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Parchment Paper Cone – How to Fill and Pipe

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After making your own or purchasing one already made, this disposable parchment paper cone, also known as a paper cornet, allows you to pipe intricate designs and decorations. It has been one of the basic tools of the pastry chef, along with pastry or piping bags. It is the simplest of all tools — a triangle of parchment paper. It’s best to use if you want to pipe about 1/4 cup or so at a time; they are hard to refill and use again.
SARAH SAYS: You can purchase parchment paper cones (or triangles). Use piping bags, instead, for larger amounts.

Here I show you how to fill the Parchment Paper Cone, and how to pipe with it.

This how to baking technique is used with the:

3. Stir until the icing mixture is uniform.

4. Place the parchment cone in a glass, tip side down, to keep it sturdy while filling. Spoon the mixture into the decorating cone.
SARAH SAYS: Fill the cone no more than half full for ease in handling, otherwise the filling with squeeze out from the cone when pressure is applied.

5. Fold the top of the cone, with the sides folding in first and the top rolling down to force icing out of the decorating tube.

If not using a decorating tube, just force the icing to the very tip of the parchment cone. Then, cut the tip of the parchment cone with scissors or a sharp knife to accommodate the right flow of the icing.

6. Before using, if not using a piping tip, cut a tiny hole in the end of the parchment cone piping bag; you want to make sure the batter does not come out too quickly while piping!

7. To decorate, place the top, or rolled down part of the cone, in the palm of your hand and apply pressure evenly, with your fingers. Guide the tip of the cone with your other hand.
SARAH SAYS: As you decorate, continue to roll down the top as needed.

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