel Gawith tobacco company is one of the oldest and most well know producers of pipe tobacco, cigars, and snuff. Established in 1792, the company operates out of the United Kingdom. The specific tobacco we are discussing for this review, Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader with Perique, was re-introduced to the pipe smoking market in 2015 with a special release of 2000 tins from (SPC). Since then, SPC has had two consecutive releases of this limited edition tobacco; 2018 where they produced and sold 3000 tins, and 2019 where 4500 tins were provided to the pipe smoking consumer base. I am hopeful we will see a 2020 production with 5000+ tins, however, with the current worldwide pandemic, things may not turn out in our favor. Only time will tell…

Brand: Samuel Gawith

Blend Components: Virginia, Latakia, Orientals, Perique

Cut Type: Ribbon

Available Packaging: 50g tin

On to the review…

From the Tin : Interesting combination in the tin. The tobacco shows lots of light and dark brown leaves. The dark black latakia and perique leaf is certainly viable and present. The tin note is heavy latakia with the synonymous campfire/burn wood scent. There is also a naturally sweet, similar to honeysuckle, undertone in the tobacco tin smell.

Tasting Notes : I still recall the first time I tried this tobacco. Just to be straightforward, from the first bowl, I was hooked. This is a wonderfully made tobacco that I find extremely tasteful and satisfying. From the tin, the tobacco yields a good moisture level, however, as I enjoy smoking my blends a little on the drier side, I allowed the tobacco to sit out for 20-30 minutes prior to loading the pipe and smoking. Consistently, this tobacco offers tastes of wood cedar chips, dry grasses/hay, campfire, and burnt wood notes. There were times I noted a spicey pepper essence, however, this typically dissipated quickly after the start of the bowl. The tobacco burns down to a fine white ash leaving little dottle in the bottom of the pipe. The smoke is a cool, thick, and white with a room note that is what you would expect from a heavy latakia or oriental blend. Not spouse approved. Overall body of the smoke I would rate as medium/full while the strength of the tobacco is full.

Overall Impression : As I stated in the opening, this tobacco is exceptional. My only issue regarding the blend has to do with the production and availability, not the tobacco itself. As a limited/special run, this blend is very hard to acquire and not in regular supply. It could, however, be argued that most of the Samuel Gawith blends are currently difficult to purchase, making this tobacco just a normal for us in the States. If you are ever provided the opportunity to purchase Samuel Gawith’s Squadron Leader with Perique, I highly recommend you do so. Keep an eye open on the website for their “hopeful” annual release of this blend as you will be highly rewarded for your wait.

Interested in seeing the video review for this blend? Visit The Pipe Professor YouTube channel at the following link: for video review of this tobacco.

April/May Pipefuls Community Review

Cornell & Diehl Smokingpipes 20 th Anniversary XX Flake

*The above photo was taken from the website. The author of this post is not the owner of the above photo.

For those readers who also listen to the Pipefuls podcast, I recently made a request for anyone wishing to review Cornell & Diehl’s Smokingpipes 20 th Anniversary Blend XX Flake to post their review under the comments on The Pipe Professor webpage. This is the post that was referenced during the podcast and available for anyone wishing to contribute to the community review of SPC 20 th Anniversary XX Flake (regular not the dark flake).

Below you will find the information and blend details. If you would like to participate, please write your review of this month’s blend below in the comments of this post. As the Pipefuls podcast works to build up community participation, I will be selecting reviews posted below to be read aloud on the Pipefuls podcast Episode 6 premiering May 10, 2020.

If you would like to participate in the Pipefuls community review, please write your thoughts, experiences, like/dislike, or other information you have noted about the SPC 20 th Anniversary XX Flake below in the comments. Anyone wishing to participate has from April 12 th through May 8 th to post comments or reviews about the blend.

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Blend Components: Perique, Oriental, Virginia

Available Packaging: 2 oz tin

As always, thank you for visiting the website and supporting the Pipefuls podcast and YouTube videocast. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these trying times. As always, be well and cheers!

Top 5 Pipe Tobaccos of 2018

Top 5 Pipe Tobaccos of 2018

Now that 2018 has officially come to an end, it’s time to reflect, remember, and revel the pipe tobaccos I enjoyed most during the year. If you follow other pipe smokers through online social media (i.e., Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) you will note several of our pipe smoking friends are sharing their favorite blends from 2018. I always enjoy seeing and reading these lists as they prompt my own inquire to explore tobaccos others find enjoyable.

