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Best Ashcatchers on the Market

Become Familiar With The Best Ash Catcher Out There

We’re huge enthusiasts of ash catchers as well as started pondering which of them were the best of the best. You’re most likely curious about that as well, and you’ll be thrilled to learn we’ve researched for you. After analyzing out an array of ash catchers, we picked the Phoenix Ash Catcher by Grav Labs being our top pick. If perhaps you’re a newcomer to this type of accessory, you can’t make a mistake by purchasing the Phoenix.

Our Pick: The Phoenix Ash Catcher

Even though the ash catchers aren’t too costly, you’re not going to want to purchase one over and over again. Good quality matters and you can be confident that when you purchase the Phoenix, it’s going to continue working flawlessly for many years to come

The Phoenix Ash Catcher is suitably available in 45-degree as well as 90-degree angles, enabling you to achieve the ideal configuration no matter the device you’re planning to use it with. The Phoenix Ash Catcher stands above and beyond the crowd in lots of convincing ways.

We’re specifically enamored of the glass-on-glass lid, which matches in beautifully with practically any bong or perhaps a pipe. Sure, performance is usually the top issue for most tobacco users, however, who wants a catcher that wrecks the aesthetic qualities of their tobacco smoking tool? Given that this whole thing is totally clear, it blends it flawlessly with almost any color scheme or maybe design

As any smoker could attest, nothing is a whole lot worse compared to having certain “technical difficulty” when trying to enjoy tobacco smoking. Quite often, ash catchers are wobbly or simply won’t match properly. Each time you employ one like that, you’re on pins and even needles. The Phoenix Ash Catcher deals with this vexing challenge with an incredibly elegant solution.

The Phoenix Ash Catcher isn’t very well cheap. We really feel the price is a lot more than justified by the outstanding quality as well as first-rate design.

Is The Phoenix Ash Catcher Match To Suit Your Needs?

In case you’re somewhat inexperienced in the world of tobacco smoking, you might have never even experienced an ash catcher before. It’s simple to really feel a little intimidated by the notion of adding an accessory to a current bong or even pipe.

As compared to lots of other ash catchers, this type is a little more sophisticated. For that reason, it might be best suited for tobacco users with a little more practical experience under their belts.

  • Made out of durable, tough borosilicate glass for remarkable longevity
  • Distinct design enables it to match impeccably with just about any style bong or perhaps pipe
  • Glass-on-glass lid guarantees an aesthetically satisfying design which is sure to prompt plenty of compliments
  • Kick-stand feature gives extra balance without having to handle your bong or simply pipe with kid leather gloves
  • Obtainable in 45-degree and then 90-degree angles so that you could get the most pleasant smoking setting feasible
  • Provides you with most effective water filtering for an especially cool, seamless smoke
  • Designed by Grav Labs, one among the leading brands available on the market
  • Manufactured from Austin, Texas

More on ash catcher functionality

  • An ash catcher plays the role of a removable hurdle and extra layer of diffusion for the water pipe or perhaps concentrate rig.
  • The completely different percolators even further diffuse the vapor, which makes each hit just that very much smoother.
  • Ash catchers could also give a change in joint size or even gender; an ash catcher can have the extra of a reclaimer for your own concentrates.
  • And also an ash catcher could work as a sidecar or just drop down when using a nail while it makes sure your unit isn’t exposed just as much to the heat from the torch.

There’s a large number of debate out there among people who smoke regarding whether the very best ash catchers are worth it or perhaps not. After taking into consideration the models on our list of today’s very best ash catchers, still, you’re certain to agree that these are worthwhile assets for those who enjoy smoking tobacco. That’s accurate whether you smoke on few occasions or maybe light up on a regular basis.

Lastly, an ash catcher is the easiest way to enjoy an even better tobacco smoking experience, and it substantially cuts down the amount of upkeep you need to carry out on your pipe or maybe bong. The most important consideration is that should you own a great glass bong or just pipe, you shouldn’t go without the top ash catcher.

Become Familiar With The Best Ash Catcher Out There

Ash Catchers For Sale in Phoenix

When made by local artisans using local products, a glass water pipe can be a piece of art. A dirty glass water pipe, though, can be genuinely revolting. Of course, cleaning the water regularly will help, and is always recommended, but what if there was a way to help prevent the water and the pipe itself from becoming dirty? Enter the ash catcher.

Ash Catcher Basics

Ash catchers connect to your water pipe where the bowl does. Once attached, your bowl will move in and out of the ash catcher instead of directly into the water pipe. When you inhale smoke through the water pipe, the ash will be caught in the ash catcher, preventing it from entering the water.

When using an ash catcher, it’s essential not to add too much water to your pipe, as high water levels may cause some to enter the catcher. This, of course, defeats the purpose of the ash catcher. Some glass pipe users will secure the ash catcher with a K-clip, so the catcher isn’t removed when the bowl is.

The Benefits of Ash Catchers

If you’re someone who doesn’t clean out your glass water pipe regularly, or if you want a more pleasant smoking experience, an ash catcher is for you. As the ash catcher keeps ash and debris out of the pipe’s water, as well as your mouth and lungs, it reduces the need for a stringent cleaning cycle.

This means no smelly glass water pipe permeating a wave of noxious odor throughout the room in which it resides. It also means no added layer of anxiety if the water were to spill on your couch, rug, or chair, as the ash catcher should be keeping the source of the smells from interacting with the water.

Picking the Right Ash Catcher

Ash catchers aren’t typically sold with water pipes, so you’ll have to do a bit of research before selecting the right ash catcher for your glassware. First, you’ll want to compare the joint size of your water pipe to that of your preferred ash catcher to ensure it’ll fit. If there isn’t a secure fit, the catcher may not function properly.

The majority of ash catchers come with 45- or 90-degree joints, which refers to the angle where your catcher connects to the water pipe. You should pick a joint that helps ensures the ash catcher won’t hit your water pipe.

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