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How to Use a PAX 2: Instructions, Tips, Details & More

Read These PAX 2 Instructions Before Using Your Personal Vaporizer:

The PAX 2 personal vaporizer is beloved for its sleek style and smart construction. Thoughtfully designed for the discrete consumer, PAX 2 simply doesn’t look like a vaporizer, opting for a streamlined anodized aluminum body. Reduced odors and a remarkably small and light size allow for low-key consumption on the go.

Before breaking out your personal vaporizer, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of how to operate your device. This quick how-to guide takes new and experienced consumers alike through the vaporization experience from start to finish.

What’s in a PAX 2 Box?

PAX 2 includes everything needed to use your personal vaporizer right out of the box. These items include:

  1. The PAX 2 personal vaporization device
  2. Standard Oven Lid
  3. Elevated Mouthpiece
  4. Flat Mouthpiece
  5. Maintenance kit with pipe cleaners and wire brush
  6. USB charger and 2-foot charging cable

Start Using Your PAX 2 in These 5 Easy Steps

Get the most out of your personal vaporization experience. Follow these steps to get your PAX 2 up and running:

Step 1: Pack the Oven

Remove the magnetic oven lid, located at the bottom of PAX 2, by gently pushing on one side and lifting it off. Finely grind your dry herb material and place it into the oven, which holds approximately .35 grams. Pack the oven firmly. If you wish to fill the oven with less material, visit the PAX website to purchase a Half-pack Oven Lid, which shrinks the oven capacity by about 50 percent.

Note: The PAX 2 only works with dry herb materials. Use the PAX 3 complete kit if you want to use your personal vaporizer to consume concentrates and dry herb.

Step 2: Select a Mouthpiece

PAX 2 comes with two mouthpieces constructed of food-grade silicone: a flat mouthpiece and an elevated mouthpiece. You can use whichever mouthpiece you prefer. Simply pull up the mouthpiece to remove and push down to replace. You can also purchase replacement PAX 2 mouthpieces in bright colors.

Step 3: Turn On the Device

Tucked away underneath the mouthpiece is the PAX 2 power button. Simply press down quickly on the center of the mouthpiece to turn on your device. Please note that PAX 2 will enter standby mode after approximately 30 seconds, and the device will automatically shut off after three minutes of non-use.

Step 4: Select a Temperature

PAX 2 has four predetermined temperature settings: 360°F (180°C), 380°F (193°C), 400°F (204°C), and 420°F (215°C). It takes approximately 45 seconds for the device to reach 400°F from room temperature.
To adjust the temperature setting, place PAX 2 into temperature set mode by pressing and holding the button until the LED indicator responds. Continue to short-press the power button to cycle through the four temperature settings:

  • One green petal – 360°F (180°C)
  • Two yellow petals – 380°F (193°C)
  • Three orange petals – 400°F (204°C)
  • Four red petals – 420°F (215°C)
  • Shake PAX 2 or long-press the power button to exit power mode.

Step 5: Draw

Place your lips around the mouthpiece and take a gentle “sip” from PAX 2. You can take longer and deeper draws as you get used to your dry herb vaporizer. PAX 2 begins to cool down once you are done drawing. This lip-sensing technology drops the temperature when you have not drawn from the personal vaporizer; this is to preserve your oven contents. The set temp immediately bounces back once the device returns to your lips.

How to Read the LED indicator

The LED light indicator on PAX 2 is made up of four petals in the shape of the PAX logo. This indicator communicates temperature settings, battery life, heating status, and more. Here’s a quick guide to understanding your LED indicator.

  • While heating: The petals will pulse purple while heating and turn to green when the desired temperature is reached.
  • While drawing: The petals will pulse green while the device is in use.
  • While adjusting the temperature: The four temperature settings are represented by one green petal, two yellow petals, three orange petals, and four red petals.
  • While in standby mode: All four petals will turn blue.
  • While checking the battery: The petals will turn white. Each petal corresponds to the estimated battery life, in 25-percent increments.
  • While charging: The LED indicator petals will pulse white as PAX 2 charges.

How to Charge the PAX 2

The PAX 2 battery lasts for up to 6 to 8 sessions per charge, depending on many factors. To recharge your PAX 2, connect the included USB charging cable to a USB power source. The magnetic cradle holds the device while charging. The lights will turn a solid white when PAX 2 is charged. The device reaches full battery in 2+ hours.
Shake the device to check the battery level. Consult the LED petals to determine the remaining battery life.

    • One white petal – under 25%
    • Two white petals – 25% – 50%
    • Three white petals – 50% – 75%
    • Four white petals – 75% – 100%

Cleaning & Maintenance

Clean your PAX 2 every few sessions for the best vaporization experience.

Keeping your PAX clean is easy. Remove the mouthpiece and oven lid, then dip a pipe cleaner in isopropyl alcohol and insert it into the vapor pathway. To clean, floss the pipe cleaner back and forth inside the device. The pipe cleaner will pop out the internal oven screen. We recommend cleaning the screen by placing it in a cup of isopropyl alcohol. The mouthpiece could be cleaned in the same way.

