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    • Mouthpieces & PIPES made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
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    ELENPIPEВ® is distributor and wholesale supplier the great range of smoking accessories and pipes, gift and promotional items. As a trademark was founded in 2000 year. Worldwide online store
    More than 1500 items are permanently available in our assortment. We offer the large range of products such as:
    smoking pipes and accessories: ElenpipeВ® own branded bruyere pipes, pear and wooden pipes, made in Poland
    Mr. Brog, Worobiec, B & B, Golden Pipe; Falcon pipes, sets and accessories made in England; pipe and cigar lighters, Shisha lighters; pipe care products, filters, etuis, etc.;
    – promotional plastic & metal lighters;
    – ashtrays: for cigars, cigarettes or pipes;
    – cigarette cases (eco-leather or leather);
    – cigarette accessories: rolling machines, MYO and RYO accessories, filters, cigarette paper;
    – cigar accessories: cutters, piercers, humidors, cigar etuis;
    – cigarette holders: wooden, plastic & briar.

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    Pipe Ashtrays

    The right pipe ashtray is a critical part of enjoying your pipe smoking experience. Many pipe smokers use empty tobacco tins or traditional cigarette ashtrays that can cause damage to your smoking pipe when knocking out used tobacco or resting your tobacco pipe. The right pipe ashtray for you will be a sturdy addition to your smoking experience.

    Browse our selection of pipe ashtrays to match your Peterson pipe or whichever your favorite smoking pipe might be.

    Browse our pipe ashtrays to complete your tobacco pipe accessory set. ]]>