On a more negative note, pipe smokers, and the hobby in general, experienced several hardships over 2018. From the closing of the McClelland Tobacco Company, to the halt of production on Dunhill tobacco, and the addition of ridiculous warning labels to our favorite tins, pipe enthusiast continue to remain optimistic and support the hobby to its fullest. If anything can be gleaned from these trials, it’s that we need to remain vigilant at all times and never take the market for granted. If you find a specific tobacco blend or tobacco you like, stock up. It goes without saying that things can change (and did) in the blink of an eye. Don’t get caught off guard. If you like it, buy it.

Now that we’ve covered the negative, let’s examine a more positive topic. Below I have detailed my five favorite pipe tobaccos from this past year along with my biggest disappointment. Please note that with any review, or end-of-year list, all information presented reflects an individual opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. Every individual’s personal background is subject to their own experiences. Thus, sharing those individual opinions is part of what I find enjoyable with this hobby. Without further ado, I present my Top 5 Pipe Tobaccos of 2018. I hope you enjoy this list and please feel free to leave comments and thoughts regarding your own experience with these blends below.

Tobacco #5 for 2018

Brand: Boswell’s Pipe & Tobacco

Category: American English

Blend Components: Black Cavendish; Burley; Latakia; Perique; Virginia

Cut Type: Ribbon

Available Packaging: Bulk

Price: $5.10 USD per ounce

Tasting Notes: Named after the family dog that frequented the Boswell shop, the Titus blend is described as a “gentle giant” in remembrance of the family pup. Although classified by Boswell’s as a light English blend, I’m not sure I would catalog this tobacco as an English at all, rather, an Aromatic with a spritz of Latakia. With that being said, I must admit, I agree with the gentle giant description as the blend is certainly mild. Further, tobaccoreviews.comdoes not list any flavorings for this blend, however, the aroma from the tin, or bag in this case, has a heavy vanilla scent with light campfire undertone in its profile. When smoked, this tobacco showed tasting notes of nuts, oaky wood, vanilla, cream, and sweet ripe fruits. Further, although Titus is a gentle giant, when puffed too hard or too fast, this blend tends to leave the smoker with a slight remanence of tongue bite. I found myself enjoying it most in a cob throughout the year and would certainly recommend this blend to any aromatic smoker looking for options to transition into English tobaccos.

Tobacco #4 for 2018

G.L. Pease Westminster

Brand: G. L. Pease

Blend Components: Latakia; Oriental/Turkish; Virginia

Cut Type: Ribbon

Available Packaging: 2 oz tin, 8 oz tin, or 16 oz tin

Price: $10.63 USD (2 oz tin); $35.70 (8 oz tin); $61.63 (16 oz tin)

Tasting Notes: This tobacco was a pleasant surprise to me during 2018. Being old hat to seasoned pipe and tobacco enthusiast, I first tried this blend on a ‘Pop the Top’ segment for my YouTube channel in March of 2018. Since that day, I have never looked back. Westminster is a rich, smooth, medium to full bodied Balkan blend that is enhanced by its sweet red Virginias. What I find unique about this tobacco is its ability to offer such a diverse smoking experience based upon the pipe I select to enjoy it with. That’s right, depending on the briar, cob, or meerschaum I choose to use, this tobacco offers extraordinary differences in its smoking profile, all of which are very much enjoyable. This diversity, along with a tasting profile that is woody, campfire smoky, smooth, and toasty are precisely why Westminster has earned the #4 spot on my Top 5 Pipe Tobaccos of 2018 list.

Tobacco #3 for 2018

Blend Components: Straight Virginia

Available Packaging: 50 g tin

Price: No longer in production

Tasting Notes: As I discussed in the opening of this post, production on Dunhill tobacco blends was halted earlier this year. Anticipating the market would quickly sell out of specific Dunhill pipe tobaccos, I managed to pick up a few tins of Dunhill Flake before its disappearance in late summer. Being a gorgeous, thinly sliced, medium brown flake, this tobacco is absolutely top-notch offering the smoker notes of lemon zest, fresh hay/grass (yes, William Serad of Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine, we all know you hate this description…get over it), yeasty bread, and sweet tea. Dunhill Flake will be greatly missed by many pipe smokers as it was a true quality pure Virginia tobacco. If you are able to find this blend for a reasonable price (let me reiterate reasonable) be sure to pick some up and enjoy a tobacco that is soon to be, up in smoke.