Never clean the oven lid in alcohol. If you’d like to clean the inside of the oven or sides of the mouthpiece, we suggest using a Q-tip. Carefully reinsert the screen so it is slightly bowed in the bottom of the oven, and press down gently to secure. Before you replace the screen and mouthpiece, make sure they’re completely dry. We recommend cleaning the device every few uses to optimize the experience.

Learn More About Your PAX 2

If you’re looking to learn more about your device, this Pax 2 review article has an in-depth how-to guide for all its personal vaporizers. For more information, visit the PAX 2 guide to read through the FAQ, watch an easy-to-follow video, view device specifications and materials, and much more. With this information in hand, you’ll continue to enjoy your PAX 2 for many sessions to come.

How to Use a PAX 2: Instructions, Tips, Details & More Read These PAX 2 Instructions Before Using Your Personal Vaporizer: The PAX 2 personal vaporizer is beloved for its sleek style and

PAX 2 Quickstart Guide

The PAX 2 is as easy to use as it is stylish, but our short quickstart guide will help you.

Everyone loves a sequel, and the PAX 2 in particular brought a number of important quality of life improvements to an already successful vape. Whether you’re just joining the PAX family, or upgrading from the old model, our quickstart guide will take you from unboxing, all the way through your first session, with a few tips along the way.

What’s in the box

  • PAX 2 Vaporizer
  • Charging Dock
  • USB Cable
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Two Mouthpieces

Charge before use

To charge your PAX 2, plug the cradle into any USB charging port, then set the PAX 2 on top, contacts down, and LED petals up. The magnets will guide it into the correct charging position. The number of lit petals indicates the current charge level. When they’re all lit, the battery is charged, and you’re ready to go. PAX claims this will take about three hours the first time around, but it will take less time on subsequent charges.

One button controls

In addition to displaying the battery charge, the petals also indicate the PAX 2’s current temperature status and setting. Press the button on top of the mouthpiece to turn it on. The lights will turn purple and flow upwards as the PAX 2 heats up, and turn green when it reaches your target temperature. To change the temperature, hold down the button for one second, press it to cycle through the different heat options, and shake to finalize your selection. The PAX 2 has four temperature setting to choose from:

One yellow petal – 360ºF (182ºC)
Two light orange petals – 380°F (193°C)
Three orange petals – 400°F (204°C)
Four red petals – 420ºF (216ºC)

Burnoff cycle

Before using the PAX 2 for the first time, we recommend running a burnoff cycle to make sure there’s nothing left in the vaporizer from manufacturing or shipping. With nothing in the oven, turn the PAX 2 on, and up to its highest heat setting (4 red petals). The PAX 2 automatically lowers its heat when it isn’t being used, so move it around occasionally to keep it active. If you set it down for around 30 seconds, the petals will turn blue and the oven will start to cool off. Picking it up, or touching the mouthpiece with your lip or finger, will cause it to heat back up quickly. Do this for 3-5 minutes, or until you don’t smell anything coming off the vape.

Very fine grind

The PAX 2 works best with a very fine grind, and we find the best way to achieve that is with a two-piece grinder. If you’d rather use your four-piece grinder, you can turn the top two tiers upside down to give your herbs more time between the teeth.

Packed extra tight

When you’re loading the oven, which is just the lower, bare metal portion, you really can’t pack it too tightly. You can use the edge of the oven lid to push it down and create a nice tight pack. If you don’t want to use enough to fill the oven, the half-pack lid can take up the extra space and keep everything from moving around.

Three to start, four to finish

For your first session, we recommend starting out on the third heat setting, or three red petals. That should produce a decent amount of visible vapor. As the session starts to thin out, you can raise it to the fourth heat setting to finish it off.

Short, light puffs

Once the lights turn green, you can start taking some puffs on the PAX 2. If you’re using the flat mouthpiece, place your lips around the edge of the vape, over the hole in the mouthpiece. Start with some short, light draws, like sipping on a cup of hot tea.

No stirring

As long as you space out your hits and stick with the slow, sipping draw speed, you shouldn’t have to stir the PAX 2. If you notice your herbs aren’t coming out as dark as you’d like at the end of a session, leave it running at the hottest setting for fuller extraction.You may find that the herbs on top of the oven have a lighter color than the rest of the oven. This is normal.

Clean up right away

We’ll have a cleaning and maintenance guide up soon, but if you want to save yourself some time, make sure to dump out the oven right after each session, to prevent any buildup. The oven lid in particular tends to gather a lot of debris, and benefits from frequent cleaning. It’s normal for the oven’s color to change after the first few uses, and it won’t go back to that original look, even with cleaning.

Check out our PAX 2 Review for more information.

The PAX 2 vaporizer is as easy to use as it is stylish, but our short quickstart guide will help you get up and running on day one.