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10 Quirky Magical Items From Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (D&D Expansion)

Dungeons and Dragons has always offered players a range of odd magical items, and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything has dialled that up another notch.

Magical items are one of the most enjoyable parts of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Finding them is always the high point of going shopping in town or making it to a treasure room. When the Wizards of the Coast were developing Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, they wanted to introduce some new magical items, but with a twist.

Oftentimes, magical items are rare and all of the particularly cool ones are a once-in-a-lifetime find. So, to inject a little fun and whimsy into a basic treasury, they included a list of magic items that are common in the world. Most of these grant no combat bonuses, they’re just silly. So, here are ten of these odd little magical items that you could find anywhere.

10 Hat of Vermin

There are bards of many kinds roaming the realm and that might include a few magicians. If you are playing such a bard and want to pull off the most basic of magic tricks (pulling an animal out of a hat), then this hat will be a welcome find for you.

The Hat of Vermin has three charges that replenish daily. Speak your magic word and a rat, bat, or a frog will appear in the hat! Don’t expect the docile bunnies you see on stage though, as these creatures are in no way under you control and will flee from you as quickly as possible.

9 Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch

Ever had some particularly bland tavern fare? Or perhaps a meal you’ve prepared for the party as you make camp for the night isn’t quite right? Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch has the answer to all your problems. At first glance, the pouch is empty, but if you name a spice, seasoning or herb it will appear!

There will be enough to season one portion of food but don’t worry if you’re cooking for a group; you can produce seasoning ten times since those charges replenish daily. It may not be particularly useful but it makes for some fun role-play.

8 Cloak of Billowing

Oftentimes when playing Dungeons and Dragons, players and DMs describe scenarios and role-play that almost goes down like an epic movie or a silly cartoon. Whether your character is a diva or a Superman wannabe, the Cloak of Billowing is the perfect accessory. This cloak can billow and flutter as if in a stiff breeze on command.

This is great for dramatic effect, comedic timing, or just a good giggle around the table. The Cloak of Billowing perfectly captures the fun Xanathar’s Guide to Everything wants to bring to the game.

7 Talking Doll

One of the most common fears people have is dolls. Particularly antique, porcelain ones with the frozen smiles and glass eyes that seem to follow you. More than one horror movie has been created with this premise in mind, and nothing is scarier than when these inanimate objects start speaking.

The Talking Doll item in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is probably meant to just be a magical toy for children, but it could very easily be used for more nefarious means. One can teach the doll six short phrases and set up a trigger for each one. The possibilities are endless to the creative and potentially good for a scare.

6 Wand of Pyrotechnics

This item, while fun, could actually serve a useful purpose during a game. The Wand of Pyrotechnics creates a small burst of bright colors and sound at any place you can see up to 60-feet away. The sound is a loud crackling, boom, or hissing that can be heard up to 300-feet away.

If you need a quick distraction, this wand if perfect to redirect attention long enough to conduct some sneaky business. The wand comes with seven charges that can be refilled daily. If you use up all the charges, there is a chance the wand itself will self-destruct into a display of color and sound.

5 Pot of Awakening

If you’re wondering what to get the Druid or Ranger in your party as a present, or just want to play a prank on someone, get them a Pot of Awakening. Once you have this magical clay pot, plant a shrub in it and tend to it for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, the shrub will become the awakened shrub from the Monster Manual!

This creature will be friendly towards the person who planted it and tended to it. It will obey commands and follow you about. Unfortunately, the pot itself is broken during the transformation. Whoever you give this pot to will either be overjoyed at having their own pet shrub or be really surprised!

4 Perfume of Bewitching

Cologne and perfume commercials try to make us consumers think that if you wear their scent, everyone will flock towards you, everyone will want to be your friend, and you’ll attract romance without even trying. While that’s not true in real life, in Dungeons and Dragons, anything is possible.

The Perfume of Bewitching is what every fragrance brand wishes it could be. Its effects last for one hour, and during that time, you have a charismatic advantage over anyone you speak to. No-one you interact with will know that there’s magic afoot as you flit from person to person, trying to charm everyone in the room.

3 Instrument of Illusions

As previously mentioned, a lot of times during role-play, players like to be dramatic and liken scenarios to their favorite media. One such example would be anime which, simply put, is Japanese animated shows. A common trope in anime is when a beautiful or handsome character enters a scene, an effect of rose petals, or glimmering lights appears around them with soft lighting.

If you’re playing a dramatic, charismatic bard, the Instrument of Illusions can be used to create these visual effects (or any other you can think of) as you play it. The effect takes place in a bubble around you, is an obvious illusion, and any objects a part of it pass harmlessly through other objects.

2 Staff of Adornment

The Staff of Adornment is perfect for a Wizard, Warlock or even a Sorcerer character. It won’t boost their abilities and it won’t grant them more spells, but what it does do is make your character look really cool.

You can take up to three objects that weigh no more than a pound each and place them atop the staff. They will then float there until you take them off or the staff is not with you. You can even make the objects spin or turn! While it’s a magical cup holder at best, it’s just another quirky, fun item from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

1 Pipe of Smoke Monsters

Vaping is quite a big craze in our real-life modern world. People have figured out how to perform amazing tricks with the vapor, including shapes and effects. If you’re fond of this pastime, you can bring it into your game of Dungeons and Dragons!

The Pipe of Smoke Monsters allows a character to put out puffs of smoke that take the form of a monster of your choosing. It’ll be small, no bigger than a one-foot cube, but it will look exactly like the monster. After a moment or two, it will then dissipate. It’s an utterly useless item in the grand scheme of things, but it’s perfect for adding some flair to your character.

Dungeons and Dragons has always offered players a range of odd magical items, and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything has dialled that up another notch. ]]>