Tobacco #2 for 2018

Cornell & Diehl Star of the East Flake

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Blend Components: Latakia; Oriental/Turkish; Virginia

Available Packaging: 2 oz or 8 oz tin

Price: $9.78 USD (2 oz); $29.33 (8 oz)

Tasting Notes: If you are a frequent follower of The Pipe Professor webpage, it will come as no shock that Cornell & Diehl’s Star of the East Flake is my #2 tobacco of 2018. This tobacco is said to be a replacement for the highly sought-after Esoterica Penzance, however, in my opinion, Star of the East Flake not only outperforms Penzance, it is an all-around better smoke (and readily available). Offering a bold, latakia forward experience, Star of the East Flake provides the smoker with a thick, creamy, rustic smoking experience. Tastes of dark fruits, fig, and earth accompany a cool, dry smoke allowing you to be transferred to a state of euphoria. You can read my full, in-depth review of this blend here. If you are a lover of latakia and have not tried this blend, I highly recommend you do so. This is one you don’t want to miss out on.

Tobacco #1 for 2018

Cornell & Diehl Professor

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Blend Components: Latakia; Oriental/Turkish; Perique; Virginia

Cut Type: Ribbon

Available Packaging: 2 oz tin

Tasting Notes: Before progressing any further into this review, I want to note that this selection has nothing to do with the fact that my website is known as The Pipe Professor. In fact, it was through unintentional means that I found this beautiful blend. Let me explain. Like many of you, I shop at online tobacconist who offer free shipping on orders of $95 or more. It never seems to fail that I will have selected an online cart full of glorious tobaccos that totals $88 and well, it just seems silly to pay $8.99 in shipping when you can just throw in one more $10 tin of tobacco to reach the free shipping offer…. right? That was precisely the case for me with Cornell & Diehl Professor. I added this tobacco to an online purchase in order to qualify for free shipping in April of this past year. Low and behold, it is an absolute diamond in the rough. Providing tasting notes of sweet and sour Orientals, woody earth, dried grass, spicy fruits, and a lingering musty room note that is remanence of an old library or book store, Cornell & Diehl’s Professor has earned my #1 spot for 2018. Although it started the year as a free shipping add on, Professor has now become the crux of my online ordering.

Top Tobacco Disappointment of 2018

Cornell & Diehl Mad Fiddler Flake

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Blend Components: Black Cavendish; Cigar Leaf; Perique; Virginia

Available Packaging: 2 oz tin

Tasting Notes: I find it somewhat funny that my top two tobacco of the year are produced by the same company that makes what I found to be the worst tobacco I smoked in 2018 (in fact, it may be the worst tobacco I’ve ever smoked). I’ve always enjoyed a creepy H. P. Lovecraft story and find his writing to reflect a genre currently overrun with zombies and zombie apocalypses. Being a part of the ‘Great Old One’ series, which is a direct link to Lovecraft’s fictional work, I figured I would pick a tin of this blend up and give it a go. After all, the ratings and reviews I had read online all suggested Mad Fiddler Flake to be something special. As it turns out, this tobacco and me, don’t pair well. Point blank, I find this blend to be absolutely disgusting. Straight out of the tin I endured an aroma similar to that of dried dog food. Yes, dried dog food…weird. Granted, the flakes all look wonderful, however, upon smoking the tobacco not only performed and tasted horrific (maybe that’s why it’s part of the Lovecraft line…. horror), it leaves a lasting, penny-like metallic taste in my mouth. No offense, I have never enjoyed eating basic coinage. Yes, I understand that many people find this blend to be enjoyable, but not this guy. Those of you who like this one have nothing to fear (no pun intended), I won’t be attempting to cellar any of it in the future.

Thank you for visiting The Pipe Professor website. I hope you have enjoyed my Top 5 Pipe Tobaccos of 2018 and please stay tuned for more reviews and exciting content in the upcoming year. As always, I hope each of you have a blessed 2019 and until next time, cheers!

* All tobacco tin pictures and blend information (excluding tasting notes) were taken from and The writer of this post is not the owner of the above photos/blend information related to each tobacco and does not take credit for their creation.

