piece maker pipe

Piece maker pipe

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PieceMaker™ UK is a the original creator of patent-pending, platinum-cured premium indestructible, yet flexible silicone pipes and accessories to "Blaze Your Own Trail" ™.

PieceMaker Karma Silicone Pipe

The Karma silicone pipe by PieceMaker is a pocket-sized piece crafted with silicone and equipped with a built-in stainless steel screen for clean hits every time.

PieceMaker Karma Silicone Pipe
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PieceMaker – “Karma” Silicone Pipe: One For The Road

The Karma by PieceMaker is a small pipe crafted from food-grade, FDA-approved silicone. This material is resistant to high temperatures and near-impossible to break. Its silicone body also means it can be bent and squashed and it will always return to its original form. This tough pipe will survive in a bag or back pocket for hours during a skate session, hike, or transit. What’s more, the Karma features a spill-proof lid, or “Kap”, which means you can store weed in the stainless steel bowl and hit it instantly at any time.

PieceMaker Karma Silicone Pipe data sheet
Length 85 mm
Pipe Material Silicone
Pipe Size 0-9cm

Le top
Petite, souple en silicone et facile à nettoyer. Le foyer en métal est de bonne capacité et il n’y a pas besoin de rajouter des filtres au fond. Il y a un capuchon également pour la propreté. Pour la nettoyer, il suffit d’y faire couler de l’eau chaude et fini les odeurs.

Best pipe I own.
The bowl is nice and deep. You can really pack it out. Nice secure lid for ease of traveling.. and folds! cleans with just soap and hot water. I love this.

The Karma pipe is made of bendy and resilient silicone, which makes it an ideal piece to hit whilst adventuring. Get yours here! ]]>