pax 3 gets hot

Pax 3 Gets Hot

Vaping weed doesn’t smell. There’s no smoke to damage up your throat and lunges.

The ones who vape their marijuana often do that just because the dose is more comfy to manage, and the effects feel less jolting than more traditional methods of getting high. (Even if, according to this research study it’s not always like that).

Pax 3 Gets Hot

You won’t cough your esophagus out over a pathetically inadequately covered joint or getting so high off of one rip, which is a great plus if you consider it.

Often sacrifices must be made, and it’s not so bad.

Vapes will make concentrate or dry herb hot sufficient to trigger the THC to make you sail but not so hot the cannabis into nasty smelly smoke, and this will defeat the entire vaping function.

Summing up the tech behind all this, there are two types of vape heating unit used to chemicals and tastes of cannabis: among them utilizes conduction, and the other utilizes the convection heating.

The conduction puts your cherished weed in contact (direct contact) with the vape heating element, and it will provide you a much faster heat time. You should consider if your product is too next to the heating element for a prolonged time, it will undoubtedly burn (to avoid that you can shift it around the vape’s chamber for an easy, quick-fix).

Convection type vapes tend to be more costly, however they deserve the vapor quality they produce, mainly if you use it for dry herbs. With convection vape, the weed item does not get in direct contact with the heating element, and instead, it produces a really hot air that distributes through the vape with every pull and vaporizes the product indirectly with exceptional outcomes.

Your item will not burn so that the vapor will be more delicious, on the other hand, convection vapes can take a lot longer to fire up and so you have to be patient. Think about that vape can be just one way or the other, but someone will inexplicably market their item.

If you read this short article, you perhaps vaping weed in such a way or another, but we want to give you a fast intro to the weed vaping universe!

It would help if you were extremely careful where to get your concentrate and constantly keep in mind the vape outcry of 2019. For the most part, the THC items to blame were taken from bootleg, black market sources. It’s important to know where you buy your concentrate and because, regrettably, marijuana is still not legal under federal law, compelling research study about vaping it remains insufficient in these early days of legalization.

Speaking of legalization, getting high continues to be something of a political act, not simply in fighting for the legality, but in defending social justice in the marijuana industry.

We know you want to vape, however vape smartly. Here are a lots of the best– and best-looking– weed vaporizers you can get right now. Set one with a quality flower or concentrate (or both) and get to it.


This smooth conduction vape looks lovely and has futuristic LED lights and an accompanying app for optimum experimentation. Pax 3 Gets Hot

It also possesses a zirconia pathway that protects the pure flavor of the vapor– a.k.a. the “taste chamber”– so it does not get obstructed inside the device (this is a great function).

The IQ’s has a smaller pocket size that makes it easy to cart around. Plus, it just looks distinct, and for me, this is a big plus. The newer IQ 2 is an even more sophisticated vape, however it’s also 50 bucks more expensive. (Takes: dry herb)

PAX 3 Complete Kit

Pax Labs is among the biggest names amongst weed vapes, and it’s like that for an excellent factor: this conduction based gadget is definitely easy to use, very high tech, and it has a perfect style. The Pax 3 heat up truly fast (approx 15 seconds) and lasts for an hour and a half. You can hide it truly quickly due the it’s really small size, or you can reveal it off. If you would like extra devices, then purchase the complete Pax 3 package (the concentrate insert is an amazing thing ). (Takes: dry herb)


The Mighty is hands down among the very best vaporizers you can purchase. It has a powerful double conduction and convection system, and it can produce practically quickly a delicious, strong vapor. The quality is fantastic, and it lasts for an hour and a half until the battery is over. It has a German design, and that indicates it’s reliable and durable. It’s stocky, however once again, you’re here for the vapor quality. Besides, chunky is a vibe unto itself. (Takes: dry herb, wax).


I discover the Firefly an actually cool Vaporizer, and you might probably see this Vaporizer on the sands of Burning Male or a Cali browse bar.

It has convection heating, and it offers each and every single inhale its own heating & cooling cycle. Even if it is a That’s a hyper-specific draw. And even if it is a convection-based vaporizer, it just takes three seconds to warm up.
One minus is dimension: it’s quite huge and tough to be concealed (Takes: dry herb, wax)

This is an actually short list of my preferred weed vaporizers, and you can bet I have actually attempted them all. Personally, I enjoy the Davinci IQ Vaporizer. It truly got me, and I utilize it all the time without an issue. I recommend you visit their sites and have a look at the Vaped 1s provides that are online all the time. In any case, I included my honest evaluations, and I hope you value them and find them useful.

Remember that those are all amazing weed vaporizers (have no doubt about it another method they will not be in my best weed vape list); you simply need to discover your own Vaporizer and make certain as soon as you will discover it you will sick with it for years.


Pax 3

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ooooooooooooooooo Shiny! First words that come to mind when opening up our new PAX 3 from the folks over at PAX Labs. In true PAX-Apple fashion, there was a lot of hype around this new vape. Even though it seemed very similar to its older brother the PAX 2, I felt intrigued and compelled and immediately had to check out what was new with the PAX 3.