Pipe Tobacco Review

Presbyterian Mixture

Recently, a batch of Presbyterian Mixture hit the online markets after a long-standing drought. Similar to other hard-to-find tobaccos, within a matter of days, the availability of this tobacco was no more. We are once again forced to stare at the dreaded Out of Stockmessage that fills our spirts with hope that one day, we may again have the opportunity to aggressively purchase more tins of this ‘rare’ tobacco than we will ever need or consume.

In all honesty, I feel I had ample time to purchase more tins of Presbyterian Mixture, however, wanted to make sure I enjoyed it enough before doing so (I know…logic actually prevailed, shocking isn’t it). Thus, a deep dive into the farthest corners of my tobacco cellar rewarded my daring excursion with a tin of Presbyterian Mixture from 2016. With a few years of age, my interests were even further piqued and now it was time to see what all the hustle was about.

Blend Components: Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia

Cut Type: Ribbon/Course

Available Packaging: 50g tin

On to the review…

From the Tin: Initial nose on the tin proved the blend to contain Latakia. Smokey campfire accompanied by natural dark fruit and woodsy walnut notes dominated the smell from the tin. The tobacco was almost spot on in the moisture department only requiring 10 minutes of air time to dry. Overall, the tobacco mixture is medium dark with light Virginia flakes interspersed throughout.

Tasting Notes: Unless you are a pipe and tobacco enthusiast that’s been living under some rock the past 10 years, you will note the great debate of whether or not the blend actually contains any Perique, even though it is not listed in the blend components. After smoking several bowls of Presbyterian Mixture, I would have a hard time defending the argument that it doesn’t contain Perique. In fact, I would almost certainly bet there is a reasonable amount of Perique in this blend. Throughout each smoking experience I was greeted by a hefty dose of spice and pepper. Certainly, a characteristic of Perique. In most cases when the spicy pepper appeared it was not balanced well with the other components/tastes which was somewhat shocking to me as the tin had already accumulated 2 years of age. I noted tastes of burnt toast, nutmeg, and dry wood while smoking and the room note was remanence of an antique sweet perfumed fragrance. The tobacco burned well and was medium bodied throughout. Strength of the tobacco was also a straight forward medium proving to not be overpowering in the nicotine department. The tobacco burned down to a nice white ash each time leaving little to no dottle remaining in the bowl.

Overall Impression: It may be hard to believe based upon the tasting notes above, however, Presbyterian Mixture was just ‘ok’ in my opinion. I experienced nothing that would cause me to speak negatively of this tobacco, but on the flip side, the ‘wow’ factor was also far from present. I am sure there are lots of pipe smokers who enjoy this medium English blend, but for me, it’s nothing to jump up and down about. In fact, based upon my smoking experience with this cellared tin, I chose not to purchase any additional tins while still available. If you enjoy an exclusive, medium Latakia forward smoke, pick a few tins up next time it becomes available. For me, I think I will pass on the Presbyterian.

Pipe Tobacco Review

Dunhill Nightcap

In February of this year, I reviewed Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture and discussed the unfortunate circumstance of Dunhill pipe tobacco coming to an end. Currently, Dunhill blends are available at several online and B&M retailers, however, nobody truly knows how long the current stock will last. I have heard opposing rumors from both ends of the spectrum regarding Dunhill pipe tobaccos. *WARNING RUMOR ALERT* Rumor #1, once the online and local B&M retailers run out of stock, it will not be replaced. Rumor #2, there are warehouses full of Dunhill tobaccos that will last for at least another year, if not more.

No matter what the case may be, I think we all learned our lesson with McClelland. If you like it, stock up! I hope to smoke and review my way through most of the Dunhill portfolio before the end of the year, thus, giving you, the reader, a full analysis of the various blends before you decide to buy and/or stock-up for your own enjoyment.

Blend Components: Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Perique, Virginia

Cut Type: Ribbon

Available Packaging: 50g tin

Tin Date: October 2017

On to the review…

From the Tin: The tobacco is beautifully packed and is comprised of a mix between dark latakia tobacco, dark chestnut Orientals, and medium brown Virginias. Tin smell is an overwhelming campfire smokiness with minor hints of a dark fruit sweetness. Moister level is almost perfect straight out of the tin, requiring minimal, if any, drying time.

