pickle rick steamroller

10″ Acrylic Steamroller Bong, Assorted

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This 10 Inch Steamroller Bong has a 2 inch diameter and comes in multiple designs, including some featuring characters from Rick and Morty. The steamroller has a glass bowl that is removable for easy cleaning.

From JM Enterprises’ line of Fancy Decal Steamrollers, this 2 x 10 Steamroller Bong features an assortment of graphics including Pickle Rick, Rick and Morty Dabbing, and some very psychedelic works. These are rare bongs to own, so grab them while you can!

A straight tube for massive airflow, enjoy this 10" Acrylic Steamroller Bong in an assortment of colors and graphics. 2" diameter, 10" length, glass bowl. ]]>