First Impressions / Unboxing the Pax3 Vaporizer

Unboxing the Pax 3 Vaporizer packaging

Typical of PAX packaging the PAX 3 came in a nice white box with a single image of the Pax3 vaporizer on the front of the box. The PAX 3 box was quite a bit bigger than the previous PAX 2 or the Original because of all of the included accessories with this kit. The box includes; (1) Pax3 device, (2) Oven Lids, (2) Mouthpieces, (3) Screens, Charging cable and dock, Multi-tool, a maintenance kit, and the all-new Concentrate Insert. Pax also offers a “device only” kit that includes; (1)Pax3 device, (2) Mouthpieces, Charging cable and dock, and a mainteneice kit.

Like all of the PAX vaporizers before it, the device is a fully assembled and constructed of premium materials giving it a very exclusive feel. Every accessory is form fit in its own specific place inside the box and the box even includes a small compartment to store some herbs should you choose to keep all of your PAX items and accessories neatly organized and stored right in the box. Me personally I think I’ll be using it too often to be worried about keeping it organized in a box.

First Bowl

At face value, the PAX 3 doesn’t seem that different than the PAX 2 besides the new chrome paint job. For our first sesh, we’re going to stick with the old-fashioned dry herb and see how the PAX 3 compares to the PAX 2 predecessor. Automatically we notice how fast this little vape heated up. On setting 2 the in under 20secs the oven light switched from green to purple and we were ready to vape. Right away you taste a great terp filled hit with a light vapor cloud. This was quite a surprise compared to the PAX 2 which heated up slower and while still having the good flavor, it seemed like most of the good terps were heated up and boiled off before the oven was ready. The speedy heat of the PAX 3 seems to saves some of the lighter cannabinoids and terps.

As expected the flavor did taper off after 4-5 hits but the vapor production held steady through the session. To this day one of my favorite features of the PAX products is the herb saving feature, when your vaping and you get distracted and set down your vape to deal with whatever has you off your game, the PAX has your back and has both a lip sensor and motion accelerometer that detects if you have forgotten about your little buddy. The vape will automatically cut heat to the bowl and begin cooling and preserving terpenes and cannabinoids in your bowl until you come back to keep the sesh rolling. The bowl did need a stir to keep even but the new included pax tool made the job quite easy. I was able to stir with the metal pick and tamp back down with the silicone tamper.

Concentrates & Oils

The Pax3 concentrate insert or “oil can”

The PAX 3 concentrate insert or “oil can”Time for the real fun! Our Second sesh we’re going to check out this new concentrate insert! I’ve seen a lot of vaporizers try to claim dual concentrate and dry herb functionality and not deliver in one way or another, so I’m going into this kind of skeptical. The insert is made of steel and will be very hot when you remove it from the oven after use and will take a while between bowls to cool down and refill. It’s important to note that you need to load your oven with enough concentrate to satisfy you but not to overfill the insert. To load the concentrate insert you will need to remove the lid and place your concentrate in the middle of the insert between the two airflow vents; remember don’t overfill the insert or it WILL leak. Replace the lid and place the concentrate insert into the PAX oven. For concentrates, I set the PAX 3 to setting 4 the highest setting for max heat to heat up my concentrate to a proper temperature. After the first draw, I already knew I was going to eat my words about vaporizers not being about to be “dual use”. The vapor was cool, smooth, and delicious. Not only that but it continued to give large thick clouds hit after hit. Albeit the vape was getting very hot on the highest setting but such is expected with such a compact aluminum shell vaporizer like the PAX 3. You will immediately know when your insert is empty of concentrate when the hits you take begin to taste like burning fats. This usually indicates all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and THC has been vaped away and all that remains are the lipids and wax residues. From there you will need to turn the PAX 3 off and allow that insert to cool before removing it or you can risk burning your fingers.

The PAX 3 also cam integrated with Bluetooth to be paired with the Official PAX App. The app brings new features that we have never seen from PAX before and some old favorites with an easier more user-friendly access point. From the app you can; Set precision temperature, Change your color theme, access 3 different games, and the heating profile of your oven. PAX traditionally has been more of the beginner or straight to the point kind of vaporizer but the PAX 3 now gives its users the freedom to customize their device and more experienced users an avenue to explore unique buzz crafting.

The Pax 3 also cam integrated with Bluetooth to be paired with the Official Pax App. The app brings new features that we have never seen from Pax before and some old favorites with an easier mouser-friendly access point. From the app you can; Set precision temperature, Change your color theme, access 3 different games, and the heating profile of your oven. Pax traditionally has been more of the beginner or straight to the point kind of vaporizer but the Pax3 now gives its users the freedom to customize their device and more experienced users an avenue to explore unique buzz crafting.

First Week

After the first week, we’ve found that it is quite a bit smarter and turbocharged to boot. We spoke on the heat up time of the PAX 3 earlier. It was something I got quite used to finding myself reaching for the PAX 3 in quick snapper situations where I needed a few quick hits before changing pace and moving on to what I was doing. The battery life is also nothing to snicker at pulling in a full hour of use on a full charge with the built in 3500mAh 18650 battery.

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