Tasting Notes: Dunhill nightcap is a completely full-body, full-flavor smoking experience…period. The tobacco burns great and provides a thick white smoke whose aromatic characteristic would be classified by most non-smokers as offensive. Tastes included essences of damp forest floor, smoked meats, burnt/charred wood, and rich black coffee. The vitamin N was certainly noticeable which required me to slow my smoking cadence and enjoy the bold profile this tobacco possessed. Even when I did test the waters by smoking the blend hot and fast, it never gave me tongue bite or dried my palate.

Overall Impression: First and foremost, I would not recommend this tobacco to a novice pipe smoker, even if they are transitioning from other tobacco usage methods. Further, I would recommend smoking Dunhill Nightcap on a full stomach, as the nicotine level is most evident. This tobacco is certainly something special and should be treated accordingly. I very much enjoyed smoking through several bowls of this blend and highly recommend it to pipe smokers who love a full-bodied English blend. Although Latakia is said to mellow from aging, I am certain this blend will only get better with time. You can bet I will be stocking my cellar with Dunhill Nightcap for enjoyment in the very near future.

My parting thoughts on this blend are nothing but positive. Without a doubt, Dunhill pipe tobaccos are something special (at least to me) and Dunhill Nightcap upholds my expectations for providing a most enjoyable smoking experience. If you are a lover of latakia or strong, full-bodied tobaccos, this blend is a must try. Further, if you are one of the many tobacco coinsurers that are transitioning from cigars to pipe tobacco, this blend may be for you. Pick a tin or two up and enjoy the gifts we have been given before it is gone.

Cornell & Diehl Star of the East Flake

Star of the East Flake

Before coming across Kyle Weiss’s review of this blend on the Pipes Magazine Radio Show webpage, I had never heard of this tobacco. After reading his review, my interest was certainly piqued, but what caught my attention more than anything was his reference to Star of the East Flake as having the potential to be a very close substitute for Esoterica’s Penzance. Now, being the Penzance junky I am, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to give this blend a try. After all, if it even came close to the coveted, but hard to obtain Penzance, then maybe the ludicrous lucky hunt for my Esoterica favorite would no longer have to exist. So, is it truly a Penzance replica? Let’s find out.

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Blend Components: Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia

Available Packaging: 2oz tin (or) 8oz tin

Price: $9.77 USD (or) $29.33

On to the review…

From the Tin: This tobacco has a very intriguing tin note that will lure any lover of latakia into its memorizing grasp. The smell from the tin offers a burnt, smoky, campfire essence with deep, dark fruits, and rich tobacco notes. The presentation of long dark broken flake cuts is very appealing. The tobacco is easily rubbed out or brittle enough to be folded and stuffed (larger bowl pipes only). The tobacco’s moister level is a tad more than I like it, however, minimal drying time is required in order to enjoy this blend.

Tasting Notes: Boom! Right from the start the aroma and taste let you know latakia is present. However, let me be clear. This is one excellent tasting tobacco. Thick, creamy white smoke that lend itself to a figgy, natural sweet fruit taste. There was also a minor floral, earth note that appeared halfway through the smoking experience. The smoke is cool and dry offering a room note that is reminisce of an antique rustic book store. The strength of the tobacco is medium while the body medium-full. The tobacco burns extremely well leaving a nice white ash. One of the most enjoyable characteristics this tobacco offered me was the lasting aftertaste experienced long after the bowl was finished. The taste lingers beyond the completion of smoking, continuing to provide enjoyment throughout the day. A true sign of a quality tobacco.

Overall Impression: Is this tobacco a replacement for Penzance? In my opinion, no. It very well may be better than Penzance! Don’t get me wrong, Esoterica Penzance is an excellent tobacco, however, one must take into consideration its limited availability and extreme cost and ask themselves, “Is this really worth it?” With excellent blends such as Star of the East Flake on the market, that by the way, is a 1/3 of the price and regularly available, pipe smokers would be crazy not to give this one a go. If you enjoy a rich, bold, complex smoking experience, Star of the East Flake is a must try. This tobacco is very much a contender for my 2018 Top 5 list, and who knows, maybe the #1 tobacco of the year.

Pipe Tobacco Review

Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture

Are we seeing the beginning of the end? Will pipe smokers of the future ever get to experience the Dunhill blends of today? Do you need to go overboard and stock up on Dunhill blends before they are all gone? I can only answer each of these questions with…maybe.

