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The best head shops in NYC

Looking for bongs, pipes, vapes and other smoking paraphernalia? Just hit up a great head shop in NYC.

It’s not hard to find a head shop in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, but these are the six best options, offering everything from rare, cutting-edge bongs to glass pipes. You’ll find vapes and other various paraphernalia, along with the usual cigar-and-cigarette inventory offered at smoke shops. Venture to one of these six destinations to stock up before chilling out at a hookah bar.

Find the best head shop in New York

Blue Nile

Look for the deep blue awning on Bleecker Street and venture inside to scope out high-end paraphernalia from brand names like Sheldon Black, Medicali and JBD. The clerks are reputably knowledgeable and can service all your tricked-out pieces and one-of-a-kind accessory needs. Make sure to ask about Illadelph Glass products—they’re beautifully crafted and come in many different iterations.

Looking for some new smoking paraphernalia? Check out a head shop in NYC for cutting-edge bongs, hookah tobacco, pipes, vape pens and much more.

The best smoke shops in NYC

At a great smoke shop or tobacco store in NYC, find all the cigarettes, bongs and hookah pipes you could want

At a smoke shop in NYC, you can find anything you need to satisfy your smoking needs. These are the best tobacco stores and vape shops in the city, so head here the next time you want to light up (or find an alternative to cigs). Whether you want to look classy AF at a cigar bar or you’re already shopping for a new bong for 4/20 events, you should know the choice smoke shops in New York.

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Looking for the best smoke shop in NYC? These are the top contenders for getting lit. Find cigars, vapes, bongs and tobacco at these standout stores.