In late 2016, the pipe smoking world was put into panic at the announcement that Dunhill would be discontinuing production on its pipe tobacco blends. At the time, the pipe community was left in limbo, as details pertaining to the discontinuation were minimal at best. Well, we have finally been given some clarification as to the future of Dunhill pipe tobaccos.

Two weeks ago, the Briar Report ( reached out to British American Tobacco (BAT) to inquire about the status of Dunhill pipe tobacco production. The following is the response they received from BAT which can be found on their website:

“Thank you for getting in touch about this. At the end of 2016 we announced that we would be ceasing supply of Dunhill cigars and pipe tobacco by the end of 2017. Like many companies, we continually review and refine our global strategy to ensure the sustainability of our business for the future. These products make up a very small part of our overall business – the rest of the Dunhill portfolio is not affected by this decision. While we appreciate that this may be disappointing news for some consumers and industry partners, these decisions help us to remain focused on, and investing in, the right parts of our business to ensure our longevity and profitability for the future. When asked to confirm if the actual production of Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos and Dunhill Cigars has already ended they reaffirmed that they are no longer in production.”

Like many pipe smokers, I had already been preparing for the worst by stocking my cellar ever so gradually with my favorite Dunhill blends. Therefore, when the end was announced, I wouldn’t be scrambling to find what remains of these buried treasures. Just to be transparent, the tobacco sampled for this review was from 2013 and reflects a semi-aged tobacco, not a fresh tin.

Category: VaPer (Virginia Perique)

Blend Components: Virginia, Perique

Cut Type: Ribbon

Available Packaging: 50g tin

On to the review…

From the Tin: This is your typical Dunhill ribbon cut that is always easy to prep and pack. Visually, the cut shows several shades of light and dark brown Virginia tobaccos with the occasional black leaf making an appearance. The smell from the tin provides a rich sweet hay accompanied by plumy, fig, raisin notes. The tobacco has a perfect moisture content needing no dry time, however, you will want to jar this one up upon opening, as it will dry out quickly if left unattended.

Tasting Notes: Dunhill Elizabethan is one of the simplest tobaccos I have ever smoked. It lights easily, behaves throughout needing very few relights, and only improves as you progress through the smoking experience. The initial tastes were remanence of a fresh batch of yeasty dough. Although perique is associated with a spicy smoke, I did not find that to be the case with this blend. Yes, there was an initial faint peppery, spice, however, it dissipated quickly not overpowering other flavors. Halfway through the bowl, a creamy, almost vanilla, note appeared continuing in intensity until the end of the bowl. Other tastes I noted throughout the smoking experience were a dark fruit character and a bright grassy likeness. I found the room note to be extremely pleasant and welcoming, reminding me of the lingering scent one may note just before entering their favorite B&M. Tobacco burned down to a solid white ash each smoke leaving little to no dottle in the bottom of the bowl.

Overall Impression: In my opinion, there are tobacco blends that come along during one’s smoking journey that make such an impression they are placed on a higher pedestal than other tobaccos. Dunhill Elizabethan mixture is one of those blends. This tobacco is refined, delicate, and certainly something ever pipe smoker should have the chance to experience. If you haven’t already purchased this blend, please do yourself a favor and buy some before it’s gone. I promise you will not be sorry you did.

To leave you with some parting thoughts, we know for a fact that the Dunhill pipe tobacco blends, as they are currently produced, are running on borrowed time. If you enjoy, or think you may enjoy, any of these blends in the future, now is the time to stock up. No, you don’t have to go haywire about purchasing, however, once these staple blends are gone, they are gone. Although I have well stocked my favorite blends, I am still tempted to purchase a few of the mixtures I am not as familiar with. Why you may ask? Because I don’t’ want to look back in 15-20 years and say, “I wish I had.” Until next time, be blessed and cheers.

Pipe Tobacco Review

L.J. Peretti Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the U.S. who are celebrating with family, friends, and good food. Although easily overshadowed by both Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving has always been one of my personal favorites when it comes to holidays.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the L.J. Peretti Company has a well-earned reputation in the pipe tobacco world. With an extensive portfolio of tobacco blends ranging from Burleys and Latakia to Black Cavendish and Virginias, Peretti tobaccos have something to offer every pipe smoker. To help celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday, the L.J. Peretti Company has created its Thanksgiving Day blend using a time-honored formula and unique press method to marry the tobaccos for a special smoking experience. Being both seasonal and limited in availability, the Thanksgiving Day blend has become a staple for many pipe smokers during the Thanksgiving season. For more information on the L.J. Peretti Company and their tobacco offerings visit their website at:

Brand: L.J. Peretti

Blend Components: Burley, Virginia

Flavorings: Fruit, Citrus, Rum

Cut Type: Krumble Kake

Available Packaging: 4 oz. cake

On to the review…

From the Tin: When looking for visual examples of tobacco blending masterpieces, the L.J. Peretti Thanksgiving Day cake is certainly nothing short of perfection. This visually appealing cake has wonderful aromas of dried fruits, alcohol, hay, straw, and herbs. The cake is easily torn apart for ease of rubbing out and packing. The moister level of the tobacco is spot on and requires little to no drying time before packing and smoking.

Tasting Notes: Over the past week and a half I have smoked several bowls of the 2017 Thanksgiving Day blend. The best way to summarize the experience, no matter what type of pipe used (i.e., briar, cob, meerschaum) is unique. The primary aroma of the blend is a mix of a musty perfume anise mixed with an herbal/floral spice. Tastes consists of sweet alcohol, fruits, nuts, cloves, and mild cocoa. The blend burns well and is mild to medium in both body and strength.

Overall Impression: In all honesty, I have mixed emotions with this blend. Although I have had several enjoyable bowls, mostly in cobs, each time I smoke this blend in one of my briar pipes it’s just ok. Going back to my original description above, this blend is best summarized as unique. I’m glad I get to enjoy it during this special time of year, but it is not a blend I will smoke on a regular or consistent basis. In fact, I will probably have plenty left for Thanksgiving 2018. No doubt, the presentation and history of this blend is worth giving it a try, but the end result was less than desirable for my own palate. Maybe I will revisit the 2017 Thanksgiving Day blend next Thanksgiving. Who knows how a year in a jar will affect this tobacco? For only time will tell.

Pipe Tobacco Review

John Aylesbury Dragon Flake

Before seeing this blend pop-up on a weekly update, I was not familiar with Dragon Flake or the John Aylesbury company. As I do enjoy a quality aromatic tobacco, the description offered on the Dragon Flake certainly peaked my interest. From the tobacco reviews website:

“An excellent aromatic flake, consisting of dark and golden Virginias, double-fermented Black Cavendish and a touch of Burley, flavored with the sweetish-sweet notes of maple syrup, caramel, and vanilla. A gentle smoke flavor with cooling properties.”

I’m not sure about those “sweetish-sweet notes,” however, everything else sounds quite delightful and it comes in flake form…interesting. Let’s take a look at the blend breakdown.

Brand: John Aylesbury

Blend Components: Virginia, Black Cavendish, Burley

Flavorings: Vanilla, Carmel, Maple Syrup

Available Packaging: 50g tin

On to the review…

From the Tin: Absolutely top-notch presentation from the tin. Beautiful, thin medium brown flakes with gorgeous light Virginia and Black Cavendish sprinkled throughout. The aroma from the tin is nothing short of amazing. Sweet fruits, plums, figs, vanilla, light cocoa, hints of cinnamon spice, and a distant light hay note are all present. Flakes are a bit moist and do require about 25-30 minutes of dry time. Once ready, flakes are easily rubbed out, or in my case, folded and stuffed.

Tasting Notes: Let me start by saying this tobacco is truly a treat. The tobacco burned well delivering a memorizing room note of sweet fruits and vanilla cream, not to mention tasted great. Flavors noted during the initial opening of the bowl mimicked that of the room note, sweet fruits and vanilla. Halfway through the bowl, more complex chocolate and wood tastes tingled the palate and added an interesting layer to the profile. Nicotine level is low and body is mild to medium. Although this is not a formal ‘Christmas Blend’ it will certainly become one I reach for during the holiday season as it contains a nice cozy/warming characteristic.

Overall Impression: I must be honest in saying Dragon Flake exceeded my expectations. I approached this tobacco with hesitation as I wasn’t sure an aromatic flake would be able to prove itself worthy. Time to own up and eat some crow. This is an outstanding tobacco that I will most certainly include in my rotation going forward. After multiple bowls of Dragon Flake, I am still entranced by its amazing aroma and tastes. I do not think this is a tobacco that will cellar well, however, when it’s this good, there’s no need to put it away. Grab a tin for yourself and enjoy!

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